These Are the Most Searched Pies in Every State

Peanut Butter Pie XV
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Pie is universal. A crust, a filling, and a crispy topping. Rinse and repeat with all types of fruits, cream fillings, even meat. There are few who will reject pie in whatever form it comes, savory or sweet. Pie is so popular, in fact, that Google knows which type of pie is most searched in every state (and Washington, D.C.). Here, we look at what ranks at the top, and we offer our best recipes for those favored flavors.

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Alabama: Buttermilk Pie

Buttermilk Pie in a crust

The Yellowhammer State adores this pie, and it's easy to see why. The texture is somewhere between custard pie and chess pie, rich and creamy with a sweetness that balances out buttermilk's natural tang. "My 83 year old uncle said it was the best buttermilk he ever tasted and buttermilk pie is his favorite pie.," writes home cook and reviewer Sherry.

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Alaska: Apple Pie

a beautiful lattice-topped apple pie with a slice taken out of it
Holiday Baker

Apple pie is one of our most popular recipes, so it makes sense a few states prefer it over all others, including the 49th state. "Absolutely delicious. I was a little skeptical at first because The recipe didn't call for the typical sugar and cinnamon to be added to the apples but it worked out perfectly," writes reviewer JoAnne Gambrazzio. Other reviewers noted you can add a bit of cinnamon and nutmeg if that's your pie style.

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Arizona: Lemon Pie

glass dish of lemon pie topped with whipped cream decoration

Bright, comforting, and fresh — three words to describe both this lemon pie and the state that loves it so. The consistency is similar to key lime pie, but uses bottled lemon juice instead. You can use fresh lemon juice, but you may want to balance it with a bit less sugar. "If you like lemon curd- you will LOVE this pie! This is an incredible tasting & easy to make pie!" writes reviewer Donna LeMaster.

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Arkansas: Possum Pie

illustrated image of arkansas in red with black outline
Getty Images

Don't let the name fool you. This is one sweet pie! Made with cream cheese, instant pudding mixes, and lots of pecans and whipped topping, there's a lot to love in this no-bake pie that's adored by cooks in the Natural State.

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California: Boysenberry Pie

california illustration yellow with black outline
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Boysenberries, like blackberries and raspberries, are bramble fruits. Their flavor is close to a cross between those two common berries and two other lesser-known berries, dewberries and loganberries. If you find boysenberries, you can use them in place of blackberries in a blackberry pie with fantastic results.

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Colorado: Grasshopper Pie

Creme de Menthe Grasshopper Pie

Colorado's laid-back approach to life is reflected beautifully in this minty, black bottomed pie. With only five ingredients, you won't need to devote a lot of time or effort to make this. It's even stashed in the freezer until you're ready to eat it. How much you have at one sitting may depend on how much of another type of Colorado green you enjoy.

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Connecticut: Cheeseburger Pie

Cheeseburger Pie

The Constitution State starts the trend of savory pies in this collection of most-searched pies. It has everything you need — a crisp shell and delightful filling — so it obviously fits this list. And how often can you say you're having pie for dinner?

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Delaware: Tomato Pie

Tomato Pie I

You don't need summer-fresh tomatoes to enjoy this pie (though this dish is absolutely delicious with a garden's fresh bounty) because the fruits gently cook to turn delicately sweet amid a filling of cheese, mayo, and plenty of fresh herbs. And for loads of contrasting flavor, there's half a pound of bacon, too. A few reviewers suggest baking the pie crust a bit before adding the filling so it has a chance to crisp up and won't turn soggy in the oven.

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Washington, D.C.: Strawberry Jell-O Whipped Cream Pie

Fluffy Strawberry Pie on a plate with sliced strawberries

Leave it to the nation's capital to love a truly unique pie. This one combines strawberry-flavored gelatin with frozen whipped topping to create a cloud-like filling that's studded with lots of fresh fruit. "Made exactly as the recipe stated. It was very good. I've put this recipe in the family cookbook. I'll be making it again," writes reviewer Jeanne Mae, who adds they'll mix cream cheese into the pie filling next time.

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Florida: Key Lime Pie

Easy Key Lime Pie I

Key limes are associated with the Sunshine State, but few are actually grown there. Despite that, it remains the most popular pie, from the panhandle to the Keys. This key lime pie recipe makes the process even easier, so you'll be quicker to a sunshine-filled escape at first bite soon enough.

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Georgia: Sweet Potato Pie

a whole pie with a homemade crust in a ceramic pie plate

If you're surprised the Peach State's favorite pie isn't, well, peach pie, you're not alone. (Also surprising? That it wasn't pecan pie.) The state famous for its stone fruit and its pecans prefers this root vegetable turned dessert.

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Hawaii: Custard Pie

close up of a slice of custard pie

You're certain to say "Mahalo!" to contributor Evelyn once you try this decadent custard pie. Despite its rich, creamy texture, the flavor is delicately sweet and spiced thanks to the addition of nutmeg. "I've made it three times in two weeks lol!! My husband loves it!!" writes reviewer Precious Grimes Love. (If you've ever been to Hawaii and love the haupia and chocolate pies, don't miss this recipe.)

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Idaho: Peach Pie

Peach Pie
Photo by Jaded.

Simple, old-fashioned, and classic. Idaho says, "No frills, please" when it comes to their pies. To get the filling syrupy, a few reviewers suggest putting a pie shield over the pie and letting it sit in the oven while the appliance cools. "I let it sit in the oven for about an hour with the oven off, and it was perfect!" writes reviewer amysuespears.

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Illinois: French Silk Pie

Slice of French Silk Chocolate Pie I
Mackenzie Shieck

The short ingredient list belies how decadent this pie is. Some suggested using a chocolate crust made from Oreos for an extra serving of chocolate. "Not sure how this doesn't have an average rating of 4.5 or 5, this was one of the most dangerously delicious things I have made So easy to make too! This is now my go to pie!" writes reviewer Jason R.

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Indiana: Peanut Butter Pie

Peanut Butter Pie XV

We might have more recipes for peanut butter pie on Allrecipes than any other pie type, which will suit the residents of the Hoosier State just fine. This one, however, is the crème de la crème of the bunch, with a mile-high filling and a decadent drizzle of chocolate syrup.

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Iowa: Peach Pie

a slice of lattice-topped peach pie with vanilla ice cream on a plate in the foreground, with the whole pie in the background
Kim's Cooking Now

We suspect everyone in Iowa has generations' old peach pie recipes they call their own, but if you're trying to fit in with the folks at Hawkeye State picnics and potlucks, use this recipe from Chef John. It consistently earns five-star ratings for good reasons: "Chef John does it again! This is by far the best peach pie I have ever made. I made no substitutions as this recipe needed none," writes reviewer Sarah Hilen.

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Kansas: Apple Pie

looking at a slice of apple pie topped with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

Did the folks in Manhattan, Kan., also known as The Little Apple, lobby the residents of the Sunflower State to put their state on the map with apple pie? Either way, this is the perfect dessert to finish off those legendary Kansas barbeques — ice cream scoop, encouraged.

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Kentucky: Peanut Butter Pie

peanut butter pie

Kentucky, we were counting on you for a bourbon pecan pie, but we also applaud the second appearance of peanut butter pie on this list. Perhaps with such a big border with Indiana, it shouldn't be surprising the Bluegrass State likes this decadent dessert, too.

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Louisiana: Crawfish Pie

213575 Crawfish Pie KegKenMom

It's plentiful in the Creole State, and it happens to make one of the best savory pie fillings. Crawfish is joined with plentiful spices, onion, bell pepper, and tomatoes, to make a well-seasoned savory pie filing. If diners at your table don't like heat, scale back on the cayenne, and offer others a bottle of one of Louisiana's famous hot sauces.

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Maine: Apple Pie

top-down view of a golden brown crust of an apple pie in a cast iron skillet
Kim's Cooking Now

Maine's plentiful countryside is absolutely flush with apple orchards and fantastic home bakers who know how to turn those fruits into unforgettable desserts. This apple pie is cooked in a cast iron skillet for an extra buttery and crisp crust. "This is such an outstanding recipe, thanks so much to the cook who shared it. Over the past 45 years I have probably made hundreds of apple pies but this one is just a treat!" writes reviewer Grandma Lizzy. If you, like us, expected to see Maine's blueberry bounty represented here, never fear: here's one of our favorite wild blueberry pies.

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Maryland: Crab Pie

174624 Puffing Crab Homer Babbitt

Maryland, this pie makes sense for you, as you're the home of the beloved and renowned Chesapeake Bay, so we're presenting a crab dish that's as unique as you are. Meet the Puffing Crab. Recipe contributor cooksalot63 says, "In southern Maryland we eat a lot of crab. This is an interesting way to use any leftover crab meat (we pick our own)."

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Massachusetts: Cheeseburger Pie

looking down at a whole cheeseburger pie with a slice cut
Racheale Coffelt

Ground beef is cooked with a variety of spices and then topped with a Bisquick crust and loads of Cheddar cheese. It's warm and comforting, just like mom would make. A few reviewers suggested adding bacon and mushrooms for more meaty savoriness. (But cranberry pie would also work for your state's bountiful cranberry bogs, no?)

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Michigan: Cherry Pie

looking down at a whole cherry pie

According to the Google survey, Michigan's favorite pie is also cheeseburger pie, but we're going to offer up the state's plentiful tart cherry harvest for a classic pie. "This was great! I wasn't able to get my hands on fresh cherries so I used a mix of frozen sweet & tart cherries. I also double the cherries. I dont usually like cherry pie, but this one is yummy," writes reviewer Nomi.

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Minnesota: French Silk Pie

276232 No-Bake French Silk Pie Smart Cookie

We hear banana cream pie is the Minnesota state pie, but that doesn't stop residents of the Gopher State from searching out this over-the-top chocolate pie option. The beauty of this recipe from creator Smart Cookie is that it's no-bake. (But it does require a six-hour wait in the fridge.) "This recipe is just like the original 1951 recipe. (Well, except for the coffee) I make this pie at least once a year. I have never used the cookie crust but will certainly give it a try," writes reviewer Janet Greenwell.

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Mississippi: Sweet Potato Pie

high angle looking at a sweet potato pie
Josephine Roeper

Just like it's Southern cousin Georgia, Mississippi prefers the sweet potato pie over all others, even the iconic Mississippi mud pie. It's likely due to the state's deep farming roots, as sweet potatoes are plentiful in the Magnolia State's farms. (Pumpkin is grown further north in Illinois.)

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Missouri: French Silk Pie

overhead angle looking at a whole French silk chocolate pie
Michelle A Sampson

Missouri's state pie is the Pawpaw cream pie, a recipe even we don't have, so we'll highlight the one they search for the most, the French silk pie.

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Montana: Huckleberry Pie

Huckleberry pie

Huckleberries are the state fruit of Montana, so it's no wonder the folks in Big Sky Country are a fan of their state's first fruit in pie form. If you've never had a huckleberry, the flavor is sweet with a hint of sour, much like a blueberry, but they're not quite the same.

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Nebraska: Sour Cream Raisin Pie

19446 Easy Sour Cream Raisin Pie Cathy Colby

Perhaps the most surprising pie on this list of the country's most-searched pies is Nebraska's entry: sour cream raisin pie. But if the reviewers words are any indication, the folks in the Cornhusker State might have the right idea with this dessert. "This is very good and easy. I have made it a few times. You can use either white or dark raisins just soak them for an hr. then drain them before you add them to the pie," writes reviewer Ristie Chuhaloff.

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Nevada: Bean Pie

a wedge of smooth-looking custard pie on a plate

We'll let recipe contributor Imam Qadriyyah S. Mabel-Doroth explain Nevada's favorite pie, if you're unfamiliar: "This is a traditional Muslim bean pie that most people have never had and even more have never made. Made with navy beans, it is surprisingly a wonderful dessert. Once you've had it, you'll love making it."

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New Hampshire: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

looking down at a whole strawberry rhubarb pie
Monica W

New Hampshire endures long winters, so it may surprise few that their favorite pie is one of the best spring desserts: strawberry-rhubarb pie. "This pie is the best dessert I be ever made!" writes reviewer luvbug.

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New Jersey: Ricotta Pie

9328 Ricotta Pie Old Italian Recipe

New Jersey and ricotta pie have deep roots to one place: Italy. Recipe contributor Misty says their version of the beloved pie comes from an old Italian recipe.

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New Mexico: Apple Pie

close up of a whole apple pie

This version of the classic American apple pie is hiding a boozy secret: bourbon. "Love this. I added allspice and nutmeg plus a shot of bourbon to apples. Also added cinnamon to crust. Yummy," writes reviewer Ann. But if you want a more traditional New Mexican Apple Pie, you'll look for one that includes hot green chiles. Yes, really.

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New York: Coconut Custard Pie I

12580 Coconut Custard Pie I Ann

To be honest, we expected an apple pie for the state that's home to the Big Apple, but we're thankful to present a totally different pie from any other state: coconut custard. The rich custard base is decadent and luxurious, but the coconut adds a hint of brightness and chew that the standard custard just won't have. "Easy to make with ingredients you usually have on hand," writes reviewer Janet Friedman.

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North Carolina: Sweet Potato Pie

Sweetest southern sweet potato pie

North Carolina produces more sweet potatoes than any other state, so they're letting their plentiful crop shine in this pie recipe. We picked the one called the "sweetest Southern" sweet potato pie for the Tar Heel State because if anyone state should get that one, it's NC.

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North Dakota: Sour Cream Raisin Pie

very close up of a sour cream raisin pie

This peculiar pie is back for the Roughrider State, and we picked a second pie that's as well reviewed as the one we highlighted for Nebraska. Let these cooks calm your curiosity and encourage you to try this special pie.

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Ohio: Peanut Butter Pie

Chocolate Peanut Butter Pie

Ohio's buckeyes find life in pie form with a chocolate-peanut butter pie. And just as you do with buckeyes, pace yourself with this sweet. It's incredibly rich.

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Oklahoma: Custard Pie

Grandmas Egg Custard Pie Small Kitchen Baker

Oklahoma likes to win championships for college sports, so we're serving up this award-winning custard pie for the people of the Sooner State. This is the 1999 American Pie Council's National Pie Championship's first place winner in the Custard Pie Category.

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Oregon: Strawberry Rhubarb Pie

rhubarb pie slice on a wooden board
Oksana Seaman

Marionberries were created in Oregon, so consider us surprised the fruit's pie isn't the state's most searched. Instead, strawberry and rhubarb are back for a second spin in the spotlight. Chef John's version of this spring sweet adds a rich layer of custard.

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Pennsylvania: Peanut Butter Pie

Shoofly Pie V

We're going to interrupt this peanut butter pie moment (there are several on this list already), and recommend you instead try Shoofly Pie, a Pennsylvania Dutch treat made with molasses, brown sugar, and butter.

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Rhode Island: Meat Pie

12343 Meat Pie Tourtiere TORONTODENISE

This French-Canadian speciality is made with pork, potatoes, onions and spices. "This is an excellent tourtiere recipe. I have been making tourtieres for 46 years and this is great. I have always added some garlic and I don't think the egg and paprika are necessary because the fat in the pork makes the crust brown," writes reviewer Patricia E.

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South Carolina: Sweet Potato Pie

13803 Sweet Potato Pie With Pecans samearn

For the Palmetto State, we went with a truly Southern spin on the sweet potato pie, one made with pecans. A few reviewers suggest you'll need a deep-dish crust for this recipe, or make a few mini ones with the leftover filling. "This pie is wonderful! I rarely give a five star rating but this recipe has got it! It's easy beautiful and delicious...what more can you ask for?" asks reviewer Kelly Silver Burnett.

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South Dakota: Sour Cream Raisin Pie

Norwegian Sour Cream and Raisin Pie
Valerie Fields

There's something about those Great Plains states and the sour cream raisin pie, because here it is again as the most popular pie for the state that's home to Mount Rushmore. The Nordic roots of this recipe highlights why it would be so popular in these states, where many Scandinavians settled after coming to America.

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Tennessee: Buttermilk Pie

Buttermilk Pie in a ceramic pan
Chef John

If you've never experienced a buttermilk pie, let Chef John tell you why it's time to make one: "Not only is this buttermilk pie easy to make and beautiful to look at, it's also bursting with the kind of bright, tangy flavor that no other custard-style pie can touch. This is sort of like a vanilla custard, meets lemon meringue pie, meets very light cheesecake. Except better."

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Texas: Buttermilk Pie

a closeup of a slice of pie decorated with pecan halves
Fox E Vassar

Instead of another buttermilk pie, let's instead look to Texas's official state pie: the pecan pie. The pecan tree has been the Lonestar State's official tree for more than a decade, so even though Google tells us more people search for buttermilk pie, we suspect no Texas potluck is complete without this nut-topped pie.

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Utah: Meat Pie

high angle looking at a slice of French Canadian tourtière on a plate with remaining in the background

"Awesome recipe even looked exactly like the picture!! My husband is French and loved It. Will definitely make it again!!" writes reviewer kim.

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Vermont: Cheeseburger Pie

Blue sketch map of Vermont

Vermont's official pie is the apple pie, but we'll trust most Vermonters have that recipe already committed to memory, which is why so many of them need to search for a cheeseburger pie recipe. Search no more. Here's a top-rated one.

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Virginia: Coconut Pie

close up on a slice of coconut pie

If you're craving that hint of tropical flavor in a much-loved dessert, look to this classic Coconut Pie recipe, which may rank among the easiest pie styles you can make. "This recipe is very similar to the coconut pie my mom used to make. It baked up beautifully and my husband loved it!" writes home cook rnwtrs6.

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Washington: Grasshopper Pie

looking at a whole grasshopper pie

Let the contrast of refreshing mint and bitter chocolate sweep you away to the beautiful mountains of the Evergreen State. (Honestly, we thought it would have been an apple or Washington cherry pie.)

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West Virginia: Apple Pie

Apple Hand Pies on a white plate

Since we've had a few classic apple pies on this list already, let's veer toward a fun apple pie variation for West Virginia's pick. Chef John's Apple Hand Pies meet all the pie requirement (pie crust and filling) but come in a fun hand-held variety.

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Wisconsin: Spaghetti Pie

looking down at a whole spaghetti pie

We respect Wisconsin's independent spirit with this pie pick, but we certainly thought this state's selection would have been this Blueberry Raspberry Pie, which won a ribbon at the Wisconsin State Fair. (Or even an Apple Cheddar Cheese Pie. Come on!) Spaghetti Pie is a traditional Midwestern meal, so, sure, spaghetti pie for the Badger State.

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Wyoming: Peanut Butter Pie

866398 Smooth and Creamy Peanut Butter Pie 20343 Lissa

Always last on state lists, but never last in our hearts, Wyoming brings it home with a fabulous peanut butter pie. This recipe requires just five ingredients, but it'll be number one in your pie-loving heart.

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