Our Top 10 Most Popular New Recipes in March

Strawberry Banana Bread with Nuts recipe in a loaf pan on a cooling rack.
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March is a month full of renewal and change that's reflected in the foods we choose to cook and share. As we move out of winter and into spring, we still crave the warmth of comfort food even while we look forward to the first fresh tastes of springtime. This month's crop of our most popular new recipes reflects that seasonal transition, as our Allrecipes community of home cooks clicked on and cooked up everything from an extra cheesy mac and cheese to a delectable banana nut bread stuffed with sweet strawberries. Scroll through to discover what other brand-new recipes rose to the top 10 this month, including a super easy chocolate dump cake, sheet pan fish tacos, creamy mushroom stew, and grilled pork chops with a spicy dry rub that'll wake you right up.

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Creamiest Mac and Cheese

Creamy mac and cheese with chicken and a salad on a white plate
Creamiest Mac and Cheese. Allrecipes

Allrecipes recipe creator NicoleMcmom shows you step by step how to make the creamiest, cheesiest mac & cheese. You'll learn how to quickly shred the cheese (pre-shredded won't give you the same results), how to make the roux, and how to melt the cheese into the sauce. A surprise block of cream cheese adds extra richness and a subtle tang, and Nicole shares her trick for layering the mac & cheese to make it even cheesier before she bakes it. You and your family are going to love this as a classic comfort food main dish or side dish that'll go with...everything.

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Chocolate Dump Cake


When you need a no-fuss, deeply chocolaty dessert in a hurry, this 5-ingredient chocolate cake is here to answer the call. Cake mix, pudding mix, milk, chocolate chips, and butter get layered into a 9x13 baking dish, and the oven does the rest. No mixing bowls, spoons, or spatulas to clean up. And it's ready in about 45 minutes. How easy is that!

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Grilled Pork Chops with Smoked Paprika Rub


Look at the delectable crust on these chops! All that deliciousness is due to the dry rub made with everyday ingredients you may already have in your spice collection: smoked paprika, kosher salt, black pepper, onion powder, granulated garlic, and cayenne pepper. Pat dry the pork chops, apply the rub, cover them up, and let all that deep flavor permeate the pork for at least eight hours in the fridge. A quick sizzle on a hot grill caramelizes the crust on these juicy, tasty pork chops. Be sure to let them rest for five minutes before serving them up.

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Banh Xeo (Vietnamese Crepes)

Turmeric-flavored crepes filled with shrimp and mung bean sprouts on a turquoise plate
Bahn Xeo. Allrecipes

"Bánh xéo (bahn SAY-oh) is a popular street snack in Vietnam," says recipe contributor foxyamf. "The name means "sizzling pancakes or crepes" and refers to the sound the batter makes when it hits the hot skillet." After you mix the batter, you'll prep the shrimp filling so it's all ready to go when you make the crepes. The whole thing takes only 20 minutes from start to finish, and the recipe includes versions you can make with pork, tofu, or mushrooms.

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Strawberry Banana Bread with Nuts


Just in time for strawberry season comes this banana-nut bread packed with bright, juicy strawberries. "I had some bananas that were overly ripe and some strawberries that were also on the ripe side. Since I was making banana-nut bread, I decided to add the strawberries to the batter. Perfect combination," says recipe creator and Allrecipes Allstar Yoly.

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Easy Creamy Mushroom Stew


Here's how to turn a half pound of mushrooms into a rich and creamy stew that can be served over rice or noodles in less than 30 minutes. You'll quickly sauté the mushrooms and garlic in butter, then add a bit of chicken broth to keep the mushrooms moist as they cook for a couple minutes more, then finish up with cream, paprika, salt, and pepper. Freshly minced herbs are optional, but add to the eye-appeal.

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Glazed Green Beans with Bacon


Allrecipes Allstar Yoly shares her recipe for fresh green beans steamed until tender and then finished in a sweet and savory sauce of crispy bacon, garlic, soy sauce, brandy, cream, and brown sugar. Because everything is better with bacon.

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Easy Sheet Pan Fish Tacos

Fish taco topped with cilantro slaw on a wooden cutting board
Easy Sheet Pan Fish Tacos with Cilantro Slaw. Allrecipes

Break out your sheet pan to make these super quick and easy fish tacos. NicoleMcmom shows you how to make a spicy rub for mahi mahi fillets (or you can substitute any white fish like tilapia) before baking them in the oven. While they're cooking, you'll toss together the coleslaw and mix up the creamy, spicy sauce that tops the tacos. Fill charred tortillas (flour or corn) with fish and slaw, drizzle with the cream sauce and serve with lime wedges to squeeze over the top. That's dinner done in about 30 minutes.

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Shrimp Scampi with Rice


Allrecipes Allstar Bibi shares this easy recipe for shrimp quickly cooked in a garlicy wine sauce enlivened with a squeeze of lemon, some red pepper flakes for a touch of heat, and fresh thyme and parsley for an herbal lift. Serve over steamed rice to soak up every bit of the delicious sauce, or Bibi says you could spoon it over crusty bread instead.

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Coffee and Irish Cream Bundt® Cake


We love a good Bundt cake, and this brand-new beauty caught the attention of the Allrecipes community this month. "One of my husband's favorite drink combos is Baileys and coffee, so I decided to make the dynamic duo into a cake. It's delicious when served with some lightly sweetened whipped cream," says recipe creator Kim. The mini chocolate chips are a hidden surprise you'll discover in every bite.

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