10 St. Patrick's Day Cheesecake Recipes

slice of matcha cheesecake with raspberry and orchid
Photo: Elis Hackmann Pereira

You'd be hard-pressed to find an occasion that wouldn't be improved with a rich, creamy, smooth cheesecake — and that includes St. Patrick's Day. Whether you're looking for a vibrant green dessert that tastes as good as it looks or a delicious way to put that bottle of Irish cream to good use, you'll find a crowd-pleasing new favorite in this collection of our very best St. Patrick's Day cheesecakes.

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Irish Cream Cheesecake

Irish Cream Cheesecake
Deb C

Here's a fancy St. Patrick's Day cheesecake that'll impress everyone at your table. This Irish cream dessert has a velvety smooth texture and rich, boozy flavor. A 2-ingredient sour cream topping adds a touch of tanginess, while shaved chocolate makes the perfect garnish.

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Grasshopper Cheesecake

Grasshopper Cheesecake

This St. Patrick's Day cheesecake has "the classic chocolate-mint profile," according to culinary producer Marianne Williams. "Super creamy and luscious. Doesn't feel too heavy and has a nice and natural (not neon green) hue."

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Minty Mini Cheesecake Bites

minty mini cheesecake bites
Kim's Cooking Now

These bite-sized St. Patrick's Day cheesecakes start with a package of Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies. Throw in a few drops of green food coloring for a festive touch.

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Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake

irish cream chocolate cheesecake topped with chocolate shavings

This decadent Irish cream cheesecake is perfect for all your St. Patrick's Day celebrations. "I make this cheesecake often. It's absolutely wonderful," raves reviewer SQUIRKIE.

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White Chocolate and Matcha Cheesecake Tart

slice of matcha cheesecake with raspberry and orchid
Elis Hackmann Pereira

Matcha adds earthy flavor and beautiful green color to this rich cheesecake. A 3-ingredient white chocolate glaze is the perfect finishing touch.

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Green Tea Cheesecake

Green Tea Cheesecake
Photo by nat.

You need just six ingredients to make this gorgeous green cheesecake: fat-free cream cheese, eggs, white sugar, green tea powder (matcha), vanilla extract, and a prepared graham cracker pie crust.

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Key Lime Cheesecake I

close up of key lime cheesecake garnished with slices of fresh key limes

If you like Key lime pie, you'll love this citrus-packed cheesecake — and its pale green hue will complement your St. Patrick's Day decor. Reviewer KELLYSKI suggests adding coconut flakes to the graham cracker crust for an extra burst of flavor.

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St. Patrick's Chocolate and Mint Cheesecake Bars

St. Patrick's Chocolate & Mint Cheesecake Bars

These minty St. Patrick's Day cheesecake bars, which start with a box of chocolate cake mix, are easy to make and impossible to resist.

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Guinness and Chocolate Cheesecake

Guinness and Chocolate Cheesecake

Irish stout beer (such as Guinness) gives this St. Patrick's Day cheesecake rich, complex flavor that everyone at your party is sure to love. Recipe creator M. Wassenaar says it's "quite smooth and very rich."

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Avocado Lime Cheesecake

Avocado Lime Cheesecake
Melissa Goff

Looking for a uniquely delicious St. Patrick's Day cheesecake? Your search ends here. A 5-ingredient filling (made with heavy whipping cream, avocados, sugar, cream cheese, and lime juice) is easy to throw together and pairs perfectly with a prepared graham cracker crust.

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