5 Passover Bread Recipes to Try

Passover Rolls I
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These tasty Passover breads, which are made with matzo meal or other kosher ingredients, will be a hit at your Seder. From traditional Passover staples (everyone needs a good, crunchy Matzah recipe) to kosher dinner rolls (try serving these Passover Rolls I or Ida's Passover Popover Rolls with dinner) to sweet breads that work for breakfast or dessert (this recipe for Passover Pumpkin Muffins works well as a quick bread), you'll find a new favorite in this collection of our best Passover bread recipes.

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Passover Rolls I

Passover Rolls I

"This is a recipe for rolls to serve during Passover instead of always serving matzo," says recipe creator JANWEISBERGER. "My family enjoys them during the entire holiday."

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"I made this last year for Passover, everyone loved it," says reviewer GrammaBeni. "Will be making again today. I make three batches, it is not hard and tastes a thousand times better than store bought."

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Ida's Passover Popover Rolls

Ida's Passover Popover Rolls
Flo Robbins Paterni

These easy popover rolls, which are made with matzo meal instead of flour, are delightfully fluffy. They'll definitely be a hit at your Seder.

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Moist Passover Bagels

Moist Passover Bagel
Eva's Kitchen

These moist kosher bagels, made with matzo meal and peanut oil, are soft and fluffy. Eat them as a snack or use them to make a delicious Passover sandwich.

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Passover Pumpkin Muffins

Passover Pumpkin Muffins
Lady at the Stove

This versatile recipe, which relies on matzo cake meal for structure, works well as muffins and as a quick bread. They are a "true family favorite," according to recipe creator Lissa Bloom Wax.

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