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The 10 Best 4-Slice Toasters for Beautifully Crisp Breakfast Breads

Make breakfast seamlessly with a toaster that has multiple slots and a slew of convenient features
By Laura Fisher
September 13, 2020
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Making toast can be a deeply personal issue. I personally like a very light golden brown hue on my bread, while my boyfriend is a diehard charred bread kinda guy, which makes me deeply question his character on a daily basis. And the bigger your breakfast crew is, the more toast preferences you have to contend with. All that is to say, choosing the right toaster is a surprisingly important choice to make for your kitchen. 

There are a variety of ways to make toast, from a toaster oven to a convection oven to even a pan on the stove. But the simplest and most popular toasting method remains a countertop pop-up toaster. If you typically only make breakfast for one, or are part of a couple who each consumes one piece of toast per morning, a two-slice toaster might suit your needs just fine. But if you need to toast two bagels at once or feed a slew of hungry mouths, a four-slice model is necessary to keep things running smoothly.

From there, there is a huge range of options to help you with everything from achieving the most precise toast shade to fitting untraditional-sized bread to reheating, defrosting, and keeping warm. Wondering who makes the best four-slice toaster—and how much the best toasters cost? We’ve scoured customer reviews and narrowed down the options to the 10 best four-slice toasters to suit every budget, style, and toasting need.

Best 4-Slice Toasters at a Glance

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Best Overall: Cuisinart 4-Slice Metal Classic Toaster

This classic model from the ever-reliable Cuisinart family of appliances will meet pretty much every toast need. A browning dial with six settings and dual controls ensures each set of slots achieves ideal toast shades. Reviewers call this toaster "sleek," "attractive," and "a delight to use," citing its even toasting, defrosting capabilities, and simple stainless steel design. The extra wide slots can accommodate all sorts of breakfast breads (bagels, anyone?), and it features a removable crumb tray to prevent the crumbs of today’s breakfast from becoming the "is something burning?" culprit of tomorrow. 

To buy: $69.95 (was $81.99);

Best Rated: Sencor Stainless Steel 4-Slice Toaster

Slice Compact Toaster
Credit: Wayfair

What differentiates the Sencor from other toasters on this list is the fact that each of the four slots has its own temperature setting, making it easy to accommodate many different toast preferences or heat up multiple items at the same time. That makes it the perfect sidekick for those mornings when one kid wants a waffle, another wants a bagel, and you are trying to cram down a piece of toast while running out the door. Reviewers rave about this "unique and simple to use" toaster, mentioning features such as its external rack for warming buns or croissants, the easy-to-clean crumb tray, and the sleek design. With an average rating of 4.7 stars from Wayfair shoppers, it’s the best-rated option on this list.

To buy: $71.99 (was $89.99); 

Best Quality: All-Clad 4-Slice Digital Toaster

Slice Compact Toaster
Credit: Amazon

All-Clad is known for producing some of the most reliable, durable, and consistent cookware on the market, so it should come as no shock that its four-slice toaster is, as several reviewers put it, the best they’ve ever owned. The appliance’s high-lift lever prevents you from burning your fingers reaching for the small half of the English muffin (I can’t be the only one who finds it impossible to split them evenly), and a countdown timer, in addition to a shade dial, gives you precise toasting control.

To buy: $149.99;

Best Cheap: Black + Decker 4-Slice Toaster

Slice Compact Toaster
Credit: Amazon

For the price, this Black + Decker model can’t be beat. It has only two settings — bagel and frozen, plus a browning dial — but manages to deliver consistent results for basic toasting needs. It features extra-wide toasting slots to accommodate all sorts of bready delights and has seven dial settings to find your just-right Goldilocks shade of toastiness. Its compact size makes it a no-brainer countertop addition for a bread-loving family. 

To buy: $39.99;

Best Splurge: Smeg ’50s Retro Style 4-Slice Toaster

Slice Compact Toaster
Credit: Nordstrom

Smeg is the chic Italian appliance brand that has become known for not only its vintage look, but also the high-quality performance of essentials like coffee machines and refrigerators — and, of course, toasters. The brand’s four-slice toaster doesn’t disappoint on the style front, with a retro look and seven color options that range from muted pastel green and cream to bold red with stainless steel and polished chrome detailing. Performance-wise, the toaster features six browning levels and three functions (defrost, bagel, and reheat). Reviewers say the Smeg toaster outperforms other toasters in keeping bread crispy without drying it out, and looks great while doing so. 

To buy: $249.95;

Best Stainless Steel: Swan Retro Style 4-Slice Toaster

Slice Compact Toaster
Credit: Bed Bath and Beyond

If you’re looking for retro style and vibrant color options, this toaster from Swan is a great lower-cost alternative to the Smeg. The mid-century modern design contains a multitude of convenient features, such as six browning options, reheat and defrost settings, LED indicator lights, and automatic centering racks for even browning on both sides. Choose from glossy black, red, blue, or gray to complement the stainless steel base, curved corners, and ribbed metal trim that give this toaster its ’50s feel. 

To buy: $89.99;

Best High-Tech: Breville Die-Cast 4-Slice Smart Toaster

Slice Compact Toaster
Credit: Williams Sonoma

While the hefty price tag of this toaster might seem unnecessary for such a basic function, the high-tech Breville appliance is hailed by many as the last toaster you will ever need. It comes with a number of bells and whistles, including a countdown timer, a "lift & look" setting to check on your toast without interrupting its progress, and an "a bit more" button for when you need just a tad more time on a slice. Reviewers say the splurge is "totally worth it" and that the machine is intuitive and fun to use. 

To buy: $179.95;

Best Compact: Cuisinart 4 Slice Compact Toaster

Slice Compact Toaster
Credit: Wayfair

Perhaps you’ve realized that you need a toaster, but you just can’t bear the thought of another appliance taking up space on your crowded countertop or in your stuffed-to-the-brim cabinets. Enter: the Cuisinart compact four-slice toaster. It offers all the same features as other toasters, such as dual custom controls, wide slots, and seven shade settings, but with a smaller footprint. Reviewers who have tried many toasters over the years say that this one gets the job done for the right price and makes mornings much more convenient when feeding multiple hungry mouths. 

To buy: $50.33 (was $92.30);

Best Settings: Williams Sonoma Signature Touch 4-Slice Toaster

Slice Compact Toaster
Credit: Williams Sonoma

This intuitive toaster uses advanced technology, five functions, and seven browning settings to achieve toasting perfection for breads and bagels. I really can’t describe it better than this reviewer: "At first you may look at it as why would I spend that kind of money on a toaster. Let me tell you, to me, it’s worth every penny. The touch screen makes setting the toast, bagel or whatever you’d like to the perfect cooking temperature. You can see and watch the dots on the temperature guide slowly fade as it gets closer to the achieved 'done' time. The end product then quietly and slowly rises up and doesn’t spring out at you leaving you to put your catcher’s glove on to get it. I just LOVE this!!" The timeless, clean style will pair well with your other stainless steel appliances. 

To buy: $99.98;

Author’s Pick: Hamilton Beach Keep Warm 4 Slice Long Slot Toaster

Slice Compact Toaster
Credit: Overstock

This is the toaster I own, and I didn’t realize how much I needed it until I started making my own sourdough—those thick, country-style slices just won’t fit in a standard toaster slot. The extended slots of this compact model can fit two long slices or four standard, making it a versatile choice. It also has a handy "keep warm" setting to help bread stay warm for up to three minutes after toasting finishes, which comes in handy when it’s ready before the rest of your breakfast. All in all, this is a great affordable toaster that has a lot of features missing from some of the more expensive choices. 

To buy: $52.49;