The Most Popular Super Bowl Dips in Each State According to Google

As Super Bowl Sunday is drawing near, it's never too early to start thinking about your watch party spread. After all, what's game day without a boatload of festive dishes? When it comes to choosing your apps and snacks, you truly can't go wrong with a hot or cold dip. They're typically very quick and easy to make—especially because most hot dips can be prepared in the slow cooker. We've found the most popular dips that each U.S. state likes to serve during the Super Bowl, according to Google—and to our surprise (and maybe yours), they're not all Buffalo chicken dip. So, scroll through to find out where your state falls in the great dip debate.

looking down at a casserole dish of creamy cheesy spinach dip with a side of sliced toasted bread
Photo: Dotdash Meredith Food Studios
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Alabama: Pepper Jelly Cheese Dip

All you need for this two-ingredient dip is pepper jelly and softened cream cheese. Serve the creamy, spicy spread on crackers or toasted bread.

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Alaska: Cream Cheese Dip

This easy dip is a cheese lovers' dream—just combine cream cheese, sour cream, and Cheddar for a versatile dip you can spread on anything and everything.

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Arizona: Pepperoni Pizza Dip

Whether you only add pepperoni or go all out with bell peppers and olives, this warm pizza dip is sure to be a crowd favorite. Serve with French bread for a delicious take on the nostalgic cafeteria French bread pizza.

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Arkansas: Puff Pastry Spinach Dip

Close up view of spinach dip in a bowl, with bread cubes and crackers on the side
Charlie Brown

Instead of using a bread bowl to house this spinach dip, bake up your puff pastry for dipping. Or, take it one step further, and stuff the puff pastry with the dip before baking.

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California: Bean Dip

close up view of Hot Bean Dip served in a glass baking dish, with tortilla chips in a container in the back

"This hot bean dip with cream cheese and refried beans is so good—it's easy to make and always a hit! I make it for my big game watch party each year and it's always gone before halftime," says recipe creator J Van Liere.

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Colorado: Buffalo Chicken Dip

a bowl of Buffalo Chicken Dip on a platter with crudite and chips
Mackenzie Schieck

Not every state loves Buffalo chicken dip the most, but a lot of them do (how couldn't you). This slow cooker version is the most popular Buffalo chicken dip recipe on our site with over 4,000 5-star reviews.

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Connecticut: Taco Dip

Taco Dip I
Photo by Tricia Winterle Jaeger.

The best part about this recipe is that you can make it ahead of time. Just create your sour cream and cream cheese layer first, then add the cheese and veggies when you get to the party so the lettuce stays crisp.

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Delaware: Sausage Dip

This cheesy sausage dip is the perfect amount of hearty thanks to the ground pork sausage, diced tomatoes, and green chiles. Reviewers say you can also use the Mexican-style Velveeta cheese for a bit of a spicy kick.

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Florida: 7-Layer Dip

Layers and layers of delicious goodness—this dip starts with refried beans, then cheese, ground beef, sour cream, guacamole, salsa, more cheese, and veggies. You can use what you have on hand, but reviewers like black olives, tomatoes, onions, and lettuce.

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Georgia: Dessert Dip

There are dozens of dessert dips on our site, but you can't go wrong with this chocolate cheesecake dip. Serve it alongside graham crackers or fruit for dipping.

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Hawaii: Buffalo Chicken Dip

The secret to Chef John's Baked Buffalo Chicken Dip is the blue cheese dressing instead of ranch and the Old Bay seasoning. Give it a try and you'll understand why it's a top-rated recipe.

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Idaho: Spinach Dip

looking down at a casserole dish of creamy cheesy spinach dip with a side of sliced toasted bread

"This hot spinach dip doesn't contain mayo or sour cream like most, so it's very cheesy and very delicious. I get asked for the recipe every time I make it," says recipe creator missbriannacarline. "I like adding the Cheddar because it adds color and a little more flavor."

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Illinois: Chili Cheese Dip

With just three ingredients and 10 minutes, it's nearly impossible to pass up making this dip. This recipe calls for canned chili without beans, but if you'd like a heartier dip, you can use chili with beans.

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Indiana: Buffalo Chicken Dip

No canned chicken here! Recipe creator Nicolemcmom cooks her chicken breasts fresh before shredding them for her tangy Buffalo chicken dip.

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Iowa: Chili Cheese Dip

Warm Chili Cheese Dip

"If you've ever had queso dip at Chili's, this is pretty much it. This has been my go-to Fritos dip for many years," says review lucylove. "I sub fresh salsa for the picante or make the picante from scratch. It can be made in the microwave or on the stovetop, too, and it's all good."

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Kansas: Buffalo Chicken Dip

close up view of Cheesy Buffalo Chicken Dip in a baking dish with a spoon, served with carrots and celery

Sneak some veggies into your game day snacks by adding finely diced celery to your Buffalo chicken dip. No one will even know and you'll feel good knowing you're giving everyone an extra helping of vegetables.

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Kentucky: Artichoke Dip

It doesn't get much easier than this three-ingredient artichoke dip. Just combine mayo, artichoke hearts, and Parmesan cheese in a baking dish, then bake until warm and bubbly.

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Louisiana: Jalapeño Popper Dip

Spicy food fans won't be able to resist this cheesy, bacon- and jalapeño-filled dip. Recipe creator countrygirl says you can omit the buttery cracker crust if you want—but leaving it will add a richer flavor.

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Maine: Queso Dip

close up view of Queso Dip garnished with tomatoes and green onions in a blue bowl, served with tortilla chips
Chef John

Looking to achieve restaurant-style queso? Then try Chef John's Queso Dip. It's a nice balance of cheesy and spicy flavor and has a silky texture that coats your chip perfectly.

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Maryland: Hoagie Dip

hoagie dip

Hoagie dip is exactly what you'd find in the viral grinder salad. It's packed with salami, ham, cheese, lettuce, and mayo and served with pieces of bread for the best-deconstructed sub experience.

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Massachusetts: Buffalo Chicken Dip

"This delicious Buffalo chicken dip can be prepped, cooked, and served in your crockpot or slow cooker! Cook the raw chicken breasts, shred them with a hand mixer, then add the rest of the ingredients, and voilà: this yummy dip is ready four hours later," says Allrecipes Allstar Yoly.

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Michigan: Jalapeño Popper Dip

top-down view of a glass baking dish of cheesy-looking dip
Chad Clutes

Whether you like your dip with a bit of a kick or more on the mild side, this jalapeño popper dip is perfect. It's creamy and cheesy which balances the jalapeños' heat—and you can seed your jalapeños completely so they're not as spicy.

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Minnesota: Taco Dip

Seven Layer Taco Dip

"Can you really go wrong with serving this? I have never had a complaint about this, unless it was to say there wasn't enough of it! I leave the veggies off until right before it's time to serve," says review Cook and a half.

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Mississippi: Spinach Dip

If you prefer cold dips, this one is for you. This dip has all the bold, creamy flavors of a spinach dip, but comes together in no time at all because you don't have to bake it.

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Missouri: Taco Dip

You really can't go wrong with taco dip—especially this one that's layered with refried beans, sour cream, salsa, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, black olives, and cheese. Some reviewers like to add a layer of guacamole for extra flavor.

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Montana: No-Bake Peanut Butter Dip

This fruit dip is perfect for those who like sweet and savory flavors together. The four-ingredient recipe combines peanut butter, brown sugar, cream cheese, and milk for a dip that's delicious on fruit, graham crackers, or pretzels.

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Nebraska: Blue Cheese Dip

"A guaranteed winner every time; always a big hit. It's even better the next day; just resist the temptation to finish off the leftovers yourself all at once. Just as good with veggies as it is with crackers," says home cook Kathy.

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Nevada: Buffalo Chicken Dip

Grab a rotisserie chicken for this easy Buffalo chicken dip—it'll save you so much prep time. Allrecipes Allstar Bibi recommends serving this dip alongside extra hot sauce, so your partygoers can adjust the spice level if needed.

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New Hampshire: Chicken Enchilada Dip

chicken enchilada dip

All the creamy, cheesy, slightly spicy aspects you love about chicken enchiladas all (un)wrapped into a hot dip. Serve this hearty dip with tortilla chips or toasted bread—either way, it won't last long.

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New Jersey: Spinach Dip

This baked dip is loaded with flavors from the spinach, peppers, artichoke hearts, Parmesan, sour cream, and heavy cream. If you like your spinach dip to be extra creamy, reviewers recommend adding more cheese and heavy cream.

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New Mexico: Skillet Dip

Only three ingredients are required to make this cheesy, sausage-packed dip. You can adjust the spice level by using different diced tomatoes and Italian sausage flavors.

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New York: Spinach Artichoke Dip

overhead view of hot artichoke and spinach dip served in a bowl with a side of tortilla chips

"This spinach artichoke dip is delicious. It's so cheesy and fragrant. If you don't like artichokes, don't worry—you'll never know they're in there! My only question is: Is it okay to eat it with a spoon right out of the dish," says recipe creator TIFFANY BRENNAN.

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North Carolina: Sausage Dip

Grab your slow cooker for this incredibly simple three-ingredient sausage dip. "I forgot how sinfully good this is. I prepped this the day before Super Bowl," says reviewer Linda. "I used leftovers on top of fried potatoes and he had some on top of his burger. You can't go wrong with this dip."

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North Dakota: Queso Dip

Mexican White Cheese Dip/Sauce

This stove-top queso comes together in 15 minutes and tastes just as delicious as your favorite restaurant's white queso. Add as much or as little cayenne powder as you want to adjust the heat.

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Ohio: Nacho Dip

high angle looking at a place of tortilla chips, topped with chicken nacho dip
dotdash meredith food studios

"Just great! Everyone loved it at the Super Bowl Party I was hosting! Instead of the mixed tomatoes with green chili peppers, I just used a can of diced tomatoes, drained along with some pickled jalapenos, chopped. YUM," says home cook JaneJaneX.

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Oklahoma: Cranberry Jalapeño Dip

This cream cheese, jalapeño, and cranberry dip takes your taste buds through multiple levels of flavors. It's creamy, tangy, sweet, and just a little bit spicy—making it the perfect combo for everyone at your party.

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Oregon: Queso Dip

close up view of Chorizo Queso Dip garnished with peppers in a bowl, served with tortilla chips in a basket

This may look like your classic Ro-Tel queso, but there are two things that set this recipe apart: the cream cheese and chorizo. "Best party dip ever! Quadrupled this recipe for a recent party and it was completely gone in no time," says reviewer azjohn15. " I make this EXACTLY as written and would never change a thing."

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Pennsylvania: Buffalo Chicken Dip

It's hard to resist the flavor and ease of this five-ingredient Buffalo chicken dip recipe. Just throw everything together in your 9x13-inch dish, then bake until hot and bubbly.

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Rhode Island: Buffalo Chicken Dip

"I'd give this recipe 8 stars if I could, probably more. It is soooo good, I've memorized it. We usually end up cooking chicken breasts in a crockpot for some [other] recipe, and save one for this recipe," says reviewer udolikeme2.

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South Carolina: Buffalo Chicken Dip

"This Instant Pot Buffalo chicken dip is easy to make if all you have is frozen chicken breasts. They cook with broth in a pressure cooker for just 30 minutes, are shredded, and then combined with cream cheese, Sriracha, ranch dressing, chile-garlic sauce, and cheese for a tasty Buffalo dip," says Allrecipes Allstar bdweld.

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South Dakota: Pickle Dip

Calling all pickle fans, you have to try this dip that's flavored with chopped dill pickles, pickle juice, and fresh dill. Serve with crackers, potato chips, bread, or even as a topping for your Super Bowl sliders.

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Tennessee: Buffalo Chicken Dip

Buffalo Chicken Dip with Sour Cream

No cream cheese? No problem. This Buffalo chicken dip is made with sour cream instead, which gives it a tangier flavor than other Buffalo chicken dips.

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Texas: Corn Dip

When you need to serve a crowd, turn to this Spicy Corn Dip that makes 32 delicious servings. "LOVE LOVE LOVE this stuff! Always have people asking for the recipe because it's so good," says reviewer Holly Dudley.

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Utah: Jalapeño Popper Dip

Fire up your Instant Pot for this 25-minute dip. It's the perfect option for when you need to free up your oven space—and you could leave it in the Instant Pot the whole game to keep it warm.

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Vermont: Buffalo Chicken Dip

Chef John's Buffalo Chicken Wings in a Jar recipe is a fun take on traditional Buffalo chicken dip. His recipe uses chicken thighs, Louisiana-style hot sauce, and butter to create a tasty spread for the blue cheese crostini.

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Virginia: Buffalo Dip

close up view of Buffalo Dip with a piece of celery, in a white bowl

The Buffalo wing sauce, ranch, and cream cheese flavors really stand out in this dip because they're paired with mild mozzarella cheese—instead of traditional Cheddar. "A huge hit. I double the recipe and it didn't last very long," says reviewer Shasta21.

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Washington: Crab Dip

close up view of Hot Crab Dip in a bowl

Crabmeat, sour cream, cream cheese, mayo, capers, artichoke hearts, cheese, and spices come together to make this delicious hot dip. It may seem like a lot of ingredients, but they complement each other beautifully to create a powerful punch of flavor.

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West Virginia: Fruit Dip

high angle looking at a small bowl of fruit dip with various fruits surrounding it on a plate
dotdash meredith food studios

This light and airy fruit dip is so simple to make with just cream cheese and marshmallow cream. The slightly sweet flavor goes well on strawberries, apples, oranges, melons, or any other fruit you put on your fruit tray.

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Wisconsin: Taco Dip

"Very easy to make! I whipped it up in 5 minutes. It was gone in 30 minutes—no time to meld flavors. IT WAS GONE! Sprinkle some powdered cayenne pepper on top to kick it up a notch," says home cook superbuuck.

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Wyoming: Artichoke Dip

The combination of both mayo and sour cream makes this artichoke dip extra creamy. Other than at, all you need is cheese, artichoke hearts, onions, and lemon, and voilà you have a dip that's sure to disappear quickly.

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