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The 6 Best Coffee Grinders, According to Thousands of Reviews

Rise and grind.
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Coffee aficionados will tell you that freshly-ground beans are one of the key elements to creating the perfect cup of Joe. Whether you're using a drip coffee maker or a high-end Italian espresso machine, exceptional beans and a machine that can extract their flavor compounds and unique roasts can make all the difference.

But you don't have to splurge or have a technical degree in order to get a great grind. We offer our top six best coffee grinders for every level of expertise and price point.

Best Coffee Grinders at at Glance

Perfecting the Daily Grind

One of the benefits of grinding your own beans is choosing the exact grind style, whether that be coarse or ultra-fine, or somewhere in between, depending on the capability of your machine. While grind type has a host of benefits, one of the most important is choosing the right option for your coffee maker.

First, let's go through the types of grinds. According to specialty coffee roast master Lee Eckel, there are five standard grinds, "coarse, which is characterized by chunky, distinct particles, reminding me of potting soil. Medium, which is more the texture of coarse sand."

He continues, "Fine, which is even smoother, more like sugar or salt when you rub it between your fingers. Super fine, which is not as fine as flour or powdered sugar, but definitely in that ball park. You can still feel some grit. Finally, Turkish grind, this is like flour, very powdery."

French presses and drip makers are ideal for a coarse or medium ground coffee, while fine and super fine are needed for espresso makers.

What to Consider When Buying a Coffee Grinder

Grinders are essentially an accessory for your coffee maker; they enhance the experience of your brew. They can be used in conjunction with any coffee maker you have, but you may want to choose a few things to ensure the quality of the beans remains at their peak.

Now could be a great time to try out a few different types of coffee roasts and beans from different countries and topographies. A simple and fun way to experiment with this is a coffee subscription, we love this one by Driftaway Coffee. Each package contains four different coffee styles, from small-scale roasters and includes tasting and origin notes. You're sure to be a connoisseur in no-time.

Keeping your high-quality coffee beans extra fresh before you grind them is also a good idea. Look for an airtight canister — like this one from OXO — to keep your beans at their freshest before grinding.

Best Overall: OXO Brew Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

OXO BREW Conical Burr Coffee Grinder
Credit: OXO

With 15 grind settings and stainless steel conical burrs, this coffee grinder is an all-purpose workhorse. A wide enough range of options for those more advanced (or for newbies to grow into) and yet it is also simple enough for anyone to get a great grind out of.

It is also relatively quiet compared to other models, according to numerous reviewers, which can be especially important for early morning brews when others are still asleep in the house. The large hopper can hold almost a pound of beans (.75 pound) for bigger batches.

According to one impressed reviewer, "This is a great unit — relatively quiet (for something that's smooshing little coffee beans into powder) and very consistent so far. I've used three different beans in it — one oily, one decaf, one drier — and all have had great results."

Buy it: $100; OXO or Amazon

Best Smart Grinder: Breville The Smart Grinder Pro

Breville The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder
Credit: Amazon

For the aspiring home barista, the Breville Smart Grinder is the choice device. An LCD screen allows brewers to finely adjust their options with an impressive 60 grind settings. The unique dosing IQ function ensures the perfect amount is ground each time, with an option to select the number of shots (for espresso) or cups (for filtered coffee). Conical burr grinders grind directly into an airtight container or portafilter, provided with purchase.

One happy reviewer enthused, "The Breville SGP is an excellent overall grinder, with incredible ease of use, AMAZINGLY accurate timed-dosing, and a well-rounded feature set. There are so many well thought out features on this grinder, it is hard to mention them all -- from the magnetic catch tray which allows you to easily dump off any stray grinds for a quick cleanup, to the easy to read, large LCD display, to the 60! grind settings (and even more if you adjust the outer burr), to the programmable grind times for each brew type, etc."

Buy it: $200; Amazon or Williams Sonoma

Best Hand Grinder: Coffee Bean Hand Grinder

Hario Coffee Bean Hand Grinder
Credit: Food52

This small, sleek hand grinder is not only beautifully crafted, but budget friendly. Made with a ceramic burr and designed like a pepper mill, it features a nonslip base and an adjustable grinder. Perfect for travel or small, individual bevvies, this handheld device isn't for the faint of spirit. Grinding by hand can take several minutes, but many reviewers gushed about this being the best hand grinder available.

As one noted, "This is such a great grinder. The ceramic grinding device makes extremely fine and even grounds for coffee (the coarseness of the grind is completely adjustable). I feel as though the mechanism of this grinder breaks open coffee better than my Rancilio grinder giving it more flavor and nuance. Over all this is a good buy. Be warned. The grinding takes a while. It may take two minutes of grinding for a cup of coffee made with an Aeropress."

Buy it: $42; Amazon or Food52

Best Electric Grinder: Cuisinart Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill
Credit: Amazon

Featuring stainless steel burrs with 18 grind settings, this model comes with an eight-ounce bean "hopper" for storing and preserving the delicate flavors of the coffee bean after the grinding process. A larger grinder, a sliding dial allows you to adjust grinding for four to 18 cups.

Reviewers praised its simplicity of use and easy ability to clean, while one even noted, "I get fresh ground coffee every morning, ground to perfection for percolator (one of the best ways to get a super cup). Set it up once, keep hopper full and press the grind bar). The hopper keeps the beans fresh and the container is very easy to clean. The grinder is noisy though so if you are not awake, this will do the trick. Good purchase."

Buy it: $60; Amazon and Williams Sonoma

Best Budget Grinder: Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder

Bodum Bistro Electric Coffee Grinder - Black
Credit: Target

The coffee grinder with the smallest kitchen footprint, around the size of a small canister of coffee, is also the most economical one. Easily left out on the counter or tucked into a cupboard when not in use, the cord can be stored inside the grinder to create even more space. A stainless steel blade does the job of grinding; the longer the blades work, the finer the grind. A transparent lid allows for viewing the progression of the beans in real time.

One reviewer wrote, "This is a nice little coffee grinder that we've had for about a year. It works well and grinds enough for about 12 cups in a drip coffee maker. It's easy to use and clean and takes up not too much room in the kitchen. When using this grinder, you need to gently shake it around to help distribute the beans evenly - typical of this type of grinder."

Buy it: $20; Target or Amazon

Best Travel Grinder: JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Settings

JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder with Adjustable Settings
Credit: Amazon

Do you suffer with subpar coffee when you're traveling? You don't have to. With a travel coffee maker and a travel coffee grinder, you can have your morning jolt just the way you like it, whether you're fireside or fifteen stories up in a bustling city.

The JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder has 18 manual grind settings for remarkable control of grind size. The crank mechanism is surprisingly quiet so you can get the coffee going without waking the rest of the campground. With its compact size (about 7.5 inches tall), you can keep this stashed in a suitcase or backpack for easy transport.

"Unit is smaller than you think it will be, and hold just the right amount of beans for a couple rounds with a french press or aero press. It does need some elbow grease to grind the beans and it does take longer than the traditional blade or burr grinder - remember, it's manual, not electric. So far the grind seems consistent. Adjusting the grind takes some getting used to as you need to remember click count. The more clicks, the coarser the grind," writes one reviewer.

Buy it: $46; Amazon