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Here are the essential dishes and cooking tips you'll need to create delicious Indian-inspired meals at home.

Discover the Best of Indian Cuisine

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From butter chicken to saag paneer, these are the dishes you sought out the most.
Essential Ingredients in the Indian Pantry
Unlocking a treasure trove of spices, Indian dishes showcase elaborate, intricate flavors. Here are twenty-five essential staples of the Indian pantry.
Top-Rated Vegetarian Indian Recipes
Indian cuisine makes it easy to eat vegetarian.
Best Slow Cooker Indian Recipes
The long process of simmering and infusing flavors improves everything from curries to korma.
Spicy Secrets for Making Better Indian Food at Home
Make these classic Indian dishes even better by following these tips from cooking instructor and author Raghavan Iyer. 

Regional Wonders

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There's so much to love! Get to know the tantalizing culinary specialties of Northern India.
Biryani, the Spiced Rice Dish Popular All Over India
It's the people's dish. Learn all about biryani — the rice dish that unites India’s incredibly diverse population.

Explore India's Exciting and Diverse Cuisine with Chandra Ram

Explore the incredibly diverse world of regional Indian cuisine with cookbook author Chandra Ram.