15 Super Bowl® Finger Food Ideas

A cheese ball shaped like a football on a platter with crackers
Photo: Gabby Vernon-Melzer

Nothing says "game day" quite like a table teeming with finger foods. Enjoy your next Super Bowl® get-together with classic football favorites like stuffed potato skins, buffalo wings, and sliders. Best part? Since all you'll need are napkins and plates, there are no utensils to worry about washing!

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Slider-Style Mini Burgers

Slider-Style Mini Burgers
Chef Mo

Part burger, part patty melt, in this simple slider recipe the beefy filling and buns are all baked together to create a decadent dish. "Love it! An easy and unique way to prepare sliders," says reviewer RyanJ.

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Restaurant-Style Potato Skins

Potato skins with cheese and scallions on top
House of Aqua

Recreate your favorite sports bar snack at home with this classic potato skins recipe. The skins are first fried, then loaded up with bacon, cheese, and sour cream.

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Sausage Stuffed Jalapeños

Sausage Stuffed Jalapenos
Jooyoung Lee

Spice up your Super Bowl® spread with this recipe for stuffed peppers. The Parmesan can easily be substituted with other cheese varieties, like pepper jack and Cheddar, according to reviewers.

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Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs

Bacon Cheddar Deviled Eggs
Allrecipes Magazine

Say goodbye to basic deviled eggs and instead introduce yourself to this jazzed up recipe. Finely shredded Cheddar cheese and crumbled bacon make bold additions to the filling. Reviewer Laurie L. says, "I made these once for a party and now everyone wants me to bring them every time!"

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Chicken Nachos

Chicken Nachos

It doesn't get much easier than these chicken nachos. Tortilla chips are loaded up with cheese, green chilies, and cayenne-seasoned chicken for a burst of flavor. To make things even simpler, you can use a rotisserie chicken and just coat it with the spices.

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The Best Sweet and Sour Meatballs

The Best Sweet and Sour Meatballs
Allrecipes Magazine

A little sweet, a little tangy, your guests won't be able to resist these marvelous meatballs. Serve with skewers or toothpicks to make them an easy finger food.

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Football Cheese Ball

A cheese ball shaped like a football on a platter with crackers
Gabby Vernon-Melzer

Need an impressive centerpiece for your Super Bowl® snack table? Then whip up this football-shaped cheese ball. Flavored with taco seasoning, it's perfect paired with tortilla chips or crackers.

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Party Pinwheels

Party Pinwheels
Allrecipes Magazine

Bright in both color and flavor, these pinwheels are a great vegetarian option that everyone is sure to love. Use tomato and spinach tortillas to create an eye-catching dish.

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Baked Buffalo Wings

baked buffalo wings with celery and dip

Get all the flavor of your favorite buffalo wings without the hassle of frying. "I have always baked my buffalo wings, but this is the first time I've dredged them in flour prior to baking them," says reviewer alyssa78. "The wings were crispy and juicy on the inside."

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Seven Layer Taco Dip

Seven Layer Taco Dip

Craving tacos to eat while you watch touchdowns? Make this tasty dip instead and keep it handy for scooping. "This is fabulous! I made it last year for the Super Bowl, and it was devoured!" says gbstang11. "I was asked to make it again this year, and again, completely devoured! This is a keeper for sure."

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Brown Sugar Smokies

Brown Sugar Smokies in a bowl

Three ingredients are all you need for these delightful little bites. "I made these for a Super Bowl party," says Frank Barnett. "They were a great hit. They take some time to make, but they were worth it. I also used the Bacon Wrapped Brown Sugar Smokies Dipping Sauce. Winning combination."

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Mini Philly Cheesesteaks

Mini Philly Cheesesteaks on a white plate
Mini Philly Cheesesteaks on a white plate. Chef John

Take all your favorite cheesesteak fillings and use them to top these bite-size toasts. Recipe creator Chef John says, "Miniaturized sandwiches don't usually float my boat, or submarine, as they're almost always not as good as the full-sized versions, but these mini Philly cheesesteaks really captured everything I love about the classic."

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Baked Sweet Potato Skins

Baked Sweet Potato Skins
Beanie VanBuskirk

Sweet and spicy, these baked spuds are a twist on the classic potato skins. "This is a slight variation on the classic game day loaded sweet potato skins," says recipe creator fouab. "This is one of my original recipes, and a favorite for big games in the fall and winter."

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Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip
Mackenzie Schieck

Cheesy, spicy, and creamy, this dip has all the taste of buffalo wings drizzled with ranch. Serve with your favorite crackers and celery sticks.

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Garlic and Parmesan Chicken Wings

Garlic and Parmesan Chicken Wings
Jocelyn Aguda Luis

If you want to take a detour from spicy wings, try this Italian-inspired recipe instead. "The trick to keeping these oven-baked chicken wings crispy is parboiling the wings in a flavorful liquid, which helps season the chicken and produce a surface texture in the oven that your guests will swear came straight out of a deep fryer," says Chef John.

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