5 Ways to Make Ranger Cookies

Ranger Joe Cookies on a red plate
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Ranger cookies, a nostalgic classic, are most famous for their texture: Ever so slightly crispy on the outside, while being tender and cake-like on the inside. Each cookie is packed with add-ins like rice cereal, corn flakes, oats, flaked coconut, and more. Serve up a plateful of ranger cookies with a few glasses of milk, or even some cups of black coffee to balance out the sweetness.

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Mom's Ranger Cookies

Mom's Ranger Cookies on a baking sheet

This generationally shared recipe makes the perfect soft, yet chewy, cookie. Corn flakes are the cereal of choice, adding a mild crunch and sweet flavor.

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Ranger Cookies III

Ranger Cookies on a cooling rack

While made with the traditional oats and flaked coconut, these ranger cookies have a little something extra with chopped walnuts and chewy raisins throughout. "This recipe is so yummy! I have made it a couple of times, both times adding chocolate chips and white chocolate chips," shares TBLONKE.

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Ranger Cookies II

Ranger cookies on a red plate
Rochelle Guerra

The trifecta of wheat flake cereal, oats, and coconut make these classic cookies. "This is a good and hearty, thick and chewy cookie, substantial and packed with flavor and texture," says reviewer naples34102. "The cereal/oat flavor is not bashful at all, making this a distinctly "cereal" flavored cookie."

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Ranger Joe Cookies

Ranger Joe Cookies on a red plate

Rich and creamy peanut butter brings plenty of flavor and a chewy texture to this recipe. Plain rice cereal adds a distinctive crunch, but if you want even more sweetness swap in cocoa-flavored rice cereal instead.

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Ranger Cookies I

Ranger Cookies on a silver plate

Studded with flaky coconut, tender oats, and crispy cereal, you'll have a hard time just eating one of these ranger cookies. Reviewer Randi Johnsen even won an award baking these, "I was looking for a ranger cookie recipe to enter in [the] LA Country Fair, well I used this one and I took 3rd place."

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