12 Savory Grapefruit Recipes to Try During Citrus Season

Thai-Style Grapefruit and Prawn
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Tangy grapefruit is often used to add fresh flavor to sweet desserts and cocktails, but it's an excellent addition to your favorite savory dishes (from salads to steaks). Whether you're looking for a fun appetizer that will please any crowd, a tart side dish idea for citrus lovers, or a satisfying dinner that's full of fruity flavor, you're sure to find a new favorite in this collection of our best savory grapefruit recipes.

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Grapefruit Chicken

Believe it or not, you can make this impressive dinner with just four ingredients: a whole chicken, a halved grapefruit, olive oil, and seasoned salt.

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Jennifer's Fennel and Grapefruit Summer Salad

"Fresh and citrusy salad of fennel, red onions, hearts of palm, grapefruit, and gorgonzola tossed in a grapefruit vinaigrette - perfect and refreshing for the warm weather," says recipe creator jkoltov.

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Thai-Style Grapefruit and Prawns

Here's a restaurant-worthy appetizer that's full of sweet and savory flavor. Grapefruit lends fruitiness, while a red chile pepper turns up the heat.

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Thai Shrimp, Chicken, Grapefruit, and Coconut Salad

This impressive savory grapefruit, shrimp, and chicken salad (which is inspired by a dish served at the Bellagio, according to recipe creator NUKA1) comes together in just half an hour.

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Caribbean Chicken

"Chicken breast is coated in a delicately spiced, and slightly sweet breading, then baked with grapefruit juice and nectarine," recipe creator KS says of this sweet and savory grapefruit-infused dinner.

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Cuban-Style Mojo Shrimp

Shrimp is marinated in lime, orange, grapefruit, and lemon juices with garlic, oregano, red pepper flakes, and cumin. Serve the cooked shrimp with white rice or a side of grilled mixed veggies, suggests recipe creator and Allrecipes Allstar Bibi.

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Citrus-Ginger Flat Iron Steak

A sweet and savory grapefruit, lime, and lemon marinade means this flat iron steak is perfect for citrus lovers. "It was delicious," raves reviewer Marissa Kel. "The flavors were very subtle and not over powering."

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Citrus-Ginger Roasted Beets and Carrots

Beets and carrots are marinated in a lemon-grapefruit juice mixture with soy sauce and ginger, then roasted to crispy perfection.

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Benji's Pork Chops with Grapefruit Relish

Juicy pork chops pair perfectly with a citrus relish in this savory grapefruit-packed dinner. Crushed red pepper flakes add welcome heat.

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Seared Scallops with Grapefruit-Fennel Salad

A fresh grapefruit-fennel-spinach salad is tossed in a mustardy shallot vinaigrette and topped with seared scallops. This simple dish comes together in just 20 minutes, so it's the perfect last-minute meal for company.

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Quinoa Salad with Grapefruit, Avocado, and Arugula

This hearty quinoa salad features a sweet and savory combination of grapefruit, avocados, and arugula. A spicy dressing is the perfect finishing touch.

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Avocado and Grapefruit Salad with Mint-Dill Vinaigrette

"This is a beautiful salad to eat and in presentation," recipe creator and Allrecipes Allstar Buckwheat Queen says of this sweet, tangy, and savory grapefruit salad. "The flavors just burst in your mouth. Hibiscus salt gives it a tangy dimension that is unbeatable."

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