15 White Pizza Recipes

Grilled Chicken Alfredo Flatbread Pizzas
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While red sauce may be a classic choice, white pizzas make for equally delicious dinners thanks in part to their cheesy, creamy, and rich sauces. Without the acidity of tomato sauce, more subtle toppings like specialty cheeses, fresh herbs, and heirloom vegetables have a chance to shine. So whip up your sauce and roll out the dough. White pizzas are just what you need for a tasty dinner the whole family will love.

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White Pizza with Porcinis

White Pizza with Porcinis
Cookin Up a Storm

With a sweet honey dough to balance savory cheese and mildly nutty porcini mushrooms, this white pizza feels elevated and special despite being quite easy. Recipe creator DJFoodie says, "This recipe uses dried porcini mushrooms that have been rehydrated in warm water. If you can find fresh porcinis, also known as cepes and the great bolete, you should definitely use them!"

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Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Take your favorite pasta dish and transform it into a comforting pizza. The homemade yeast dough is slathered with a coating of garlic butter and homemade Alfredo sauce before getting topped with plenty of gooey cheese and shredded chicken.

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White Pizza with Broccoli

White Pizza with Broccoli on a white plate
Soup Loving Nicole

Earthy broccoli and tangy fresh tomatoes are the perfect contrast to the richness of ricotta and Parmesan cheeses on this white pizza. Some reviewers suggest substituting fresh onions in place of the powdered variety, adding a bolder taste to the whole dish and a nice crunch, too.

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White and Gold Pizza

White and Gold Pizza in a skillet

The secret ingredient to this rich white pizza is cream cheese, which when spread on the crust melts in beautifully with mozzarella and Romano cheeses. Topped with golden caramelized onions, it's sure to be a family favorite.

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Pizza with Ham, Asparagus, and Ricotta

Pizza with Ham, Asparagus, and Ricotta

Recipe creator Chef John came up with this unique white pizza at the request of fans looking for new pizza ideas. The sauce is a trifecta of ricotta cheese, olive oil, and plenty of herbs for a bold flavor and creamy texture. The toppings he suggests are asparagus and ham, but you could get creative with other vegetables and meat.

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Gourmet White Pizza

Gourmet White Pizza on a baking sheet
Erin Schroeder

Your basic Alfredo sauce base is spruced up with a dash of pesto, garlic, and Parmesan to create a decadent dish. The pizza is then loaded up with cheese, veggies, and chicken for a complete meal.

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Black and White Pizza

Close up of Black and White Pizza

The ingredients list for this fun pizza may sound odd, but the dozens of five-star reviews prove you shouldn't knock it until you've tried it. Each slice is loaded up with creamy white sauce, spicy jalapeños, hearty black beans, and smoky grilled chicken.

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Chicken Garlic Pizza

Chicken Garlic Pizza

"A delicious option for homemade pizza," describes recipe creator ksimone619. "Butter garlic sauce, chicken, tomato, and ricotta and Parmesan cheeses are baked together for a delightfully light pizza."

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White Pizza Sauce

White Pizza Sauce on mini pizzas
Derek Dawson

Sauce can make or break a pizza, and this recipe is perfect for creating a wow-worthy meal. Simply simmer this white sauce on the stovetop, then put it on a crust with your favorite toppings for a winning pizza.

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Deep Dish Alfredo Pizza

Deep Dish Alfredo Pizza on a white plate

Often relegated to tomato pizzas, this decadent spin on deep dish pizza is guaranteed to become a new favorite. Keep the recipe as is for a rich cheese pizza, or dress it up with fun reviewer-suggested toppings like sun-dried tomatoes or Italian sausage.

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Red, White, and Green Pizza

Red, White, and Green Pizza

Perfect for emulating the Italian flag, this green, red, and white pizza with tomatoes and spinach is packed with flavor thanks to a variety of ingredients. The base is ricotta cheese mixed with spinach, artichokes, and Parmesan. Then the whole pie is topped with cheese and fresh tomatoes before baking to perfection.

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Spinach Alfredo Pizza

Spinach Alfredo Pizza

Using an entire pack of frozen spinach, mushrooms, and artichoke hearts, you won't have to worry about getting your daily vegetables in with this pizza. "I froze the left overs and just grab a slice when I'm on the go and zap it in the microwave," says reviewer AKISSEL. "I will definitely make this one again!"

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Blackened Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Blackened Chicken Alfredo Pizza
Ashley Geist

Building this pizza recipe takes time, but it will be worth all the effort once you take that first bite. The homemade yeast dough is layered with a creamy Parmesan sauce, blackened chicken, crispy bacon, and mozzarella cheese.

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Pear and Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza

Pear and Gorgonzola Cheese Pizza

Sweet pears and tangy gorgonzola make the perfect pair on this unique pizza. Serve slices as an appetizer, or eat as a light dinner with a side salad. For an extra boost of flavor, we recommend a drizzle of thick balsamic glaze.

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Grilled Chicken Alfredo Pizza

Grilled Chicken Alfredo Flatbread Pizzas

Using pre-made pizza dough and jarred Alfredo sauce, this white pizza can be thrown together in a snap. You can have it on the dinner table in under half an hour.

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