vitamix with green smoothie inside next to banana, kale, pineapple, and two green smoothies in glasses
Credit: Rachel Johnson

The 10 Best Blenders for Every Home Cook, Tested by Allrecipes

Our tester picked the Cuisinart Hurricane Pro 3.5 Peak HP Blender as the winner.
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A quality blender is a kitchen workhorse that will take so much unnecessary work and frustration out of your life. You can use your blender for many tasks, such as pulverizing ice for the smoothest frozen daiquiris, pureeing soups, grinding coffee, and even making nut butter.

To help you find the best option for your kitchen, we asked our tester, Rachel Johnson, to put the top options on the market to the test. She considered each blender's look, speed, efficiency, cleanup, and storage.

With these features in mind, she found the Cuisinart Hurricane Pro 3.5 Peak HP Blender to be the best overall.

Keep reading to discover the best blenders on the market, according to our testing.

Best Blenders at a Glance

What to Consider When Buying a Blender

Intended Use 

If you only use your current blender for the occasional smoothie or soup, you'd be better off going with a lower-priced blender.

Many of the top blenders on the market today are manufactured with the power to grind coffee, blend nut butter, pulverize ice, and more. But these blenders also come with hefty price tags. Before you choose a blender, consider how you plan to use, and how often. 


In an ideal world, we'd all have the counter space to host a full-size blender at all times. But since we live in the real world, you've got to consider a few things when deciding which size blender to go with: 1) storage 2) capacity 3) portability. 

If you can't spare the counter space, opt for a lightweight blender that can easily go from the cupboard to the countertop when you need to use it. You'll also need to consider whether you want a blender with more capacity, or if you'd prefer a single-serve (or personal) blender. These are largely meant for smoothies, and can often be enjoyed straight out of the container they were blended in.

But if you want to use your blender for anything from soups to sauces to frozen drinks, a countertop blender is usually going to come with greater capacity and the motor power needed to pulverize these motor-taxing ingredients. 


This might go without saying, but the higher the wattage, the more powerful the blender... most of the time. It's important to take note of wattage when considering a blender, but the overall design of the blender is just as, if not more, important. 

Glass vs. Plastic 

Glass blenders have a few advantages: They are less likely to stain or hold onto odors. But unlike their plastic counterparts, they're heavy, and not always the best option for the accident-prone, or those who need to take their blending jar with them on the go. 

Plus, there's no guarantee that glass blenders will be shatterproof — blending ice in a glass blender straight out of a hot dishwasher could lead to disaster. Fortunately, many of the top models use Tristan plastic, which is a BPA-free alternative to plastic that's much lighter and more durable than glass. 

How We Tested Each Blender

Veteran product tester Rachel Johnson pulled together the top blenders on the market. From here, each blender went through a series of rigorous testing.

Each blender was used to make a Kale Banana Smoothie to test its ability to get through tough-to-blend ingredients, and a Hollandaise Sauce to test its lower speed settings for proper aeration. Rachel paid special attention to the following factors: 

  • Overall Feel: Does the blender look and feel like it's made to last?
  • Speed: How many speed options are available? 
  • Efficiency: How quickly and easily does the blender blend ingredients?
  • Cleanup: Do the pieces come apart for easy cleaning? Are they dishwasher safe? 
  • Storage: Does the blender take up unnecessary space? Is it light enough to move from countertop to cupboard?

The results are in. Rachel whittled it down to the seven best blenders on the market for every type of home cook — whether you're looking for a budget or high-end blenders, personal or large capacity. Curious about what else we tested? Keep reading for Rachel's thoughts on the competition. 

Best Blenders to Buy in 2022 

Cuisinart Blender with metal base on white background
Credit: Amazon

Best Overall: Cuisinart (R) Hurricane Pro 3.5 Peak HP Blender

This professional-grade blender from Cuisinart (R) is Rachel's overall best pick for the following reasons: It's comparable to the Vitamix in terms of speed, power, and precision but without the Vitamix price tag. 

It has a prominently-displayed LCD display, along with a 10-speed knob and a turbo boost option. Plus, it comes with presets for smoothies, crushed ice, soup, pulsing, and cleaning.

"The 10-speed knob allows precision and control in making sauces that are sensitive to heat and friction (like hollandaise)," says Rachel. "This machine and the Vitamix made the smoothest sauces, suggesting that the lower speed control is key."

In terms of cleanup, the parts are removable (with the exception of the blade) and are dishwasher safe, or you may wash them on the clean setting of the blender itself. It's important to note that the bulky size of this blender makes it unfit for frequent transfer from cabinet to countertop. However, it has a sleek gunmetal finish that looks great on display. The BPA-free Tritan (TM) plastic jar can hold up to 64 ounces, making this a great pick for those who are looking to make small and large amounts of smoothies, sauces, and more.

"While it doesn't come with a variety in pitcher size or travel cup accessories, this machine truly showcases the power behind the blender. The only thing knocking this machine is the noise, but it doesn't last very long as the blender is so effective," says Rachel. 

Buy it: Cuisinart (R) Hurricane Pro 3.5 Peak HP Blender, $400; Williams-Sonoma or Amazon

Vitamix Blender with black base on white background
Credit: Amazon

Best Performance: Vitamix Professional Series 750

You knew it was coming. For a high-performance blender, you cannot do better than Vitamix. The precision, power, and speed paired with the relatively quiet motor put it a cut above the rest. Rachel says, "This machine is serious business — if you think a smoothie can't get smoother, put it in a Vitamix. This machine is a dream and totally lives up to the hype."

The Vitamix Professional Series 750 comes complete with 10 speeds, an acceleration/deceleration knob, and a number of presets (including a cleaning preset). Vitamix does recommend hand washing for long-lasting durability. Because of the heavy, stable base, it's not advised that you regularly move this appliance from the cabinet to the countertop. 

"While this might be the best blender on the market, the price point is a hefty investment. This is a forever machine— one that will stand the test of time and make you a better cook," says Rachel. 

Buy it: Vitamix Professional Series 750, $569 (was $599); Amazon

Ninja Professional Plus Blender DUO with Auto-iQ on a kitchen counter
Credit: Walmart

Best Value:  Ninja Professional Plus Blender Duo with Auto-iQ

Priced at just under $100, this blender provides the well-built design and power that you can expect from all Ninja products. 

This is a great blender to go for if you're primarily looking to blend smoothies and shakes, as it only has three speeds and two presets. The base doesn't occupy too much space on a countertop, and its sleek design makes it an attractive permanent feature to any kitchen. The unit also features an additional travel cup which is top-rack dishwasher safe, as are the other removable parts. 

"This is a very powerful machine — it produced a very consistent smoothie with very few rough pieces," says Rachel. 

Buy it: Ninja Professional Plus Blender Duo with Auto-iQ, $98 (was $109); Walmart

NutriBullet blender with single-serve attachment and travel cup
Credit: Amazon

Most Versatile: NutriBullet Blender Combo 

While you don't get as many speed settings as Vitamix, NutriBullet provides incredible blending power at a fraction of the cost. For less than $150, this blender duo features a motor base, a large pitcher, and two travel cups with lids. The pitcher, cups, and lids are all top-rack dishwasher safe. 

This set is a great value for anyone looking to make smoothies, smooth pesto, or blend nut butter on the regular. It has three standard settings (low, medium, and high) as well as a pulse and extract setting. It should be noted that the NutriBullet is not recommended for making sauces that require aeration, such as hollandaise or aioli. 

The beauty of this NutriBullet blender combo is it gives you the versatility of blending multiple servings in the pitcher or blending for one by using one of the single-serve cups that attaches directly to the blender. 

Take it from Rachel who says, "This blender's accompanying pitcher and travel cups have enough variety in size to actually feel like the containers are meant for a variety of applications. Other blenders seem to come with redundant containers just to up the value but this one has something for every application."

Buy it: NutriBullet Blender Combo, $134 (was $150); Amazon

Cuisinart blender with reusable straws, three travel cups, and two lids
Credit: Amazon

Best Compact: Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender

Rachel describes this blender as, "essentially a miniaturized version of Cuisinart's pro blender without sacrificing quality." This compact juicing blender from Cuisinart was designed to maximize storage space while giving you many of the components of a traditional high-powered blender. 

Compared to similar models, this blender has somewhat limited speed settings: low, high, and pulse. However, it more than makes up for it with its many blending varieties — the set includes a 32-ounce Tritan jar, two travel cups with lids, and an eight-ounce chopper cup. 

All components (aside from the base) are top-rack dishwasher safe, and the lightweight nature of the machine makes it easy to transfer from cupboard to countertop in small kitchens. "This is an incredible compact blender! It's versatile, very efficient, well-made and best of all — adorable... It's a blender that is perfectly suited for a small kitchen and is built to last," says Rachel.

Buy it: Cuisinart Hurricane Compact Juicing Blender, $90 (was $100); Amazon

Ninja Professional blender with chopping attachment, blades, and two travel cups
Credit: Amazon

Best Large Capacity: Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System

If you're looking for a blender that can handle large-scale blending, this professional-grade blender from Ninja is up to the task. The 72-ounce crushing pitcher has a maximum liquid capacity of 64 ounces. The Auto-iQ technology allows you to press a preset button and walk away from the machine — the blender will automatically detect when the job is done. 

"The smoothie function has some serious intelligence behind the timer functionality — it pulsed the ingredients before beginning the full-on blending process," says Rachel. "This is great for smoothies that have larger, rougher ingredients like kale or large pieces of frozen fruit."

On the downside, this blender was the loudest of all tested — an unfortunate side effect of its powerful motor. This set comes complete with a 1400-watt base, a crushing pitcher, two single-serve cups with lids, a processor bowl, chopping blade, and dough blade. It's truly a blender that's up to any task. 

Buy it: Ninja Professional Plus Kitchen System, $200; Amazon

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Small, single-serve Hamilton Beach blender with fruit and ice inside
Credit: Target

Best Single Serve: Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender with Travel Lid

This single-serve blender is a great value for anyone living in a small space or a dorm. The single-speed setting is great for people looking to simplify their blending, but of course the versatility of this blender is drastically limited as a result. 

The blending attachment can also be used as a cup, helping to minimize the number of dishes and items to store in already-small spaces. It also includes a slot at the bottom to wrap the power cord for tight storage. 

While this blender doesn't come with all the bells and whistles of the other models tested, it's a great option for those looking to limit their countertop footprint. Plus it's just $15.

Buy it: Hamilton Beach Single-Serve Blender with Travel Lid, $15.29; Target

Other Blenders We Tested

This product testing was unique in that we didn't have any major flops. Every blender performed relatively well, but some just had added features that made them stand out from the rest. Curious about what else we tested? Here's what Rachel has to say about the blenders that narrowly missed the cut. 

NutriBullet Pro

This classic NutriBullet Pro has somewhat of a cult following, and for good reason: "This blender is very efficient for making smoothies regularly and can be adapted for other recipes that require a blender. It is reasonably priced and carries a great brand reputation," says Rachel. 

However, the NutriBullet Pro does have its downsides: It only features one speed setting, and Rachel found some of the ingredients to stick to the bottom of the cup, requiring her to shake it up before blending again. 

While this blender performed well, Rachel found the Nutribullet Blender Combo to be a better value for its multiple speed settings and additional pitcher. 

Buy it: NutriBullet Pro, $74 (was $90); Amazon

Oster Classic Series 5-Speed Blender

Although this blender comes with a very reasonable price tag, you should expect to replace it within a year or two of use. "Materials all feel a little lighter and more cheaply-made than you'd expect, even for a more budget-friendly option," says Rachel. It does, however, make a good compact option for a temporary space or small apartment. 

Buy it: Oster Classic Series 5-Speed Blender, $30; Walmart 

Oster Pro XL 8-Cup Blender

If you're looking for a classic, no-bells-and-whistles blender, this budget blender from Oster is another great option. "This blender is a great value for being a performance blender under $100. The only thing working against it is that it only comes with one pitcher while all other high performers come with more than one accessory," says Rachel. 

Buy it: Oster Pro XL 8-Cup Blender, $89; Walmart