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Learn how to buy, store, and cook different types of grains, including rice, barley, and more. Plus, find articles and recipe ideas for incorporating whole grains and ancient grains into your diet.

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Rice is the grain that feeds the world. Here's how to cook it perfectly every time.
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Steel Cut, Rolled, Instant: What's the Difference Between Types of Oats?
Here's a breakdown of different types of oats. Among whole grains, oats offer serious nutrition. But are some healthier than others? We take a look.
This One Thing Will Make Quinoa Easier to Digest
Quinoa's natural coating could cause a distressing gastrointestinal reaction and outweigh all its nutritional benefits.
What Is Polenta and How Is It Made?
This creamy corn dish can take many forms, but what exactly is it made of?

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What is Calrose Rice?
This type of rice may be the most versatile grain in your pantry.