15 Tahini Dessert Recipes

Tahini Brownies

Tahini is a thick paste made from roasted sesame seeds. It's not just for making hummus — it works equally well in sweet desserts. Tahini adds a deliciously rich, nutty flavor to cookies, cakes, and brownies. Its smooth, velvety texture allows it to easily blend into chocolate pudding and frozen desserts. Try it in these tahini dessert recipes, whether you want to feed your tahini obsession or try something new!

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Chocolate Tahini Pudding

Tahini is so smooth and velvety that it's easily incorporated into chocolate pudding. If you're a big fan of tahini — drizzle a little extra on top of this chilled dessert, and add a sprinkling of toasted black and white sesame seeds on top.

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Tahini-Chocolate Chip Cookies

Don't be afraid to double this recipe for tahini chocolate cookies. The extra dough will freeze well and you'll be able to whip up a batch in no time for unexpected guests (or sudden cravings!). If you decide to bake them all at once — store in an airtight container for up to five days, or freeze after baking for up to three months.

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Blackberry-Tahini Ice Pops

A tablespoon of creamy tahini helps to bind the ingredients in these fruity popsicles, making them freeze more easily. Try using ripe blueberries or bananas, or a combination of both. You can use any type of nut milk you prefer.

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Tahini Honey Oatmeal Cookies

A five-star review by Adrienne says: "These cookies were excellent. I was trying to use up some tahini and found this recipe, but what I didn't expect is how similar they were in terms of richness to a peanut butter cookie. My son has a peanut allergy so this is such a great find for us."

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Pumpkin Tahini Cheesecake

Tahini features in both the crust and the topping for this rich, Middle Eastern-inspired cheesecake. The natural sweetness of baked pumpkin would make a gorgeous garnish for this dessert; top with pumpkin seeds and shards of dark chocolate for an extra special occasion.

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Chocolate-Tahini Ice Pops

Use a food processor or blender to combine avocado, tahini, soy milk, and chocolate syrup together to make these vegan frozen treats. For added crunch, garnish the ice pops with sesame seeds or chopped toasted hazelnuts just before serving.

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No-Butter Tahini Cookies

Oats, dark chocolate chips, honey, tahini, sunflower seeds, vanilla extract, and sea salt are combined to create these cute cookies. To bake or not to bake — that's up to you!

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Apple Halva Loaf Cake

Halva is a fudge-like confection made with tahini that has a deliciously nutty flavor. Recipe contributor LauraF loves to use it in desserts and has adapted an apple cake recipe that features halva, plus plenty of tahini for good measure!

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Sesame Cookies

If you are new to using tahini in baking, this chewy cookie recipe is a great place to start. Before they are baked, roll cookies in a mixture of sugar and sesame seeds, or garnish with black sesame seeds for a prettier look.

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Tahini Brownies

Tahini Brownies

Make a big batch of these simply scrumptious chocolate and tahini marbled brownies so you can freeze some for later. Brownies have the best texture when they are ever so slightly under-baked; remove from the oven when your tester is almost clean, then cool completely before slicing into squares.

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Vegan Tahini Cookies

Vegan Tahini Cookies
Vegan Tahini Cookies. Diana Moutsopoulos

You can use tahini as you would use any type of nut butter in cookies. If you've never tried it, you are in for a treat with these dairy-free and egg-free tahini cookies. They have no refined sugars to boot! Recipe contributor Diana suggests that you can use honey instead of grape molasses, but note that the flavor will change slightly and the cookies will not be strictly vegan.

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Cypriot Tahini Pies with Orange Flavor

A sweet filling flavored with tahini, sesame seeds, cinnamon, and lots of orange zest is simply irresistible in these traditional pastries from Cyprus, called tahinopites.

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Almond and Strawberry Tahini Ice Cream

The combination of coconut milk and tahini make a great substitute for dairy in this vegan ice cream. Serve immediately as soft-serve ice cream garnished with additional strawberries and toasted sesame seeds.

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Chocolate Cake Batter Hummus

"Dessert hummus is a thing, and it is absolutely decadent without all the guilt!" says recipe contributor and Allrecipes Allstar France C. Scatter toasted sesame seeds on top as a finishing touch, and serve with whole strawberries and pretzels for a unique sweet treat.

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Chocolate Tahini Spread

Chocolate Tahini Spread
Diana Moutsopoulos

This homemade chocolate tahini spread is a healthier answer to Nutella and can be used for anything from a crepe filling to an ice cream sundae topping. But you'll have to stop yourself from eating spoonfuls straight out of the jar, first!

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Tahini Mint Chocolate Shake
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