Ranch Lovers, Listen Up: This Scoop's For You

This is one sweet-and-salty snack we never thought we'd like.

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Just when you thought ranch-flavored whipped cream was as wild as 2023 would get, along comes another ranch dressing dessert to steal the spotlight. Van Leeuwen is no stranger to unexpected and boundary-pushing ice cream flavors. The ice cream company has collaborated with Kraft on a Mac and Cheese Ice Cream and Grey Poupon on a Dijon Mustard Ice Cream. But its latest collaboration has left us speechless, yet again.

As a part of its spring lineup of seven new flavors, Van Leeuwen has put forth its most confounding combination yet: Hidden Valley® Ranch ice cream. We got a special sneak preview of that flavor and a few others from the Spring collection, but let's be real—you want to know what the heck this tastes like. Here are my thoughts.

Hidden Valley Ranch x Van Leeuwen Ice Cream

Courtesy of Hidden Valley Ranch x Van Leeuwen

What, Exactly, Does Ranch Ice Cream Taste Like?

The first flavor to hit your palate is garlic. Not so appealing in an ice cream, right? But then as it melts on your tongue the garlic becomes more subdued and gives way to a creamy, sweet base with a hint of tang from that classic buttermilk flavor in ranch dressing. The dill and herbal notes are not super strong, but I can't say I was mad about that. I wanted to hate it, but inexplicably went back for a second bite, and then a third.

Rachel Garrison, Associate Director at Hidden Valley® Ranch, shared a brilliant suggestion, "Top your scoops with crushed pretzels or potato chips for a perfect salty crunch.” I have to say, when combined with the pretzels, it really transformed. The sweet and salty mix was delicious, and the salty pretzels really emphasized the richness of Van Leeuwen's ice cream base.

In our office, we all agreed it (unsurprisingly) works well as a 'dip' of sorts for pretzels. I guess you can take the dressing out of ranch dressing, but it's still a dip at heart.

Where to Buy Ranch Ice Cream

Want to try it for yourself? The Hidden Valley® Ranch ice cream will be available exclusively at 3,500 Walmart stores nationwide, and retails for $4.98. This limited release will only be available March 20 through May 28 and is just one of seven new Spring flavors.

We got to taste two of the other Spring flavors, Carrot Cake and Limoncello Cake, and if those two are any indication, this collection is not to be missed. Full of moist chunks of cake in the brand's signature extra-creamy French-style ice cream, they were both absolutely delicious and bursting with bright springy flavor.

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