15 Sensational Recipes for Your Springform Pan

Instant Pot® Lasagna
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Looking for delicious new ways to use your springform pan? We've got you covered with a range of springform pan recipes that go beyond traditional cheesecake. From savory dishes like spaghetti pie and bacon-chorizo dressing to creamy citrus desserts, your two-part pan can make unexpected magic in the kitchen. Browse our collection of scrumptious recipes that make the most of your springform pan.

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Instant Pot Lasagna

Rich, saucy lasagna tastes even better in pie form. This recipe layers seasoned ground beef, fresh spinach, and soft goat cheese for a lusciously savory bite of Italian-inspired flavor.

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Classic Tiramisu

This creamy classic has hundreds of 5-star reviews from our community of home cooks. Sweet mascarpone cheese, ladyfingers, and coffee-flavored liqueur combine for a creamy bite of heaven in this springform dessert recipe.

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Butter Brickle Frozen Delight

Enjoy a cold, sticky-sweet slice of caramel and cream cheese pie with a uniquely delicious oat crumble. "Just as dreamy as it looks!" raves reviewer Ollie P. "My mom made this for my birthday, and let me tell you, she really knocked it out of the park. It's just the right amount of rich and luxurious."

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Air Fryer Bacon-Chorizo Tater Tot Dressing

Use a seven-inch springform pan or other air fryer-safe container to cook up this wonderfully spicy and hearty dressing. Every bite is loaded with crisp, smoky flavor that you're sure to love.

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Tart Lemon Triangles

Lemon-lovers will fall head over heels for this citrusy tart. A velvety blend of lemon juice, zest, and butter delivers big, bright flavor. Allow the dessert to fully cool before dusting it with a delicate sprinkling of confectioner's sugar.

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Irish Cream Chocolate Cheesecake

You've never had cheesecake quite like this. A buttery cookie crust is layered with cream cheese, Irish liqueur, and cocoa powder for a decadent dessert course. Use your springform pan to make chocolatey magic with this top-rated recipe.

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Spaghetti Pie

All of your favorite flavors from traditional spaghetti get the pie treatment in this enticing recipe. Dig into an irresistible blend of garlicky beef, Parmesan cheese, and chopped bell peppers that bakes up beautifully in just one hour.

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Sweet Bread Strata

You'll want to make this easily customizable breakfast casserole again and again. Hawaiian sweet rolls, diced bacon, and Swiss cheese combine for a mouthwatering result that everyone at the table will love.

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No Bake Lime Mousse Torte

Looking for an impressive no-bake dessert that's as beautiful as it is delicious? We've got the answer in this cloudlike citrus tart. "The gingersnap cookies and the creaminess that the white chocolate brings are what makes it stand out," says home cook Tatum.

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Blueberry Upside-Down Cake

Bite into a fluffy butter cake dotted with fresh blueberries and slivered almonds for the perfect potluck treat. Reviewers rave about the sweet, delicate texture and the touch of lemon that brightens every slice.

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Easy Quiche

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This homemade ham and cheese quiche is sure to be a big hit at brunch. Add in veggies you have on hand for a healthy boost to this simple but seriously delicious springform-friendly recipe.

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Strawberry Buttermilk Cake


Yoly's sweet and tangy strawberry cake can be baked to perfection in a skillet or springform pan. Diced fruit, buttermilk, and a kiss of vanilla combine for a down-home dessert that never disappoints.

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Savory Summer Cheesecake


Cream cheese, fresh herbs, diced vegetables, and Parmigiano-Reggiano are baked in a savory cracker crust for a luxuriously creamy taste of the season. Bake until the exterior is golden-brown and chill before serving.

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Peach Jam Coffee Cake

"Coffee cake gets a double hit of peach flavor from using both jam and fresh fruit, says recipe creator Kim. "For best results, use a good-quality peach jam (preferably homemade, if you have it). Make sure to cool this cake completely before slicing."

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Peanutty Ice Cream Pie

Ice cream pie swirled with flaked coconut, chocolate candies, and chopped peanuts is the perfect ending to any meal. This no-bake dessert will make use of your springform pan and add decadent sweetness to your day.

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