KFC Is Adding Chicken Nuggets to the Menu for the First Time Ever

And they look way better than McNuggets!

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Just last month, KFC announced that it was simplifying its menu and removing one especially fan-loved item: the popcorn chicken. But, it seems when Colonel Sanders closes one door, he opens another because the restaurant is now releasing new chicken nuggets.

KFC began testing its Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets in 2022 and they were an instant success. So starting March 27, the new nuggets—made with KFC’s signature blend of 11 herbs and spices—will become a permanent menu item.

The new Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets will be available in 5-, 8-, 12-, and 36-piece options, as well as in a combo meal with KFC’s fries, biscuit, and a medium drink. 

“Simply put, you’ve never had chicken nuggets like these—they’re the chicken nugget America deserves, and worth the wait,” says Nick Chavez, the Chief Marketing Officer of KFC U.S. in the brand’s press release that seems to throw shade at other fast food chicken nuggets—calling them “mediocre” and “bland.”

Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets

Kentucky Fried Chicken

Just from looking at them, it’s clear that there are a few distinct differences between KFC’s new nuggets and some of the other chicken nuggets on the market. KFC’s nuggets have the signature crispy, craggy breading you know and love from its classic fried chicken, and they seem to be a similar size to Chick-fil-A’s nuggets. The Kentucky Fried Chicken Nuggets are slightly bigger than the discontinued popcorn chicken, but significantly smaller than the tenders.

KFC’s chicken nuggets will be joined on the menu by the returning Mac & Cheese Bowls. Starting April 3 for $5, you can order a Mac & Cheese Bowl that features the new nuggets, Cheddar mac and cheese, and a three-cheese blend for a limited time. The Mac & Cheese Bowls will also be available in a spicy version, which will revive the discontinued Nashville Hot sauce to top the bowl.

The addition of the nuggets brings even more good news for popcorn chicken fans—and more specifically, Famous Bowl fans. Previously, the Famous Bowl featured the popcorn chicken, so instead of discontinuing the beloved bowl, KFC will be using the nuggets in place of the popcorn chicken from now on.

We’re relieved that there’s still a bite-sized chicken option at KFC—and we can’t wait to see how this menu item stacks up in the constant fast food nugget wars.

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