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10 Best Canned Cocktails for Simple Sipping

You don't even have to go to the store. These ready-to-drink ciders, cocktails, and spritzes can be delivered to your door.
By Kait Hanson
August 27, 2020
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Saturday afternoons and weekend barbeques are the right time to pull up a great cooler, fire up the grill, and sip on some incredible pre-made canned cocktails. No mixing, no stirring, no mess, canned cocktails offer the convenience of beer with all the creative flair of handmade cocktails from the world's best mixologists.

No matter what you prefer to drink, there's a canned cocktail for you. And if you're eager to try all of these (and more) but can't find them at your local store, don't fret. These can be shipped directly to you from Drizly, an online purveyor of beer, wine, and yes, canned cocktails.

Tuck a few of these top-rated canned cocktails into your digital shopping cart, then put them on ice when they hit your doorstep. You're just a few hours of chilling away from a relaxing sip, whether it's in your backyard or at the beach, park, lake, or anywhere you can escape.

Craft Cocktails

1. Southern Tier Bourbon Smash

a can of Southern Tier Bourbon Smash Craft Cocktail on a white background
Credit: Drizly

Award-winning bourbon whiskey with hints of ginger, mint, and lemon make this craft canned cocktail come to life. Considered a cousin to the Kentucky Derby staple, the mint julep, Southern Tier's Bourbon Smash is lightly carbonated and the ideal blend of citrus and sweet.

Buy it: 1 can for $4.50;

2. Kupu Spirits Whiskey Ginger

a can of Kupu Spirits Whiskey Ginger on a white background
Credit: Drizly

If you can't travel to Hawaii, then having a bit of the Islands in your refrigerator might be the next best thing. From the creators of Maui Brewing Co, Kupu Spirits' collection of ready-made drinks (Whiskey Cola and Gin & Tonic are also available) were the first canned cocktails made in the Islands and are made from locally-sourced ingredients.

Buy it: From $5;

For A Fun Twist

3. Loverboy White Tea Peach

a can of Loverboy White Tea Peach on a white background
Credit: Drizly

Diehards of Bravo's reality show Summer House might recognize this mouthwatering merry maker. Get ready to "send it" with Loverboy's naturally-sweetened, zero-sugar blend of white tea peach with hints of lavender. At just 90 calories per can across their line of cocktails, consider adding Hibiscus Pom or Black Tea Lemon to your cart, too.

Buy it: 6-pack for $15;

4. Ohza Mimosa

Ohza Classic Mimosa can on a white background
Credit: Drizly

Not just a boozy brunch drink anymore, you can have a ready-to-sip mimosa straight from the refrigerator at any point in the day. Made with real juice and Brut sparkling wine, Ohza's classic mimosa has just 140 calories per can. With that in mind, a six-pack is equivalent to two bottles of champagne and half a carton of juice. Bottoms up!

Buy it: 4-pack for $11;

5. Greenbar Hibiscus Spritz

a can of Greenbar Hibiscus Spritz on a white background
Credit: Drizly

Bubbly and slightly sweet, Greenbar's Hibiscus Spritz is a combination of lush flowers, tangy berries, and bitters. The flavor combination creates a fresh tasting cocktail right out of a can. Intrigued? Greenbar offers an orange and ginger varietal, too.

Buy it: 1 can for $4.74 (also available in 4-packs);

For The Calorie-Conscious

a can and a box of Azulana Sparkling Lime Tequila on a white background
Credit: Drizly

6. Azulana Sparkling Lime Tequila

Gluten-free, naturally-sweetened, and just 144 calories per 12-ounce serving, this ready-to-drink tequila tipple is the first of its kind made with 100 percent blue agave tequila and sparkling water. At 4.3 percent ABV, with a taste reminiscent of sunny beach days, it's a safe bet more than one is in your future.

Buy it: From $4;

7. LQD Hard Coconut Water Pineapple

a can of LQD Hard Coconut Water Pineapple on a white background
Credit: Drizly

Meet your post-workout refresher's party-ready cousin — hard coconut water. Made using the natural fermentation process to achieve 4.2 percent ABV, and then blended with coconut water and cane sugar, this 150-calorie blend practically begs to be sipped poolside.

Buy it: 4-pack for $10.49;

Classic Cocktails in a Can

8. Five Drinks Co. Margarita

a can of Five Drinks Co. Margarita on a white background
Credit: Drizly

What's not to love about a canned classic that is consistently reviewed as "strong, but not too sweet." Made with just five ingredients, including staples like tequila and lime juice, the addition of hibiscus and habanero agave nectar take this cocktail up a notch from anything you could mix up at home.

Buy it: 4-pack for $10;

9. Fling Cocktails Mojito

a can of Fling Cocktails Mojito on a white background
Credit: Drizly

This classic Cuban craft cocktail shouldn't be missed. One sip of Fling's vibrant blend of rum, lime, and mint will transport drinkers directly to Havana — no plane ticket required. Other libations in the lineup from Boulevard Brewing Co include a Hawaiian Mai Tai and Margarita.

Buy it: 4-pack for $13;

10. Greenhook Ginsmiths Gin & Tonic

a can of Greenhook Ginsmiths Gin And Tonic on a white background
Credit: Drizly

What's better than Greenhook Ginsmiths' American-made gin? Taking it to go in a ready made cocktail. A combination of American Dry Gin and the perfect amount of homemade tonic makes this recognizable cocktail a top pick.

Buy it: From $6;