12 Birthday Cakes for Every Quarantine Mood

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multi-layered funfetti ice cream decorated with cotton candy flaircake with
Photo: Ashley Baron Rodriguez

Birthday parties may be canceled during quarantine, but birthday cakes can not, will not, shall not ever be canceled. And here are a few other quarantine birthday rules we feel everyone should be aware of: You get to stay the same age as you were in 2019, you can choose to celebrate your birthday any dang day you want to this year (maybe you have three birthdays this year — we'll allow it!), and calories do not exist on your birthday in 2020 — for reals. And most importantly, whatever your mood is on your birthday, you should embrace it...through your birthday cake. Read on to find the perfect birthday cake to match your mood(s) this year.

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Mood: It's my dang birthday, gimme more

Rainbow Pinata Cake
Sally's Baking Addiction

This recipe for Rainbow Pinata Cake is for all those who simply will not settle for a slice of mere birthday cake. No, you require edible confetti and prizes to spill from a multi-colored, multi-layered center. Nothing with less flair will do!

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Mood: Extreme chocolate cravings

multi-layer Extreme Chocolate Cake with chocolate curls and shards on a white platter

It's your birthday. In the middle of a freakin' pandemic. So you're gonna eat. The chocolate. Cake. And it's going to be extra chocolate-y. And you'll share if you feel like it. Happy day to you!

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Mood: I can't remember stuff and I'm okay with that

slice of yellow cake with chocolate frosting and candy sprinkles

This recipe for One-Two-Three-Four Cake is perfect if you can't actually remember how old your kid is turning. Or how many cocktails you've had since noon. One? Two? Three? Four??! Who can say. And also, who can blame you — "quarantine brain" is real, folks. Have some birthday cake.

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Mood: Don't wanna think about anything but unicorns

slice of chocolate cake decorated as a unicorn

Okay, unicorns and cake. But, that's it. We get it — you don't want to hear anything about anything else, and this recipe will oblige. This finished cake will serve up a circle of sweet unicorn faces staring back at you, so you can have your cake and live in a fantasy world, too.

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Mood: I need a project

side view of classic tiramisu dessert

Need some kitchen therapy? This classic tiramisu recipe takes five hours — just what you need to make an afternoon of it and focus quarantine birthday blues into creating something delicious. Also, there's booze in it, so that's fun.

To take on this baking project, you're going to need a 9-inch springform pan (like this best-seller from Amazon) to hold the tiramisu and its signature border of ladyfinger cookies.

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Mood: I'll never be done playing video games

cake decorated as minecraft video game

That's okay — it's your birthday, after all! This Minecraft Cake recipe will bring the video game to the birthday cake for a delicious compromise.

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Mood: Happy-happy, joy-joy

slice of citrus rainbow cake with orange, yellow, and green layers and orange frosting

Even quarantine can't get you down — it's your gosh darn birthday and you're going to eat a rainbow cake! And maybe even do a little dance. (The dance is TBD and will mostly depend on how many slices of birthday cake you eat.)

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Mood: Cake is just a vehicle for icing

big swirl of chocolate frosting in a bowl

If you're thinking frosting, frosting, and more frosting for your birthday, this is the recipe for you. I mean, yeah, throw some cake in there just for the heck of it, but we love the idea of a "cake optional" birthday treat.

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Mood: Heyy-eyyy!

multi-layered funfetti ice cream decorated with cotton candy flaircake with
Ashley Baron Rodriguez

There is no such thing as too much of a good thing on a quarantine birthday. You want ALL the good things: cake, funfetti, Champs — and you'll take it all wrapped up in cake form, please. Keep those slices of Champagne Funfetti Ice Cream Cake comin'.

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Mood: Dark — extra-dark

triple layer chocolate cake with chocolate buttercream and dark chocolate drizzle

Every once in a while you gotta really get into it, right? Cut yourself an extra big slice of this super-duper dark chocolate cake, and just go there — be one with the cake.

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Mood: Bumming, but open to some dark humor

slice of crumbly chocolate cake with powdered sugar sprinkled over the top
Melissa Goff

We have got you! This recipe is called Sad Cake, and while that's super on the nose, it's not even the thing we love the most about it. It gets it's "sadness" because of how it falls during baking, making it moist, chewy, and sweet — sounds like a cookie and a cake! Really not so sad after all, we think.

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Mood: I believe in magic

chocolate cake with pudding layer and powdered sugar over the top

Indulge in the power of chocolate and magical thinking. This Chocolate Magic Cake is sure to transport you to a sparkly place where you can make all your worries disappear.

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