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The 11 Best-Rated Can Openers, According to Thousands of Reviews

From electric to manual, these can openers all stand out for their ability to quickly, easily, and safely open canned goods.
By Deanne Revel
Updated May 02, 2021
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Canned good hold the key to many delicious dishes, from quick and easy pasta dishes to silky smooth hummus and bean dips. But for as simple as canned goods are, sometimes opening canned goods can be a struggle. Confusing, cumbersome can openers can complicate a simple task And dull can openers may make the task tedious and time-consuming. If all of those things rings any bells, then it is time to upgrade to a quality can opener that can open can lids with ease and lasts for years.

These days, kitchen brands put just as much design attention into a can opener as they do any major appliance. We scoured thousands of reviews, sourced recommendations from our test kitchens, and asked editors to weigh in on the bad and good can openers they've used. Now, we've rounded up the best of the best-selling can openers. So whether you're shopping for a can opener with a magnet to prevent spills, a handle that's easy to hold if you have arthritis, or an electric can opener to do all the work for you, we've found the right one for every need and budget.

Take a look at our picks for best can opener and see which one is best for your kitchen. We even threw in a backpack-friendly option for camping and cooking on the go.

Best Can Openers at a Glance

What to Consider When Buying a Can Opener


You might think something as simple as a can opener wouldn't have fancy bells or whistles, but there's a surprising amount of features to look for when shopping for a can opener, such as ergonomics. Soft grips and larger handles can help people with limited dexterity and arthritis turn or crank a can opener more easily. In the list of best electric can openers, ones that safely cut lids or hold the can so there are no accidental spills all rank higher by happy owners.


There are now can openers made with a "smooth cut" feature to prevent slicing your hand when you lift the edge of a metal lid. Those cuts can be serious, especially for kids, so look for that safety feature if you've got little helpers in the kitchen.

But you don't even have to touch the lid anymore. Some can openers have incorporated magnets that hold and then release the lid for a complete hands-free opening. This feature also helps curb messes with liquid, such as tomato juice splatters.


Beyond the design, consider the durability of a can opener. You don't want to keep replacing it year after year. Cheap plastic handles my crack and break with daily use.

Typically, cheap can openers aren't dishwasher safe either, and it's a big pain to hand wash a can opener every time you use it. Also, the metals in these cheaper options likely aren't pro-grade, such as stainless steel, and will rust over time. No one wants a rusty can opener.

With all these important factors in mind, take a look at our pick for best can openers. We've included personal anecdotes and reviews to help you get a sense of personal experience.

Best Manual Can Opener: OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Can Opener

OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Can Opener
Credit: Amazon

OXO's signature, easy-to-grip handles perform extremely well across the board for kitchen tools, such as peelers, slicers, and pitters. And the company's can openers are no exception. In fact, this is where OXO really shines.

The MVP can opener on our list is OXO's Good Grips Soft-Handled Can Opener. At less than $15 (with free shipping for Amazon Prime members), it's a bargain and has every feature you want in a can opener, from a large knob that makes turning easy to cushy handles that alleviate pressure and strain on hands to a secret built-in bottle opener. But the best and most important feature: Unlike other OXO models, this one is dishwasher safe.

Nearly 14,000 Amazon reviewers have awards this manual can opener five stars, with reviews praising how 'fast' it is as opening cans. "The Oxo can opener is a work-horse. It is strong, well-made and plows through whatever you give it, with ease," one reviewer writes.

Buy It: OXO Good Grips Soft-Handled Can Opener, $15; Amazon or OXO

Best Electric Can Opener: Cuisinart Electric Can Opener

Cuisinart SCO-60 Deluxe Stainless Steel Can Opener
Credit: Amazon

If you'd rather not crank at all, invest in an electric can opener and let it do all the work for you. This small appliance is super handy for multitaskers, busy parents, or cooks with limited dexterity.

But the convenience doesn't come cheap. Priced at about $50, the Cuisinart Electric Can Opener is like the Cadillac of can openers. It features a brushed stainless steel finish to match gourmet kitchen appliances and touts a breezy, one-touch operation with a magnetic lid holder and a removable activation lever for easy cleanup. This appliance will completely spoil you. If you can splurge, splurge on this one.

Nearly 25,000 Amazon reviewers have left their five-start seal of approval on this electric can opener. One happy owner writes, "I love this can opener! I have terrible arthritis and have tried many other openers. This one is amazingly easy to operate. Once you place the can just lower the lever and the can opens by itself. The price is very reasonable. I would suggest to the company to advertise for people with arthritis because it sure makes my life a whole lot easier! Light weight and easy to clean as well."

Buy It: Cuisinart Electric Can Opener, $50; Amazon or Williams Sonoma

Best Handheld Can Opener: EZ-DUZ-IT Can Opener

EZ-DUZ-IT Deluxe Can Opener
Credit: Amazon

If you couldn't care less about how well-designed a can opener is and you just need a sturdy tool that lasts for years without breaking the bank, this is your buy. The EZ-DUZ-IT is no frills, and it relies on the classic, gear-driven basics. There's no smooth-like-butter crank or contoured handles on this one, but what you do get is a seemingly infinite amount of guaranteed opened cans for about $10. So, if that's all you need, you can buy this USA-made product with absolute confidence.

"The EZ-DUZ-IT can opener is excellent as the reviews reflected. Smooth opening with minimal torque required and its solidly built," one Walmart reviewer says, adding, "The bonus is that it's made in the USA where 99.9% are from China which is not an option for me."

The only drawback is that you will have to hand wash it. As it's only chrome-plated, make sure to completely dry after washing to ensure it doesn't rust.

Buy It: EZ-DUZ-IT Can Opener, $9; Walmart or Amazon

Best Budget Can Opener: Joseph Joseph Can-Do Compact Can Opener

Joseph Joseph Can-Do Compact Can Opener
Credit: Target

Electric can openers are often large and stored on a kitchen counter. Manual can openers are chunky and can take up a lot of room in a silverware tray or kitchen drawer. So if you're short on space, check out the Joseph Joseph Can-Do Compact Can Opener. This nifty little wonder sits on top of a can, attaches to the lid with magnets and slices through metal with ease.

But what makes this compact can opener even better? It's price. At less than $10 and with thousands of five-star reviews, you can trust that cheap doesn't mean cheaply made. This tiny, space-saving doo-dad would make a great addition in a care package for a college kid or even a holiday stocking stuffer for the gear obsessed.

Buy It: Joseph Joseph Can-Do Compact Can Opener, $8; Target or Amazon

Best Smooth Edge Can Opener: Good Cook Safe-Cut Manual Can Opener

Good Cook Can Opener, Safe Cut Manual Can Opener
Credit: Amazon

You know it's time to replace a can opener when it starts making those wavy cuts on the can lid. Or the metal edge comes out totally jagged. Those sharp, uneven edges can easily cause an accidental cut when you remove the lid. One way to prevent these knicks and slices is with a can opener specially designed to create smooth edges. True to its name, the Good Cook Safe-Cut Manual Can Opener is engineered to cut metal lids with incredible precision. No jagged edges or surprise metal spikes. If you have a kid sous-chef in the kitchen, this is one of the safest manual can openers on the market.

"Just touch the opener on to the top of the tin, turn the handle so the cutting wheel tightens on to the tin and turn away. Et Voila, the tin is opened with no sharp edges either on the tin of the lid. Wish I had bought one years ago."

Some reviewers note it takes a few practice rounds before you can easily engage this can opener on the cans for the best cut possible. If you don't get it right, you may have some of the issues other reviewer point out, like uneven cuts. Good Cook provides a video to help users get it right.

Buy It: Good Cook Safe-Cut Manual Can Opener, $14; Amazon or Walmart

Best Can Opener With Magnet: Zyliss Lock-N-Lift Can Opener

zyliss lock n lift horizontal can opener
Credit: Amazon

One of the best features to look for when shopping for a new manual can opener is a magnet. This simple addition is a serious game changer.. Magnets hold a lid in place so there's no slipping when opening a can, and they also prevent a lid from dropping into the can and into your food — fishing out a lid while simultaneously trying not to knick your fingers is the worst.

One of the strongest magnets we found is on the Zyliss Lock-N-Lift Can Opener. It probably would have scored higher and earned our best overall can opener award, but it's not dishwasher safe.

When you've completed opening the can, the magnet will hold onto the can's metal top. You can then take the can opener to the trash, and press a level to expel the can from the opener. You never once have to touch the lid and risk nicking your fingers.

One Bed Bath & Beyond customer writes, "This replaced my hand held can opener showing some rust and dullness to. I like the fact it has a safety button and not difficult to use. Smoothly cuts the edge and a magnet to hold top of can to dispose to prevent injuries."

Buy It: Zyliss Lock-N-Lift Can Opener, $15; Bed Bath & Beyond or Amazon

Best Splurge Can Opener: Roslë Stainless Steel Can Opener With Pliers Grip

Rosle Stainless Steel Can Opener
Credit: Amazon

Like with other tools in the kitchen, the most hygienic material for a can opener is stainless steel because it doesn't have pores, which can become a breeding ground for bacteria. But not all can openers that claim to be stainless steel are completely stainless steel. The gears and the blade might be, but the handle might not, so it's important to read the fine print on materials when shopping.

If you're looking for a can opener that's 100 percent stainless steel — even the handles and crank — check out the Roslë Stainless Steel Can Opener. True to name, it's stainless steel inside and out. Plus, it features an additional hygienic design as the lid never comes into contact with food.

One Amazon reviewer writes, "I have been using this Rösle Stainless Steel Can Opener for almost a year now. I have not found any cans that I cannot open with it. This is rather expensive for a can opener but this is well worth the money." They continue, "This is the best can opener that I have used. The handle turns easily and there is no mess at all. After opening the can, the can opener is as clean as before it opened the can. I rinse the can opener as a habit but it really does not need to be rinsed."

Senior Editor Kimberly Holland uses this can opener and says, "You don't realize how impressive this can opener is until you use one that's inferior. The durable, heavy-duty handles and blade made quick work of any can, even large tomato cans. If you're an occasional canned good consumer, you can probably skip it. But if you keep your can opener busy, you won't regret this purchase."

Buy It: Rosle Stainless Steel Can Opener with Pliers Grip, $44 (was $56); Amazon or Macy's

Best Can Opener for Seniors: OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener

OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener
Credit: Bed Bath & Beyond

If you have arthritis, carpal tunnel syndrome, neuropathy, or other pain in your hands and wrists, an electric can opener is likely your best bet, as it doesn't require any holding or turning. But if you do want a manual can opener, it's important to look at the ergonomics, or how well the can opener feels and operates.

Similar to other OXO models in our roundup, the OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener is designed to take the pressure off of your hands. Instead of clamping down on the handles, you simply pop the tool on top and hold gently. No squeezing required. This one also features a nifty slot that holds the lid in place for a touch-free removal.

In fact, the entire Good Grips line from OXO with grip strength issues in mind. The OXO engineers consider all the most difficult kitchen tasks and work to produce tools and appliances that cooking and working as effortless as possible.

"I bought this can opener about 4 years ago. I used it so much that the lid lifter teeth wore out. I liked it so much I bought another just like it," one Bed Bath & Beyond reviewer writes.

Buy It: OXO Good Grips Smooth Edge Can Opener, $23; Bed Bath & Beyond

Best One-Hand Can Opener: Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener

Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener
Credit: Amazon

If you need a can opener that doesn't require a great deal of hand pressure or cranking, but a traditional electric can opener is just too big for your kitchen, consider this handheld, battery-operated can opener. It's one-button operating system is easy enough for nearly any cook to use, and the blade cuts under the lid for safe, smooth edges.

On their Amazon page, Kitchen Mama demonstrates how this handheld electric can opener works. With the gear and blade on either side of the can's rim, the opener encircles the can, cutting away at the seal. When it's done, you'll press the button again, and the opener will stop.

One downside: no magnet. You'll have to pick up the lid from the top of the can, but remember: no sharp edges.

Nearly 21,000 Amazon reviewers love this electric can opener, which is almost half the price of the other electric option on our list. They write, "Why did I wait so long to try this magical can opener??????? I HATED my other can would never latch on and just open a can. It was a WCW wrestling match every time! Now...I literally put it on top of the can, push other things while it's opening, the second the sound changes I know it's already opened that area so I push the bottom once more....poof, off it goes."

They finish their review with, "The only thing is I wish the magnet was stronger so it would lift the top off....but the tops aren't sharp anymore so I honestly don't care about that part."

Buy It: Kitchen Mama Electric Can Opener, $29; Amazon

Best Easy-to-Clean Can Opener: OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener With Lid Catch

OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener w Lid Catch on a white background
Credit: Amazon

They really should put a warning on canned tomato sauce like "Heads up: This will be a 100 percent nightmare for your white counters and cabinets." If you're tired of the clean-up, stop the splatter with a can opener that actually prevents messes.

The OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener With Lid Catch is a godsend for keeping kitchens clean. It has a magnet that holds on tight to any can lid, and it doesn't let go until you press a little button to release it which makes rinsing off and disposing lids super easy. The tool also features a little covering that pinches the can and keeps the lid safely in place. As for cleaning the tool itself, it's dishwasher-safe so you don't have to wash a thing.

This is another OXO Good Grips product, so it receives loads of rave reviews from people with grip or nerve issues that can't use standard manual can openers. One writes, "It is easy to clean, doesn't rust (I just rinse it if it's not really dirty, or wash it quickly with soap and water, and let it air dry, and it's still working great), and I like how it locks together for use and storage. Really, it's so well-designed. Compared to what I have spent on poor-quality openers in the past, this is an absolute bargain, and I highly recommend this opener to anyone."

Buy It: OXO Good Grips Locking Can Opener With Lid Catch, $18; Amazon or Bed Bath & Beyond

Best Can Opener for Camping: Coghlan's G.I. Can Opener

Coghlans G.I. Can Opener on white background
Credit: Amazon

Beyond the kitchen, having a travel-friendly can opener is a must for camping or RVing. It's even a good idea to pack one for a vacation rental just in case the property doesn't have kitchen essentials.

But you likely don't want a can opener taking up much space in your suitcase. Enter the Coghlan's G.I. Can Opener. This teeny, tiny lightweight gadget can squeeze into any pocket in your bag. It's made with nickel-plated hardened steel so if you're out camping and your gear gets wet, you don't have to worry about it rusting. Just be careful when packing as it's razor sharp.

Buy It: Coghlan's G.I. Can Opener, $6; Amazon or Walmart

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