Vegan Queso Recipes That Taste Like the Real Thing

Jacked-Up Vegan Queso in a bowl with chips
Photo: Buckwheat Queen

One of the biggest complaints from those contemplating a vegan or plant-based diet is, "I could never give up cheese." But with these handy queso recipes, you'll never be longing for a drizzle of creamy "cheese" again, whether it's served with chips for dipping, dolloped on enchiladas, or poured over a grain bowl. Made with healthy ingredients like cashews, nutritional yeast, bell peppers, and fresh salsa, you'll never guess that these tasty dip are dairy-free.

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Vegan Queso

Vegan Queso with chips and veggies
Brooke Mulford

Once soaked in hot waters, cashews become soft and creamy when put in a high-powdered blender with other ingredients. Here they make the base for this cheesy dip.

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Vegan Nacho Cheese

Vegan Nacho Cheese over chips
Kylee Melo RD

A whole red bell pepper adds the orange-y hue to this decadent dip. It doesn't get much simpler either, simply blend up the ingredients and heat over the stovetop until warm.

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Jacked-Up Vegan Queso

Jacked-Up Vegan Queso in a bowl with chips
Buckwheat Queen

Don't want to hassle with a blender? This super simple recipe just requires mixing and microwaving the ingredients, which has a decadently smooth result thanks to vegan Cheddar cheese shreds.

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The World's Best Vegan Melted Cheese

The World's Best Vegan Melted Cheese
Buckwheat Queen

Glutinous rice and chickpea flours make up the base for this unusual, yet delicious, vegan cheese sauce. The odd combo creates a dip that won't harden as it begins to cool, giving you plenty of time for dipping your favorite tortilla chips.

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Medium Cheddar Cheese Sauce (Live, Raw, and Vegan)

Vegan cheese in a bowl with chips
Buckwheat Queen

You'd never guess that this creamy dip is dairy-free and made from entirely raw ingredients. Cashews combine with a splash of lemon, chopped onion, nutritional yeast, and tamari for a boldly flavored recipe.

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Vegan Cheese Sauce

Vegan Cheese Sauce with chips and crackers

Using prepared salsa adds a distinct bright color and spicy flavor to this rich cheese sauce. "This recipe is really good and satisfies that queso craving," says SingFamMom.

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