The Best Filipino Beef Recipes

Sinigang na Baka
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Filipino food, it's all the rage for a reason! We love the complex flavor combos -- the sour and savory, featuring vinegar, garlic, and soy sauce, among other flavorful ingredients. These are just some of our favorite Filipino dishes featuring beef in a starring role. Give these simple, flavorful homestyle recipes a try.

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Filipino Beef Giniling (Afritada Style)

looking down at a large skillet of Filipino beef giniling
Pamela Leyva

"One of my favorites!" says Pamela Leyva. "This dish is a Filipino dish, and it is usually eaten with white rice. It's a comfort food for me, and I love it. This is my own personal way of making this. It's pretty easy to make and does not take long at all."

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Caldereta (Filipino Beef and Chorizo Stew)

close up of a plate with a serving of caldereta on it with white rice
Beth Coronejo

Caldereta is a comforting beef stew loaded with chorizo, potatoes, and onions. "Every family in the Philippines has its own version," says steve2464. "Experiment with the ingredients and try different vegetables. Best served with white rice!"

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Filipino Beef Stir-Fry

Beef, bell pepper, and snow pea stir-fry in a green skillet
Beef Stir-Fry with Snow Peas. Allrecipes

"This is an easy Pinoy recipe if you don't have much time," says lola. "The beef can be sliced and marinated ahead of time making the meat even tastier. Eat the dish alone or serve with rice. Use a tender cut such as New York steak or prime rib."

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Sinigang na Baka

Sinigang na Baka
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A simple Filipino beef and vegetable soup starring a sour tamarind base. Served over rice, it's a meal in itself! "The soup has great flavor," says Faeli H. "I didn't use exactly the same vegetables (cabbage and kale instead of bok choy and green beans), but then the sinigang is versatile with vegetables."

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Corned Beef Hash (Abalos style)

looking down at a large bowl of corned beef hash

"Corned beef, potatoes, tomatoes, onions, and tons of garlic make this Filipino family recipe an excellent, quick and easy dish to serve over rice," says RINGONIAN.

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Filipino Beef Steak

close up of a plate of Filipino beef steak with sautéed red onions

"A tender cut of beef is sliced thin and marinated with lemon juice and soya sauce for at least an hour or longer," says lola. "This is a very easy recipe to make."

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Beef Asado

very close up of a pot of beef asado

"This Filipino dish is rich in flavor due to the slow cooking of the beef with onions, garlic, tomatoes, crushed peppercorns, olives, and bay leaves," says lola. "The beef can be cooked to tenderness a day before, so you can skim off the fat. Do not use pressure cooker for this dish. This is a very versatile dish. It can be served with rice, bread or boiled potatoes."

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Kare Kare Pata (Oxtail Stew)

high angle looking at a large stock pot of kare kare pata

"This dish is rich in flavor due to the slow cooking of the beef oxtail," says lola. "Oxtail can be cooked to tenderness a day before so you can skim off the fat making the dish more heart healthy. Using a pressure cooker will speed up cooking time, but will lose much of the flavor. Serve with rice and shrimp paste (bagoong)."

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