Vegan Apple Desserts

Slice of apple pie on white plate
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Celebrate fall and apple season by baking up a delicious vegan apple treat. Using tangy or sweet apples, you can create decadent pies, wow-worthy crumbles, and even tender apple dumplings for enjoying during the autumn's cooler weather. So hit up the farmers' markets and fruit stands, you'll want a bushel of apples to have on hand for these irresistible plant-based apple desserts.

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Vegan Berry and Apple Crumble

Vegan Berry and Apple Crumble in a white dish

It doesn't get much easier than throwing together this simple yet irresistibly tasty crumble. Fresh apple slices combine with frozen mixed berries and vanilla before getting covered with a crunchy cinnamon streusel topping and baked to golden brown perfection.

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Vegan Apple Dumplings

Vegan Apple Dumplings
Chef Mo

Dumplings are an extra sweet way to end a meal, with everyone getting their own individual dessert. Using a dairy-free buttery dough, the cooked brown sugar-apple mixture is tucked inside and baked until just tender. Serve warm with a scoop of vegan-friendly vanilla ice cream.

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Vegan Apple Pie with Foam

Vegan Apple Pie with Foam on a blue plate

Don't let the word "foam" throw you off. This recipe utilizes aquafaba (the liquid from cooked chickpeas) to create an egg-free meringue atop this spiced apple pie. If using canned chickpeas, be sure to buy a no-salt-added variety to avoid an overly salty dessert.

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Vegan Skillet Apples

Vegan Skillet Apples
Buckwheat Queen

This recipe is proof that desserts don't have to be complicated to be delicious. Golden Delicious apples are cooked down with brown sugar, apricot jam, and spices to create a wow-worthy treat. Enjoy them as is, or spoon over dairy-free ice cream for an extra decadent dish.

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Vegan Apple Pie

Slice of apple pie on white plate
Buckwheat Queen

You can still enjoy classic apple pie, even if you're vegan. By swapping in vegan margarine and rice milk, it's easy to create a dairy-free delight that the whole family will love.

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Vegan Apple Brown Betty

Vegan Apple Brown Betty on a white plate

Sweetened cinnamon apples are the base for this rich brown betty dessert, covered with an irresistibly crunchy brown sugar topping. Best part? It's all ready in under an hour so you can satisfy your sweet tooth in no time.

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