9 Favorite Polish Cake Recipes to Crave

Poland is famous for its babka cakes, poppy seed streusel-style cakes, and their decadent and colorful traditional Easter cake called Mazurek. But their sweet delicacies don't stop there! We've compiled this tempting list of popular Polish cakes, including must-try dessert recipes like spiced apple-sauce and gingerbread cake, sweet cherry cake, and a yeasted plum cake called Drozdzowka — they all taste like they came straight out of a Polish café!

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Drozdzowka (Polish Yeast Plum Cake)

Drozdzowka on a white plate

This is a traditional Polish cake made with fresh cake yeast, fresh ripe plums, and a streusel topping for a delicious autumnal dessert. Also a delight served with a pot of tea or coffee on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

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Polish Poppy Seed Cake

Polish Poppy Seed Cake

A shortcrust base is topped with a creamy poppy seed mixture, then finished with a thick sugar glaze in this traditional Polish cake recipe that's often reserved for special occasions like Christmas and Easter. But once you taste it, you'll be craving it for a sweet treat any time of the year!

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Sweet Polish Cherry Cake

Sweet Polish Cherry Cake
Photo by magicallydelicious.

A rich cake batter is dotted with sweet cherries that have been cooked in butter in this irresistible Polish cake. "This is spectacular!" says home cook paintinglilies. "I really enjoyed that it's not too sweet. If you're aiming for a sweeter version, try adding crumbles on top — also works really well!"

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Polish Cream Cheese Coffee Cake

coffee cake with cream cheese filling and streusel topping
Deb C

This moist Polish coffee cake has a crunchy pecan topping. "Not only easy to make, it tastes wonderful, too" says home cook Linda. "The cream cheese filling is what this cake is all about. Not too sweet but satisfying and perfect with a cup of coffee."

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Excellent Apple Gingerbread

Excellent Apple Gingerbread
Deb C

This impressive two-layer walnut and gingerbread cake with an apple filling and cream cheese frosting is a traditional Polish Christmas dessert. Decorate with candied walnuts for a beautiful presentation. "Absolutely delicious!" says home cook DanWayne. "I've made this cake for our extended-family Christmas meal, and it is always finished!"

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Mazurek (Polish Easter Cake)

easter cake with candy and almond topping

This sweet sheet cake will be eaten in just about every Polish home at Easter time. With its Turkish influences, it looks beautiful with the flower decoration made out of 2 different colored jams, candied cherries, and flaked almonds.

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Polish Babka Cake

Polish Babka Cake

This traditional sour cream Polish babka cake is moist and dense, and flavored with vanilla and lemon. It's nice with a drizzle of icing, but if you want to make it for Easter breakfast or Easter brunch, it tastes just as good with a dusting of powdered sugar.

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Polish Applesauce Cake

polish applesauce cake

If you have a surplus of homemade or store-bought apple sauce, this amazing Polish cake is a must-try for a deliciously easy dessert! If you're using plain apple sauce, you can simply add a teaspoon of ground cinnamon to the apple sauce before spreading over the cake mixture.

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Polish poppy seed cake

This sweet Polish coffee cake is made with yeast and flavored with nutmeg and raisins. It's traditionally adorned with a nutty crumb topping when served at Easter. "My family tends to prefer this coffeecake without the nutmeg," says recipe contributor PAKS11, "so you might want to try it with and without."

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