14 Recipes to Make With Medjool Dates

plate of bacon wrapped dates
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Medjool dates are the best dates. They're larger, softer, chewier, and have a richer flavor than ordinary dates, and they're higher in calcium and fiber. True, you'll end up paying a little more for medjool dates, but they're worth it. Naturally sweet, medjool dates make a great addition to baked goods, especially if you're looking to reduce your added sugar intake. However, medjool dates aren't just for breads; they're also great as hors d'oeuvres, especially when they're stuffed with cheese or wrapped in bacon. Scroll through and check out our favorite recipes using medjool dates, from appetizers to ultra-moist cakes.

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Date Nut Loaf Cake

date nut loaf cake cut into slices
Denise Hoyte

Pitted medjool dates give this simple loaf cake a natural sweetness that perfectly complements the vanilla extract, chopped walnuts, and warm brown sugar sauce. It's so lovely you might just eat it straight out of the oven.

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Date Haroset

Date Haroset

"I made this last year to bring to my rabbi's seder and have actually made it twice since Pesach," says community member JLW331. "This is absolutely sinful! SO yum! A few tips in the interest of keeping it kosher for Passover: First use kosher for Passover wine. Anything made with grapes are very particular when it comes to the kosher certification and of course Passover comes with its own set of extra rules. Check your hescher!"

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Coconut Date Bars

Energy Bars
Coconut Date Bars | Photo by Kim.

Why buy raw food bars when you can easily make them right at home? These energy-providing snacks are a good source of protein and flavor, and since they don't require refrigeration you can take them anywhere.

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Grandma's Date-Nut Bread

loaf of homemade date-nut bread
Kim's Cooking Now

This nostalgic quick bread tastes just like the one mom used to make. It's dense, moist, and perfectly flavored, and it makes a great breakfast, snack, or dessert.

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Matrimonial Date Squares


"Date squares are a tradition at our house as well but I usually follow my mom's recipe," says Allrecipes Allstar Bren. "I saw this recipe and just had to try it and I'm so glad that I did. This will be my go to recipe from now on. The orange really elevates these squares to a new level of deliciousness. The only change that I made was to sprinkle about 1 tablespoon of raw sugar over the top layer before baking."

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Paleo Almond Date Cookies

Katy Freund

High-protein, organic, paleo, and delicious? Yes, it is possible, and these cookies are proof. They get their sweetness from medjool dates, maple syrup, and dried cherries, and you can easily omit the syrup for a no added sugar version. Plus, they fit Whole30 requirements and don't have a single rating under four stars.

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Stuffed Dates

cheese and walnut stuffed dates
Jennifer Baker

This 4-ingredient appetizer has been beloved for decades, and it's easy to see why. The cream cheese, walnuts, and sweet medjool dates help level the Gorgonzola's intensity out, and the no-fuss combination of ingredients is inherently snackable.

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Banana Date Bars


If you've got overripe bananas but don't want to make banana bread, try out these banana date bars instead. The tart lemon icing complements the sweetness from the cake, and the dates and almonds allow for a more complex texture.

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English Walnut Date Cake

Brandy Snap Baskets

"I experimented with this cake having had one of a similar name at a wedding," says community member BGILDAY. "This was different but wow was it great! I took it to work and everyone wanted the recipe."

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Date Brownies

Date Brownies

This dessert recipe goes back generations; specifically, it's creator Mrs.Humphreed's great-grandmother's recipe. It's delicious enough to remain a signature treat now, and best of all, it's easy and comes together in just under an hour. No wonder it's stuck around for so long.

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Bacon and Date Appetizer

plate of bacon wrapped dates

Even date haters can be converted when you stuff the fruit with almonds and wrap them in bacon. This three-ingredient appetizer is a snap to make and combines tastes and textures that work well together: sticky, sweet dates, chewy, salty bacon, and crunchy almonds.

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Frosted Orange Date Bars


Old-fashioned date bars get a contemporary twist when you mix orange zest into the batter and top them with delightfully tangy orange cream cheese frosting. The touch of citrus takes this easy, classic treat from good to great with only a little more involvement.

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Gramma's Date Squares


"Just when I thought this recipe couldn't get any better, I made it with really fresh medjool dates instead of the dry store bought ones I normally use," says community member SILLYSARAHC123. "It was absolutely incredible!! If you can use the fresh medjool dates, I highly recommend it!"

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Date Cake


This date cake stands out from others thanks to its broiled topping made from a mixture of butter, cream, brown sugar, and chopped walnuts. Pouring the topping over the cake and broiling for a few minutes adds a degree of crunch and sweetness that doesn't overwhelm the palate. The finished product is an ultra-moist cake with a streusel-like mixture on top.

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