The Very Best Grocery Products for 2023, Chosen by You

From yogurt to peanut butter, these are the brands your fellow home cooks trust, swear by, and just can't live without.

For the third annual Allrecipes Community Choice Awards, we asked you, our most savvy home cooks, to vote for what you think are the absolute best brands at the grocery store. With rising costs and seemingly hundreds of new items to choose from, what you decide to add to your cart matters. Our Allrecipes community of 60+ million home cooks weighed in, we tabulated the results, and now have the final award-winning list of products that make cooking easier, food tastier, and families happier. Did your favorite finds make the cut?

How the Winners Were Selected

The 3,431 readers who responded to our summer 2022 survey were asked to choose their favorite brands across 65 different grocery and household categories. Readers had the option to select multiple brands, skip categories, and write in an answer to categories. They also had the opportunity to explain why they liked a certain brand. The winner in each category below is the brand that received the most votes.

The 2023 Allrecipes Community Choice Awards

Here are the grocery brands that found their way into our readers' carts again, and again, and again this past year. These are the products that are worth rolling out the red carpet for and celebrating. Let's give a warm welcome to our (grocery) class of 2023!

Plate full of eggs, sausage, and toast next to a cup of coffee
Dotdash Meredith / Brie Goldman

Breakfast Darlings

Starting your day with a lackluster meal is so 2022. In 2023, we're greeting each morning with a plate full of our favorite grocery finds. From the best eggs, to the orange juice you'll always find in our fridge, these are our readers' top picks when it comes to the most important meal of the day.

"Jimmy Dean's breakfast sausage is very tasty—and not greasy!" - DONNA K., Oak Forest, IL

Bowl of red sauce pasta with a fork
Dotdash Meredith / Brie Goldman

The Lunch and Dinner Winners (+ Drinks!)

Every home cook needs a few kitchen staples that they can rely on for easy, delicious meals. A special jar of pasta sauce can make weeknight dinners more enjoyable, a grab-and-go lunch can save you from the vending machine, and a thirst-quenching drink will round out whatever you're eating. Ready to stock your arsenal? Here are our readers' favorite finds when it comes to lunch, dinner, and drinks.

"Barilla is consistently good quality and the price is not too high. I like the options they have of no-bake lasagne, high fiber, etc." - ANE M., Lexington, SC

A plate f ull of frozen french fries and condiments for dipping
Dotdash Meredith / Brie Goldman

Frozen Assets and Pantry Keepers

We've all been there: You come home late from work. You're tired. You had a long day. You're hungry. What are you supposed to do? Easy. It's time to dig into your pantry or freezer! Turn on the oven and you'll have pizza in minutes thanks to DiGiorno, or take out the blue box (we're talking mac, of course) for a satisfying meal that everyone will love. These two magic spots in the kitchen are where easy meals, snacks, and appetizers are born—and our readers have opinions on the brands to stock up on.

"Nothing about DiGiorno is like a frozen pizza. It's just like a delivery pizza." - RUTH K., Keyser, WV

Two bowls filled with yogurt and berries
Dotdash Meredith / Brie Goldman

The Dairy (and Non-Dairy) Best

Ice cream, you scream, we all scream for....the best dairy and non-dairy finds at the grocery store! With increasingly more options, it's easy for home cooks to leave out the dairy if they need to, or embrace it when they want. Here are the brands that Allrecipes' readers turn to most for yogurt, cheese, butter, and more.

"Chobani's creaminess and flavor are hard to beat." - BARBARA F., Reno, NV

Whole chocolate cake
Dotdash Meredith / Brie Goldman

Baking Must-Haves

Ready to seize the sweet side of life in 2023? From boxed brownies to refrigerated pie crust, we're stocking up on these reader-approved baking essentials so we're always prepared when a sugar craving strikes (and if you don't want sugar, our readers have a favorite substitute for that, too).

"I make wedding cakes, and instructors always recommend Duncan Hines mixes." - EVELYN R., Lewiston, NY

a bunch of clear bottles filled with various condiments
Dotdash Meredith / Jacob Fox

Condiment Kings (and Queens)

Raise your hand if you have more than five condiments in your fridge at this very moment. How about 10? ...15? Yeah, same. It's safe to say that our community of home cooks is pretty obsessed with condiments. From the store-bought salad dressing that makes our greens pop, to the jarred salsa that we always pair with tortilla chips, you won't catch us without these essential flavor boosters in 2023.

"Hellmann's is all I'll use, especially for my potato salad. Nothing else will ever compare." - MILLIE G., Reading, PA

Houeshold cleaners organized neatly, including sponges, bottles, and paper towels
Dotdash Meredith / Jacob Fox

Household Helpers

Our readers have strong opinions on the extra helpers that our kitchens run on. From trash bags that don't rip, to the dishwasher detergent we trust, these cleanup and pet care staples just make life better.

"Cascade is the only one that truly cleans my dishes. I've tried them all!" - APRIL W, South Lake Tahoe, CA

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