9 M&M's Desserts Dotted With Your Favorite Candy

M&m cookie bars on stacked on wax paper

M&M's are melt-in-your-mouth, classic candies that make desserts more colorful, chocolatey, and fun. Grab a bag of candy-coated chocolates and you'll have endless options for updating your favorite treats. Incorporate them in a sweet, crunchy trail mix or chewy cookie bars and you have instantly shareable goodness. Take your pick from one of these nine scrumptious M&M's dessert recipes.

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Tasty Maple Trail Mix

Tasty Maple Trail Mix

"This is excellent!" says basg101. "Like others, I doubled the oats to offset the maple syrup. I also added a cup of pretzels for more crunch. We really enjoyed the salty/sweet combo."

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M&M Granola Bars

M&M Granola Bars

A deliciously chewy treat that's made to share. Rolled oats, honey, and chocolate coated candies combine to make these delightful squares that appeal to even the pickiest little eaters.

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Robbi's M&M Cookies

Robbi's M&Ms Cookies

This recipe is top-rated for a reason — over a thousand home cooks agree that it produces soft, delectable cookies that melt in your mouth. Perfectly crinkled and made with just enough chocolate.

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Delicious Popcorn Crunch

candy popcorn balls

Popcorn, cranberries, chopped pecans, and M&Ms are all tossed in a vanilla syrup then cooled for a snack that's equal parts sticky and crunchy.

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Monster Cookie Bars

M&m cookie bars on stacked on wax paper

"After reading some of the reviews, I made this recipe with an extra egg and didn't think they were too dry," says Kitchen Gangster. "Excellent recipe, and easy to make."

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Auntie's Persimmon Cookies

glazed persimmon cookies decorated with red M&M
Culinary Envy

A festive cookie recipe with an unexpected ingredient. Persimmon pulp gives each bite a soft richness, while candy-coated chocolate pieces and icing satisfies the sweet tooth.

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Chocolate Pretzels

Chocolate Pretzels with red and yellow candies on top
Shana Keith

A mouthwatering, salty-sweet treat that's too easy not to make. Simply place pretzels on baking sheets and place chocolate kisses in the center of each one. Let kisses melt then dot with M&M's for even more chocolatey goodness.

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Peanut Butter Mini Candy-Coated Chocolates Cookies

peanut butter m&m cookies
My Hot Southern Mess

"Great cookie!" exclaims home cook newtnest. "I'm baking like crazy to freeze some individually wrapped packs of cookies for school lunches and these cookies fit the bill perfectly! They are very chewy even when cooled."

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Monster Cookie Pancakes

Monster Cookie Pancakes
Try this recipe: Monster Cookie Pancakes | Photo by Allrecipes.

Make breakfast a monstrously delicious meal with these fun, colorful pancakes. Peanut butter flapjacks are drizzled with a peanut butter sauce and topped with tons of chocolate candy!

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