10 Texas Sheet Cake Recipes

closeup of a square of chocolate cake with a chocolate-walnut frosting on a plate
Photo: Bekah Miller

There's a reason Texas sheet cake is so universally loved. The cake itself is moist and rich, while the pecans and fudge icing add a nice bite with just the right amount of crispy sweetness. We've rounded up our best Texas sheet cake recipes, as well as a few riffs like Texas sheet cake cookies and white and lemon-zucchini Texas sheet cake variations. No matter who you share these Texas sheet cakes with, you're gonna make 'em happy.

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Gluten-Free Texas Sheet Cake

Gluten-Free Texas Sheet Cake
My Hot Southern Mess

All-purpose gluten-free baking flour helps make the classic dessert available for those on gluten-free diets, whatever the reason. Because everyone deserves Texas sheet cake.

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Texas Sheet Cake IV

texas sheet cake iv

This Texas sheet cake recipe utilized dark cocoa rather than unsweetened chocolate. "My husband loves chocolate cake and had never had this before," says reviewer Robin Shiflett. "He said it was the best cake he'd ever had and now has a new favorite!"

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Grandma's Chocolate Texas Sheet Cake

closeup of a square of chocolate cake with a chocolate-walnut frosting on a plate
Bekah Miller

"This is hands-down my all-time favorite cake! I fell in love making it after my grandmother shared the recipe with me," says creator Bekah Miller. "This cake is super quick, easy, and fun to make! Definitely recommend this for first time bakers and anyone else who would love to take a bite out of a delicious chocolate Texas sheet cake."

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Texas Sheet Cake V

Texas Sheet Cake piece being served

Reviewer foodaholic calls this recipe "a little slice of heaven! super easy for a whole lotta folks! it never fails that folks call this brownies. it's that rich in a way but much more decadent and frankly, I can eat more of this than brownies any day of the week!"

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Texas Sheet Cake Cookies

texas sheet cake cookies

"This is the cookie version of the fudgy, chocolaty goodness that is a Texas sheet cake," says creator Kim. "Make sure to frost these cookies while both the cookies, and the frosting, are still warm--because this frosting sets up quickly! Feel free to top these with either chopped walnuts or pecans, if desired. Store in airtight containers."

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Texas Sheet Cake I

texas sheet cake i
Paula Todora (Paula T)

"This was the first time I had ever made Texas Sheet Cake and it was easy and a HIT! Stays moist and is a favorite by many," says reviewer NOTTINGGATE. "Will definitely keep using this recipe!"

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White Texas Sheet Cake

White Texas Sheet Cake

"I. LOVE. THIS. CAKE," says reviewer KatOnAHotPC. "I've always made the chocolate version of Texas sheet cakes and like others had no CLUE there was a white version, but Diane, YOU my new little friend are just the BEST!"

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Texas Sheet Cake II

Texas Sheet Cake II

"This is THE Texas sheet cake recipe! Exactly the same as the one I got from my Mom," says reviewer chellebelle. "It always turns out so moist and delicious. (And yes, sweet!)." Reviewers recommend using a jelly roll pan to give this cake its trademark thinness.

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Lemon-Zucchini Texas Sheet Cake

lemon-zucchini texas sheet cake
Tanya Johnson

Can a Texas sheet cake really be if it isn't chocolate? It sure can, and it'll be just as adored as the classic variety. This lemon-zucchini variation is a fantastic way to use your garden's zucchini bounty in the summer, but for year-round baking, you'll find zucchini easy enough to find.

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Texas Sheet Cake VI

texas sheet cake vi

"Couldn't find the recipe I've used for years for a texas sheet cake - I'm glad cause this is waaaay better than the one I had! Very moist (the sour cream?) and I thought a great texture. Used new dark chocolate cocoa and instant coffee crystals in hot water - easy, easy, easy. Took to a big pot luck; lot of chocolate things and this was the only one that disappeared, despite being the largest pan." - suz

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