Share the Love With This "Sweet on You" Valentine's Day Idea

heart shaped cake decorated with pink candy sprinkles for valentine's day
Photo: Kim Cornelison

You might be housebound this Valentine's Day, but you can still share the love from a distance. Make a party of rolling homemade truffles and baking treats with your family or housemates. Then send the sweet results to friends, family, and neighbors. We have recipes and ideas for sharable treats as well as a chocolate martini to reward yourselves for your labor of love.

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Valentine Strawberries

fresh strawberries dipped in pink and white chocolate and decorated with candy sprinkles for Valentine's Day
Kim Cornelison

Candy melts add pretty color to this Valentine's Day mainstay.

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Strawberry Heart Bark

dark and white chocolate swirled candy bark with freeze dried strawberries
Kim Cornelison

This Valentine's Day twist on chocolate bark is an easy activity to get kids involved in the kitchen. We sprinkled with freeze-dried strawberries, but you can use candy sprinkles and conversation hearts, too.

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Twilight Dark Chocolate Truffles

three homemade Twilight Dark Chocolate Truffles on a pink glass plate
Kim Cornelison

These rich, ceamy truffles can be dipped and rolled in a variety of ingredients and decorated to your heart's desire.

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Pretty Packaging

homemade chocolate truffles packaged in macaron boxes lined with pink tissue paper for Valentine's Day gifts
Kim Cornelison

Line macaron boxes with parchment and tissue paper. Nestle in truffles (or other treats). Add a lid and tie it up with a bow for a sweet gift.

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Easy Heart-Shaped Cake

heart-shaped cake decorated with pink frosting and pink candy sprinkles for Valentine's Day
Kim Cornelison

This heart-shaped cake combines Ann McGavin Stout's Homemade Vanilla Cake recipe and QueenCook's Easy Valentine's Day Cake frosting recipe. The result is a supremely tasty, no-fail heart cake.

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Easy Chocolate Martinis for Two

chocolate martinis and homemade truffles for valentine's day
Kim Cornelison

Toast your love with this recipe made just for two. Creamy and chocolatey, it's a post-dinner drink and dessert in one.

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