Everything Tastes ‘Much Juicier’ When Cooked on This Now-$22 Lodge Pan, According to Shoppers

It’s a worthy addition to your cast iron collection.

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Lodge L8SGP3 Cast Iron Square Grill Pan Tout

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It’s an undisputed fact: Lodge makes excellent cast iron cookware. Not only do most of its products heat evenly, but they stand the test of time, and are just as good for cooking indoors as they are for cooking over an open campfire. 

But even if you have a cast iron skillet from Lodge, there’s likely one pan you’re missing from your collection. This now-$22 grill pan from Lodge will allow you to cook delicious steaks and burgers with perfect grill marks from the comfort of your stovetop.

Lodge L8SGP3 Cast Iron Square Grill Pan


Buy it: $22 (was $40); Amazon

This 10.5-inch Grill Pan from Lodge has a unique shape: Instead of a circle like most skillets, this one is a square. The design accommodates the ridges inside the pan, which help create sear marks on any food you want to cook on it, whether it’s burgers or asparagus. In fact, the ridges allow the fat to drip off of food, which means the food is grilled, not fried, further replicating an outdoor grill. 

This pan is made with the same cast iron you’ll find in Lodge’s other popular skillets. This makes it a bit heavy and difficult to maneuver, but on the other hand, makes it incredibly durable and able to retain heat extremely well. It comes seasoned right out of the box, which means it’ll be naturally nonstick from the first time you cook on it, and will continue to develop a patina if you cook with fatty foods. Just be careful: Because the handle is the same piece as the skillet, it can get ripping hot to the touch. 

It’s no wonder this versatile pan has collected over 21,500 perfect ratings at Amazon. It has an unparalleled ability to distribute heat and is easy to clean and maintain. One person who lives in an apartment says they longed for grill marks and the flavor of outdoor barbecue. “This grill pan is great,” they write, adding, “Nothing has gotten stuck, and I only used cooking oil the first few times.” 

Another shopper calls this their “long-needed pan.” They say it “leaves great grill marks,” and even adds that it “makes it easier to not burn your food.” Since using it, they’ve also noticed, “how much juicier and flavorful everything tastes.”

The bottom line? Grilling indoors is achievable. You just need this now-$22 pan to get it done. 

At the time of publishing, the price was $22

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