10+ Persimmon Cookies to Make This Season

glazed persimmon cookies decorated with red M&M
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Persimmon is perhaps fall's most underrated fruit. Besides being utterly delicious eaten as-is, persimmons bake beautifully into an array of treats — cookies being no exception. Browse our hand-picked collection of persimmon cookie recipes, each shared by the Allrecipes community. We've got classic drop cookies enriched with persimmon pulp and aromatic spices, as well as soft persimmon oatmeal cookies, persimmon chocolate chip cookies, and more. While hachiya persimmons are most often used for their juicy pulp, you can also puree ripe fuyu persimmons to get an equally delicious result.

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Persimmon Oatmeal Cookies

a square white plate piled with persimmon oatmeal cookies
Tristan Lemme

Toffee baking bits pair wonderfully with sweet persimmon pulp in these oatmeal cookies. If you freeze persimmon pulp, you can make these year round! Reviewer Tristan gave these five stars: "These were tasty! Very soft and sweet."

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Persimmon Raisin Cookies

persimmon raisin cookies on a baking sheet and cooling rack

Soft persimmon cookies with an unexpected ingredient (raisin paste), which you can easily make yourself by blending whole raisins till smooth. "This is a wonderful persimmon cookie recipe. Didn't change anything," says reviewer Lisa. "Everyone loved them. Even my niece who does not like persimmons loved them!"

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Auntie's Persimmon Cookies

glazed persimmon cookies decorated with red M&M
Culinary Envy

Aromatic spices like cinnamon and cloves make these persimmon cookies feel extra festive. The icing and decorations seal the deal!

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Moist Persimmon Cookies

a plate of persimmon cookies

A soft, spicy persimmon cookie made with plenty of persimmon pulp and shortening, then studded with walnuts and raisins. "[These] cookies turned out very moist and tasted so so good! Everyone loved them. I would definitely make them again," says reviewer J.S.

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Persimmon Cookies

persimmon cookies baked on parchment paper

If there's one persimmon cookie recipe you try this season, make it this one. With loads of glowing reviews and a solid five-star rating, you know this is a keeper! "These are delicious! We couldn't stop eating them," says reviewer Beth.

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Persimmon Chocolate Chip Cookies

persimmon chocolate chip cookies
Natalie Ercolini

A mash-up of classic chocolate chip cookies and soft, spicy persimmon cookies creates what might be the most underrated fall cookie recipe out there. "These cookies come out slightly crunchy on the outside and more cake-like in the center," says recipe creator Natalie.

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Persimmon Date Drop Cookies

a light green plate with persimmon date drop cookies
Nancy Anne Morris Martin

These mounded cookies are made with moist persimmon pulp and studded with dates. "When my husband commented 'these might be the best cookies you've ever made,' I knew they were good enough to share," says recipe creator Nancy.

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Persimmon Bars

hachiya persimmon bars with hachiya persimmons on the side

If you're short on time, try these persimmon bars that reduce prep time substantially as compared to measuring out cookies. "I make this in the fall from our home-grown persimmons and everyone asks for the recipe. It's quicker than cookies and turns out great every time," says reviewer Jayne.

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More Classic Persimmon Cookie Recipes

a plate of persimmon cookies with spice bottles in the background

The classic persimmon drop cookie can't be beat, and each of these longtime Allrecipes favorites are worth trying this persimmon season:

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More Inspiration

closeup of a pizza-like flatbread topped with persimmon slices, burrata cheese, and fresh rosemary with a pizza cutter in the background
Buckwheat Queen

Make the most of persimmon season with our Persimmon Recipe Collection and more inspiration!

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