15 Thirst-Quenching Summer Punch Recipes

grenadine sherbet punch in glass handled jar in
Photo: Buckwheat Queen

Nothing says summer quite like a bowl of refreshing punch garnished with fruit slices or scoops of brightly colored sherbet. There are endless flavor variations — from a classic cucumber-lemon pairing to a creamy, Southern coffee punch. In short, there's a recipe here that will satisfy you and fight the heat on long, summer days. Try one of our family-friendly summer punches and dive into the most delicious drinks of the season.

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Tea Punch

Tea Punch in a glass dispenser

"This has been a favourite recipe for my family for years," says reviewer HELSUK. You can also add torn leaves of fresh mint to this summer punch to make it even more refreshing.

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Cranberry Punch

Iced cranberry punch with mint and lime wedge
The Gruntled Gourmand

Enjoy an ice cold cup of this lusciously tangy punch whenever you need a cool-down. Fresh mint tops it all off with a big, cooling burst.

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Cucumber Punch

cucumber and lemon punch in a glass

Dive into this crisp drink that has summer written all over it. Thinly sliced lemon and cucumber float in a sweet, mellow white grape lemonade.

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Easy Raspberry Lemonade

Easy Raspberry Lemonade
Photo by Allrecipes Magazine.

Bring a summer punch that's bright, tart, and fruit-filled to your next gathering. This easy, top-rated drink is perfect for pleasing a large crowd.

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Southern Coffee Punch

244920 Southern Coffee Punch
Esther Loveall Saunders

Instant coffee is combined with vanilla and chocolate ice cream for a cold, silky treat. Stay up all night with the rich flavor of this caffeine-infused dessert punch.

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Sparkling Peachy Punch

230421 Sparkling Peachy Punch

This four-ingredient peach punch is a certified winner on hot summer days. The frozen raspberries are optional, but add a fun, succulent pop of color and flavor.

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Almond Punch

portrait shot almond punch

Try a ginger ale-based beverage that gets a delicious lift from lemon juice and almond extract. Chill well and enjoy every golden sip of this summer punch.

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Luau Punch

20552 Luau Punch

Transport yourself to the the tropics with every sweet, fizzy serving of this orange-pineapple mashup. Freeze overnight, then for thaw two hours before drinking.

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Fruit Punch

fruit punch in dispenser

"There is something about punch that just makes special occasions seem more...well special!" says Dottie. "I served this for a bridal shower last weekend along with sodas. Everyone kept coming back for the punch."

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Easy Raspberry Punch

portrait shot raspberry slushy in plastic cup with striped straw
House of Aqua

Combine sherbet, lemon-lime soda, and fruit punch to create this frothy favorite. Garnish with fresh berries for a special touch.

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Margarita Punch

Margarita Punch
MrsFisher0729. MrsFisher0729

Whip up a cooling, non-alcoholic version of your favorite summer drink in just five minutes. Blend until slushy and share the citrusy goodness.

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June-Bug Punch

grenadine sherbet punch in glass handled jar in
Buckwheat Queen

Shake up your summer routine with a blend of orange juice, sherbet, ginger ale, and grenadine. Simple to make and even simpler to enjoy.

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Banana Punch

banana punch on tropical patterned paper

A fun, slushy option for showers, birthdays, or the standard afternoon. Soak up the vibrant flavor of this banana-based punch for a true taste of summer.

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Party Punch VI

party punch with floating sherbet balls

Need a reliable punch but pinched for time? This top-rated recipe requires just three ingredients and comes together in 15 minutes.

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Sugar-Free Mojito Punch

Sugar-Free Mojito Punch

There's no alcohol needed for this mint and lime fusion. Serve punch ice cold and crush ice to keeps things smooth.

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