Food Wishes: Behind the Recipe

You've seen the videos, now discover what's behind Chef John's wildly popular recipes with notes, tips, quips, and more from the Chef himself.

Comforting Favorites

Chef John's Secrets to Manhattan Clam Chowder
Here's the thicker, richer, more decadent version of Manhattan clam chowder you've been waiting for!
With Chef John's Crispy Chicken Fingers, the Secret Is the Cider
Turns out, the best beer batter isn't even made with beer! These chicken tenders feature the same light, crispy coating as beer batter but with a tastier, more interesting flavor.
Chef John's Pasta all'Amatriciana
Master this dish, and you will understand the art of Italian pastas and pasta sauces. Chef John shares the secrets.
Chef John's Zucchini Bread Is the World's Most Mysterious Quick Loaf 
Embrace the mystery! Chef John's beautiful and delicious loaf turns zucchini into cake. It's also super fast and easy to make.
Chef John's Polish Bialys Are Like Lighter, Savory Bagels
Just don't call them bagels! Polish bialys are lighter in texture than bagels and filled with an onion-poppy seed filling.
Chef John's Tiny Tacos Are an Enormous Hit
You'll love these tiny tacos in a taco salad or as bite-sized appetizers at your next party.

More Seasonal Favorites

The Simple Secrets to Chef John's Honey Garlic Shrimp
Find out the two simple keys to making amazing homemade honey garlic shrimp with fine-dining flavor.

Chef John's Egg Roll in a Bowl, the Tasty Sum of All the Parts

Chef John's deconstructed egg roll doesn't deny you of the most important part — the crispy part — of the egg roll.