18 Favorite Recipes with Spicy Harissa Sauce

Lamb Merguez Sausage Patties
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A staple of North African and Middle Eastern cooking, harissa is a hot pepper sauce that's great on almost anything! Plus, it's made from healthy ingredients -- including olive oil, chile peppers, and garlic. You can find prepared harissa in grocery stores, but it's also easy to make homemade harissa. Add it to cooked veggies, baked fish, stews, grilled chicken, scrambled eggs, fried potatoes, and more. Here are some of our favorite recipes featuring harissa!

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Harissa Fried Halloumi Panini

looking at a harissa fried halloumi panini cut in half and stacked on top another
Allrecipes Magazine

"Upgrade your grilled cheese with Halloumi -- then add the heat with North African harissa," says Betty Soup. "You could also grill these on an indoor grill pan over medium heat."

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Sheet Pan Harissa Chicken Dinner

Looking down at a plate with a serving of sheet pan harissa chicken dinner
Allrecipes Magazine

"Spice up chicken dinners with a touch of harissa," says Juliana Hale. "The North African red pepper sauce adds depth and kick to this one-pan meal perfect for weeknights."

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Lamb Merguez Sausage Patties

Lamb Merguez Sausage Patties
Photo by Allrecipes Magazine.

"Make a double batch, and experience not only this amazing burger but also use it in/on a number of things," says Chef John. "It's wonderful in beans, frittatas, pastas, soups, and especially crumbled on pizza or flatbread."

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Grilled Lemon Yogurt Chicken

Grilled Lemon Yogurt Chicken
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"There is something special about what yogurt does to chicken in its smoky, sizzling time over charcoal," says Chef John. "It imparts a tangy flavor that lifts all the other flavorings. It tenderizes slightly, without turning the meat into mush. It grills to a caramelized dark brown without tasting burnt." Serve with the yogurt harissa sauce on the side!

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Salmon with Harissa

Salmon with Harissa
Photo by Tedi Canete Patterson.

"Fiery harissa and smoky paprika in a mayo base stand up to the distinctive flavor of mighty wild salmon," says Cazuela.

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Vegetarian Moroccan Harira

Vegetarian Moroccan Harira
Vegetarian Moroccan Harira

""Harira is a famous Moroccan soup, and here's a hearty vegetarian (and vegan!) version -- packed with tomatoes and chickpeas and flavored with paprika, turmeric, saffron, ginger, and harissa," says chouchou65.

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Saffron Couscous

looking at a pile of saffron couscous on a plate

A light side dish or a great lunch box salad. The addition of saffron makes it just interesting enough!" says toastyfrenchy.

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Spicy Tarragon Yogurt Chicken

Spicy Tarragon Yogurt Chicken
Photo by Sandra Bonel.

Harissa is a great flavor partner for tarragon, "one of the most aromatic and sweetest herbs that there is," says Chef John.

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Grilled Harissa Chicken Thighs

high angle looking at three grilled harissa chicken thighs with lemon
France C

"The harissa-honey glaze takes these juicy grilled chicken thighs over the top," says France C. "Since most harissa spice blends have salt already added, there is no need to add any additional, but feel free to adjust to your tastes. Garnish with minced fresh parsley."

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Harissa Aioli

low angle looking at a small serving of harissa aioli on a plate
Buckwheat Queen

This simple condiment combines a traditional Mediterranean aioli with harissa paste. "This recipe comes from the Northern region of Italy where they use a cooked egg and lemon-soaked egg yolks," says Buckwheat Queen. "This is delicious on just about anything. I like it with a frittata or oven-fried potatoes. It will last up to 4 or 5 days in the refrigerator."

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Harissa and Lemon-Pepper Wings

high angle looking at harissa and lemon-pepper wings with celery and carrots
Buckwheat Queen

"You don't need a bunch of ingredients to make out-of-this-world wings," says Buckwheat Queen. "A few flavor-packed ingredients will do! Tangy and woody lemon-pepper mixed with the complex, smoky spice of harissa will give your usual wings some extra lift."

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Moroccan-Style Lamb Shanks with Apricots

looking at a plate with a serving of Moroccan style lamb shanks with apricots

"This is a gorgeous, easy, and pretty quick version of lamb tagine I made on Valentine's Day," says moonpig. "For an authentic feel we ate it with our fingers -- it was a complete hit!"

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Harissa Hummus

high angle looking into a bowl of harissa hummus

"Need a last-minute dish for surprise guests or dinner at a friend's house? Using pre-cooked chickpeas means making hummus in no time," says Buckwheat Queen. "Adding harissa powder leaves out the need to add any other spices and gives the hummus a nice kick of spiciness. Serve with flatbread or vegetables for an appetizer or potluck hit. Best if hummus is left to sit to allow the flavors to meld, but it can be eaten immediately. Store in the refrigerator."

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Harissa Deviled Eggs

mid angle looking at a tray of harissa deviled eggs
Buckwheat Queen

"Deviled eggs take on a decidedly spicy flavor with the addition of harissa paste," says thedailygourmet. "Feel free to decorate them into pumpkins, eyeballs, or ghoulish faces for Halloween!"

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Coconut Quinoa with Harissa-Roasted Sweet Potatoes

looking down at a bowl of coconut quinoa with harissa-roasted sweet potatoes

"The coconut milk and sweet potatoes help tame the heat from the harissa in this flavorful meal," says Cally. "If you use low-sodium chicken broth, be sure to add a little salt to the quinoa while it's cooking."

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Roasted Potatoes with Harissa Butter

Roasted Potatoes with Harissa Butter
Roasted Potatoes with Harissa Butter | Photo by LauraF.

"Harissa is North African chile paste that definitely packs a punch. In this recipe, I mixed it with butter and tossed it with roasted potatoes for a quick, delicious side dish," says LauraF.

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Halloumi Three-Bean Salad with Pomegranate-Harissa Vinaigrette

mid angle looking at a bowl of halloumia three bean salad with pomegranate harissa vinaigrette
Buckwheat Queen

"Pan-fried halloumi, 3 types of beans, red onion, fresh coriander, and mint are tossed with homemade vinaigrette (featuring harissa sauce) for a unique salad your taste buds will love," says Buckwheat Queen.

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Moroccan Shrimp Stew

Moroccan Shrimp Stew

"Harissa adds the right amount of peppery smoke flavor that will have your taste buds dancing," says CookingWithShelia. "This Moroccan-inspired stew has a hearty tomato sauce base and is loaded with fresh garlic, onion, and red and green bell peppers. Garnish with fresh thyme if you like. Serve with jasmine rice and naan bread."

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