8 Romanesco Recipes for When Broccoli Gets Boring

romanesco with red pepper flakes in bowl
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If you're not familiar with Romanesco — also called Romanesco broccoli, fractal broccoli, or Romanesco cauliflower — this eye-catching cruciferous is considered a hybrid between broccoli and cauliflower. Romanesco can be used as a substitute for broccoli or cauliflower, but it does have its own distinct flavor that's a bit nutty and less bitter than its cruciferous cousins. And its unique shape, when cut straight down the middle, resembles a Christmas tree. Here are our best Romanesco recipes that let this vegetable shine.

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Roasted Romanesco

Roasted Romanesco

Roasting brings out Romanesco's earthy, nutty flavor. Reviewer Josephine Roeper says, "So much better than broccoli. I will buy Romanesco more often now!"

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Crema di Cavolo Romanesco (Romanesco Broccoli Soup)

romanesco soup with breadcrumb topping
Buckwheat Queen

You'll need an immersion blender (or you can use a food processor) to make this velvety, Romanesco and potato puree. Serve as-is or with grilled shrimp to make it a meal, as recipe creator LuiginaMattioli suggests.

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Romanesco Sauté à l'Ail et au Persil (Romanesco Cauliflower with Garlic and Parsley)

romanesco with red pepper flakes in bowl
Buckwheat Queen

Romanesco's slightly sweet, nutty taste is put on display in simple form: First it's blanched, then it's pan-fried with butter, garlic, and parsley.

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Roasted Roman-Style Romanesco

roasted romanesco with red pepper flakes and breadcrumbs on plate
Chef John

"Because of this vegetable's bizarre and unusual appearance, this is the kind of thing people pass over in the market, mostly because they're confused by it and don't know what to do with it, but this recipe shows exactly what to do with it," says Chef John. "If you do what I do, you'll be enjoying one of the most delicious vegetables you'll ever have." Serve Chef John's roasted Romanesco with garlic aioli on the side for dipping.

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Spring Vegetable Tart

Spring Vegetable Tart
Chef John

Impress your guests with this centerpiece-worthy tart that features Romanesco, asparagus, carrots, sugar snap peas, mixed salad greens, watermelon radish, cherry tomatoes, and fresh dill.

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Quiche au Chou Romanesco (Romanesco and Mushroom Quiche)

quiche with mushroom and romanesco
Buckwheat Queen

The mildly sweet and nutty flavor of Romanesco is the perfect pairing for mushrooms, oregano, and Swiss cheese in this quiche.

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Italian Romanesco Cauliflower Salad

Italian Romanesco Cauliflower Salad
Buckwheat Queen

"This is a traditional salad from Naples, known as Insalata di Rinforzo, which is typically served at Christmas time," says recipe creator linacavezza. "It's lovely and colorful as it uses cauliflower, lime green Romanesco and dark green broccoli and is jazzed up with olives and red pickled peppers."

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Romanesco with Crispy Panko

romanesco with cheese and breadcrumbs in dish

In this gratin-like dish, Romanesco florets are boiled, topped with panko breadcrumbs and Parmesan, and baked until golden brown and bubbly.

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