14 Pink Cookie Recipes for Valentine's Day

german heart cookies
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In essence, Valentine's Day is about sharing — making appreciation, whether platonic, romantic, or familial known, and showing the people in your life how much you adore them. One of the best ways to do that, of course, is through Valentine's Day's other theme: Desserts. These appropriately pink cookie recipes get their hue and flavors from cherries, strawberries, raspberries, and even pink lemonade, and will get even the most stoic person in the Valentine's Day spirit.

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Cherry Shortbread Cookies

cherry shortbread cookies

If you're lucky enough to have fresh cherries on hand, these vibrant cookies are a fantastic way to bake with them. Recipe creator Carol typically makes these at Christmas since they're shortbread, but we think their hue and flavor make them more than appropriate for Valentine's.

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Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti

Cranberry Pistachio Biscotti
Rob Tanner

This biscotti recipe is simple, vibrant, and not to mention a crowd-pleaser. One excellent plus is that they're soft enough that they can be eaten without being dipped into a drink. Even if you typically don't care for biscotti, these deserve a try, says reviewer Snuffles: "This is the very =best= biscotti recipe! Usually I can't stand those nasty little bricks, but these are delicious! "

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Pink Ladies

Pink Ladies

These fudgy bars are sinfully sweet, making them perfect for Valentine's Day. The cherry icing adds a fun, chocolate-covered cherry-inspired twist and makes these cookies look so good you'll want to share and show them off.

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Pink Icing Cookies

pink icing cookies

"Amazing doesn't begin to cover this recipe," says user ProcessPending. "I've always searched for a recipe that tastes like the store bought ones. These are those but better!!! Not only is the cookie yummy the icing actually hardens!"

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Strawberry Shortbread Bars

Strawberry Shortbread Bars

These strawberry shortbread bars may give off springtime vibes, but their cheerful hue (and not to mention all those strawberries) also make them a nice choice for Valentine's Day. Creator Kim says these bars taste great after some time in the refrigerator, and are just as good, if not better, the next day.

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Chocolate Cherry Kiss Cookies

chocolate cherry kiss cookies

"My grandma loved chocolate-covered cherries, so I combined 2 recipes to come up with these yummy cookies," says creator Kristy. "She loved that I made a special cookie just for her." Kristy also notes that the cookies get their rich flavor

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Canada Squares

canada squares

These unique cookies get their layered flavor from raspberry jam at the base and maple extract in the icing. If you can't find maple extract, however, creator RedApple notes that almond extract makes a nice substitute and yields a marzipan-flavored square.

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Maraschino Cherry Almond Cookies

Maraschino Cherry Almond Cookies

On their own, these cookies only have a bit of sweetness. That's where the icing comes in. For more texture, try adding chocolate chips, sliced nuts, or more cherries into the cookie batter.

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Pink Lemonade Cookies

Pink Lemonade Cookies

These pretty pink lemonade cookies are a cinch to make and have a light, refreshing taste. If you'd like the icing to look more pink, simply add a few more drops of red food coloring.

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Strawberry Sundae Crunch Bar Cookies

strawberry sundae crunch bar cookies

Remember those strawberry shortcake bars you got from the ice cream truck as a kid? This is them, just in cookie form and with lots of cream cheese.

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Cream Tea Cakes

cream tea cakes
Payton Mastromauro

"I have tried MANY other recipes and this is by far the best," says review JEBV. "High tea wouldn't be as enjoyable without them. Great spread with clotted cream or Philadelphia Brand Cheesecake flavored cream cheese and your favorite fruit spread!"

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Easy Valentine Sandwich Cookies

Easy Valentine Sandwich Cookies
Sara Davis

"I made these for Valentines day and just looked up the recipe to have it ready for Easter," says reviewer Donna. "They are INCREDIBLE. I filled them with raspberry jam and drizzled chocolate ganache across the tops. My family thought they came from a bakery. If you like a softer cookie keeping them covered or in a plastic bag will soften them up. Make these if you want to get rave reviews but set aside a little time they are time consuming but worth it."

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Cardamom Rose Meringues

629543_Cardamom Rose Meringues Photo by littlesakuranbo resized

If you like the taste of rose, you'll love these airy cookies, which are brought up a notch with the addition of cardamom. This recipe may look intimidating since it has such beautiful results, but it's really quite simple.

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German Heart Cookies

german heart cookies

"This heart cookie recipe is from Germany where they are called Herrnhuter Herzen," says creator Lena. "They are the perfect cookies for Valentine's Day or other romantic occasions."

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