12 Tasty Salmon Pasta Recipes Worth Adding to Your Dinner Rotation

salmon pasta in a creamy sauce on a white plate
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Salmon pasta recipes are highly versatile— they can be creamy, smoky, lemony, or herbal, and can be adjusted to appeal to anyone's taste. Go in a decadent direction and whip up a salmon and artichoke Alfredo sauce or keep it light with a Mediterranean pasta salad. Whether you're using wild-caught filets or the canned stuff, we've got a delicious salmon pasta recipe that will work for your busy schedule.

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Seaside Pasta With Vegetables

seafood and veggie bowtie pasta
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A wholesome blend of salmon fillets, broccoli, feta, and fresh dill that comes together in under 30 minutes. Make this light, beautifully seasoned pasta and please the whole family's palate.

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Baked Salmon with Lemony Orzo and Basil-Bacon Peas

Baked Salmon with Lemony Orzo and Basil-Bacon Peas

Herb-coated salmon are placed on beds of tart, buttery orzo and smoky peas for a texturally balanced meal. Fresh basil lends a brightness that's hard to beat.

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Smoked Salmon and Artichoke in Alfredo Sauce

smoked salmon pasta in bowl
Amanda Houle

Pure salmon pasta decadence. Parmesan cheese, whipping cream, and red pepper flakes combine with fish for a zesty, creamy pasta sauce. Onions, artichoke, and white wine round things out with a super savory presence.

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Salmon Pomodoro

Salmon Pasta Pomodoro

"Great last minute recipe," says candice. "I used canned salmon as it's all I had. I was having one of those 'what am I making for dinner?' moments." A simple but significant pasta recipe that's filling, flavorful, and healthy.

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Red Pepper Salmon Pasta

closeup red pepper salmon pasta

Heat-lovers will flock to this angel hair pasta dish that incorporates minced jalapenos, cilantro, and red bell peppers. The peppers are pureed, reduced over high heat, and spooned over the baked salmon and pasta.

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Salmon Pasta with Dill

salmon pasta salad with dill

A delightfully tangy pasta salad with all the aromatics. Great for making ahead, this protein-packed dish is choice for picnics or potlucks. Dill, lemon, and white wine vinegar give this pasta knockout flavor.

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Mediterranean Salmon Pasta Salad

mediterranean salmon pasta salad in white bowl
Kim's Cooking Now

"This quick and easy pasta salad features mezze penne pasta, tomatoes, cucumbers, shallot, salmon, and a lemon-pepper-dill vinaigrette," says creator Kim's Cooking Now. "You can use leftover salmon if you like, but those new handy pouches of salmon are great to have on hand in the pantry for salads like this!"

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Creamy Smoked Salmon Pasta

salmon pasta in a creamy sauce on a white plate
chibi chef

Tender, smoked salmon is tossed in a sauce made of Romano cheese, mushrooms, and peas for a velvety finish. "When we were living in Alaska we used this recipe all the time with our smoked salmon," says fightpilotswife. "I did double the peas (we all love them) and used fresh mushrooms instead. All in all a great recipe!"

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Leslie's Random Acts of Kindness Casserole

salmon pasta casserole
Leslie Kelly

Brightly colored, smoked wild salmon combines with heavy cream and fusili in this satisfying seafood pasta bake. A lemony breadcrumb topping is added before baking the casserole until bubbly.

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Stuffed Pasta Wheels

salmon stuffed pasta wheels
Chef John

Chef John's salmon-stuffed pasta wheels are as attractive as they are delicious. Roll out your own homemade pasta wheels and fill them with canned salmon, spinach, and Parmesan cheese for a rich, cozy meal.

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Creamy Salmon and Leek Pasta

salmon and leek pasta
William Roche

Dive into a complex, buttery plate of goodness with creamy salmon in every bite. Dijon mustard and creme fraiche give this dish a tangy spice that pairs perfectly with the sweetness of leeks.

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Cashew Salmon with Apricot Couscous

salmon with couscous and crushed cashew

This grilled salmon is dressed up with scallions, cumin, fresh ginger, and dried apricots for an explosion of flavor. Add whole-wheat couscous to the mix and you have a healthy, tantalizing meal with a one-of-a-kind taste.

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