20 Mouthwatering Recipes Made With Two-Ingredient Dough

Two-Ingredient Dough Garlic Knots
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It really doesn't get any easier than a dough made with two ingredients. Especially when those two ingredients are ones you probably already have in your kitchen: self-rising flour and Greek yogurt. For all of these recipes, you'll make the same basic dough to start, then you can dress it up by making bagels, calzones, cinnamon rolls, pizza, pretzels, and more. A helpful tip before you start cooking, after the dough is combined, let it rest for about 15 minutes to really activate the baking powder in the flour and create a soft dough. Scroll through to find the easiest recipes that all start with two-ingredient dough. Try out these recipes and join our Two-Ingredient Dough Challenge alongside the Allrecipes Allstars by rating and reviewing them.

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Two-Ingredient Air Fryer Bagels


Get your air fryer preheated for this super simple bagel recipe. These bagels can be made plain, or you can dress them up with everything bagel seasoning, poppy seeds, onion flakes, or cinnamon sugar.

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Two-Ingredient Dough Bread Bowls for Soup


Bread bowls are the perfect edible vessel for your soup. Not only do they make a great bowl — and one you don't have to clean at that — but they're also delicious. If you want, you can top the bread bowl with a sprinkle of everything bagel seasoning for extra flavor.

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Everything Breadsticks with Two-Ingredient Dough


Want some breadsticks to serve with your dinner? Try these everything bagel-seasoned breadsticks that are ready in a snap.

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Air Fryer Calzones

top-down view of four calzones made with 2-ingredient dough
Air Fryer Calzones. fabeveryday

Whether as a snack or for a weeknight meal, these calzones are the perfect quick and easy bite to satisfy your craving. This recipe makes a calzone stuffed with pizza sauce, mozzarella cheese, and pepperoni, but you can really add whatever filling your heart desires.

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Two Ingredient Dough Cinnamon Rolls

cinnamon rolls in baking pan
Annie Campbell

We all know that cinnamon rolls are better when they're homemade. While these cinnamon rolls are just as easy as the canned version, they will wow everyone who takes a bite thanks to their homemade flavor.

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Berry Cobbler with Two-Ingredient Dough

Berry Cobbler with Two-Ingredient Dough
Berry Cobbler with Two-Ingredient Dough. Kim

This crave-worthy dessert starts with the two-ingredient dough that's molded into biscuit-like shapes. Pop that dough over the berries and when you pull it out of the oven you'll have a tasty cobbler over berry compote.

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Two-Ingredient Dough Teriyaki Chicken Flatbreads

Two-Ingredient Dough Teriyaki Chicken Flatbreads
Two-Ingredient Dough Teriyaki Chicken Flatbreads. lutzflcat

This teriyaki chicken flatbread is so easy to make and yet delicious enough that you could serve it at a dinner party.

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Two-Ingredient Dough Garlic Knots


Skip the takeout garlic knots and try this incredibly easy recipe instead. Just add a few spices to your two-ingredient dough and voilà, you're ready to serve.

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Two-Ingredient Dough Breadsticks

Annie Campbell

These soft garlic-Parmesan breadsticks rival your favorite Italian restaurant. And they're on the table in just 30 minutes!

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Two-Ingredient Naan

2 Ingredient Naan

When you're in a time crunch, this naan recipe works brilliantly for serving alongside your favorite Indian dishes.

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Two-Ingredient Dough Pigs in a Blanket


In need of a super simple party appetizer? Look no further than these pigs in a blanket. They're sure to be a hit — especially with the kiddos.

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Two-Ingredient Dough Soft Pretzels

soft pretzels
Annie Campbell

Who needs a trip to the mall for a pretzel when you can make these two-ingredient dough pretzels at home? You can coat these pretzels with salt, as the recipe calls for, or try cinnamon sugar or everything bagel seasoning to mix things up.

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Two-Ingredient Pizza Dough

a top down view of a simple pizza dough topped with marinara, olives, and fresh basil.

Making your own pizza has never been easier with this recipe. Simply make your dough base, and top it with whatever toppings you're craving.

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Two-Ingredient Dough Air Fryer Donuts

Two-Ingredient Dough Donuts

Do you want a sweet morning treat? Try these air fryer donuts that are coated with a simple two-ingredient glaze. You can't beat these donuts served with a cup of coffee.

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Two-Ingredient Dough Pizza Pinwheels


These easy pizza pinwheels make for a great appetizer. Simply make your dough, stuff it with your favorite pizza toppings, roll it up, bake, and enjoy.

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2-Ingredient Dough Bagels

2-Ingredient Dough Bagels
2-Ingredient Dough Bagels. Annie Campbell

Get your cream cheese ready for these light and fluffy bagels. You can top them with everything bagel seasoning or whatever other toppings you like to create your favorite bakery-like bagel.

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Two-Ingredient Dough Air Fryer Pretzel Bites


We promise you won't be able to eat just one of these air fryer pretzel bites. But that's ok because you can just as easily whip up another batch in a jiff!

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Two-Ingredient Dough Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Glaze

Two-Ingredient Dough Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Glaze
Two-Ingredient Dough Cinnamon Rolls with Vanilla Glaze. Bibi

Beef up your cinnamon rolls by adding pecans to the cinnamon-sugar mixture. Then top them with a simple, yet delicious, vanilla glaze.

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Air Fryer 2-Ingredient Dough Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets


You'll never go back to store-bought Hot Pockets again. These cheesy ham-stuffed hot pockets are incredibly easy to make in just over 30 minutes thanks to the air fryer.

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2-Ingredient Dough Air Fryer Blueberry Bagels


Add some sweet flavors to your morning bagel. These blueberry-packed bagels are delicious served with butter or your favorite cream cheese.

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