The Top 10 TikTok Recipes of 2022

a top down, hyper close up view of crispy golden-brown parmesan crusted potatoes on a baking sheet.

Let's toast to another year of TikTok! Whether you love or love-to-hate the app, there's no denying its influence on the world, and especially the world of food. Viral recipes from TikTok were all over the internet and certainly all over Allrecipes. From crispy potatoes to crunchy cake and some seriously unexpected egg dishes, creators had fun with food in 2022 and the result was some delicious recipes. Here are the top ten recipes from TikTok that we think you should be cooking well into 2023 and beyond.

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Grinder Salad Sandwich

TikTok Grinder Salad Sandwich
Annie Campbell

We can't get behind all TikTok trends, but this one started by @gray spread like wildfire. Everything you love about a grinder (or sub, or hoagie sandwich, depending on where you live) is transformed into a chopped salad. Sandwich the salad right back between two slices of bread for an easier-to-eat version of your favorite Italian combo.

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Pizza Chips

Pepperoni-topped melted cheese crisps stacked in a round black bowl
Pepperoni Pizza Cheese Drip Chips. Chef John

Or, as Chef John calls them, "Pepperoni Pizza Cheese Drip Chips". Whatever you want to call them, these super crispy, salty snacks are endlessly crave-able and made with just three components: cheese, sauce, and pepperoni slices. Chef John's recipe calls for a blend of three cheeses to really emulate the taste of NY-style pizza.

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Baked Spaghetti (Million Dollar Spaghetti)

a white plate of baked spaghetti
Dotdash Meredith Food Studios

From cake to chicken, everyone loves a "Million Dollar" worthy recipe. This ultra comforting baked pasta combines spaghetti, ground beef, pasta sauce, and lots and lots of cheese. The best part of this recipe? No need to boil the pasta — it will cook at the casserole bakes. So, break out that 9x13 and make your family very, very happy.

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Smashed Cucumbers

close up view of a Smashed Cucumber Salad in a bowl and chopsticks in the background
Chef John

Variations of Asian-inspired cucumber salads were all over TikTok in the last year. From smashed to spiraled to shaved, people got creative with their cucumbers.

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Egg Boil

a top down view of a perfectly boiled egg, split open.
Sara Haas

2022 was undoubtedly a year where prices rose and cooks got thrifty. Whether that meant going back to Depression-era recipes like Wacky Cake or making smart, budget-friendly swaps. The latter is the case in this egg boil, where eggs take the place of the traditional (but pricey) seafood in a Southern-style spiced boil.

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Cowboy Caviar


Another budget-friendly crowd-pleaser, this "caviar" won't break your budget. Also known as "Texas Caviar," this bean-and-corn, salsa-inspired dip was all over the internet, especially TikTok this year. After influencer @brialem posted a video, the dip took off, just in time for summer potlucks and BBQs.

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Green Goddess Salad

a top down view of a bowl full of green goddess salad
Sara Haas

Although it was technically published in 2021, videos of creators trying this salad proliferated on TikTok throughout 2022. Baked by Melissa may be known for cupcakes, but their founder, Melissa Ben-Ishay, is all about the greens on the company's TikTok page. Her recipe for a blended green goddess dressing, poured over finely-shopped veggies and devoured with tortilla chips — scooped up like salsa — had everyone breaking out their blenders. If you never tried it but are craving something green after a holiday cookie-overload, this salad is just the ticket.

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Turkish Eggs (Çiblir)

The second egg dish on this list also draws from international inspiration. Eggs are a staple, so it's exciting to see them prepared in new ways, whether hard-boiled and grated on toast, or fried up in sauces like pesto and chili oil. These Turkish-style baked eggs surprised many people on TikTok, and even Chef John. In his own words, "I would never have thought to pair yogurt with poached eggs and spicy red pepper butter, but it might be my new favorite breakfast." It might just be yours, too.

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Parmesan-Roasted Potatoes

a top down, hyper close up view of crispy golden-brown parmesan crusted potatoes on a baking sheet.

From smashed to Hasselback to puffed, TikTok has a bit of an obsession with potatoes. Our favorite spud trends of the year, though, was undoubtedly these crispy, Parmesan-roasted potatoes. The recipe combines the savory, shattering crisp of cheese "frico" aka roasted Parmesan crisps, with tender garlic butter-roasted baby potatoes. What could be bad about that?!

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Crinkle Cake

Allrecipes Tiktok

When "We Tried It" host, Annie Campbell, saw this viral crinkle cake from @ramena on TikTok, she knew she had to try it. Inspired by a Middle Eastern dessert called Muakacha, it features layers of crinkled phyllo pastry dough baked with a simple custard and glazed with sugar syrup. The combination of textures and flavors won Annie's heart, and we know you'll love it too.

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