These 15 Mini Valentine's Day Desserts Will Go Over Big With the One You Love

Mini desserts put the perfect finishing touch on a Valentine's Day meal and are guaranteed to leave a lasting impression. These adorable mini desserts are sweet, beautiful to look at, and easy to make for the one you love! Choose from divine-tasting, individual chocolate soufflés with a chocolate liqueur and fresh raspberry center, irresistible miniature rose pavlova cakes, heart-shaped fudgy caramel brownies, and much more.

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Mini Rose Apple Pies

Thin slices of apple are rolled up to resemble a rose in these mini apple pies that make a show-stopping individual dessert for apple lovers! Give each pie a light dusting of powdered sugar just before serving for a beautiful presentation.

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Lollipop Cookie Valentines

Dip heart-shaped chocolate cookies into melted white or milk chocolate. Then pipe a message or a pretty pattern onto each lollipop, and decorate with assorted sprinkles or candies for a lovely mini Valentine's Day dessert.

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Rose Pavlova Cakes

Gorgeous, dreamy, rose-flavored meringue cookies are piped with a sweetened cream cheese and garnished with vibrant dried rose petals for a divine Valentine's Day dessert. You can add a drop of red food coloring to the whipped cream cheese for even more pink hues.

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Decadent Cheesecake Cups

Perfect for Valentine's Day, these individual mini cheesecakes are topped with decadent chocolate ganache and a whole strawberry. You can use chocolate cookies instead of graham crackers, if you prefer. Blend a few strawberries into the cheesecake mix to guarantee some strawberry in each bite.

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Chocolate Liqueur Souffles

Elegant individual chocolate soufflés with a chocolate liqueur and fresh raspberry center. "The first soufflé I've ever tried to make, this recipe turned out beautifully!" says recipe reviewer pnjbee. "The raspberries in the bottom are a must!" Serve hot, with raspberry sauce and fresh raspberries to garnish, if desired.

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Chocolate Covered Strawberries

You won't find a simpler mini dessert to share with your sweetheart than fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate. Drizzle dark or white chocolate over the strawberries, and decorate with freeze-dried strawberries or sprinkles for a pretty presentation.

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Blueberry Upside-Down Mini Cakes

These petite and delicious blueberry upside-down cakes are the perfect size for treating the one you love. Top with a generous swirl of whipped cream. Any frozen berries, or mixed berries, will give you a different flavor profile.

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Caramel Brownie Hearts

Individual chocolate brownie hearts are drizzled decoratively with caramel sauce for a special Valentine's Day dessert. You could serve with raspberry coulis, whipped cream, or fresh strawberries, if you prefer.

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Strawberry Kiwi Tartlets

Puff-pastry shells are elevated to new flavor heights with jam-glazed strawberries, a homemade honey and kiwi sauce, and a swirl of sweetened whipped cream for a fruity mini Valentine's Day dessert!

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Easy Cake Pops

Cake crumbs are combined with cream cheese and shaped into balls that can be dipped in chocolate for a fun, easy-to-make, mini Valentine's Day dessert. Decorate with sprinkles, or you can use different colors of candy melts to customize these for your sweetie.

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Hazelnut Cups

Make these divine treats for the chocolate lover in your life. Individual homemade chocolate shells are filled with an incredibly creamy, chocolaty coffee and hazelnut concoction.

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Key Lime Pie Mini Dessert

A refreshing choice to finish off your Valentine's Day meal, these luxurious, individual key lime pies are presented parfait-style. Garnish with whipped cream, grated lime zest, and leftover graham cracker crumbs.

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Moist Red Velvet Cupcakes

A classic dessert that you can make in mini cupcake form. Frost with cream cheese frosting or white chocolate frosting, and decorate with chocolate hearts for a gorgeous Valentine's Day dessert.

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Chocolate Wontons

These chocolate and strawberry filled crispy wontons are simply delicious served warm. Perfect for a fun, mini Valentine's Day dessert. Other possible fillings include chocolate hazelnut spread and banana, or whatever your sweetheart desires!

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Mini Lemon Meringue Pies

If your valentine has a passion for lemon meringue pie, these miniature versions are simple to make, fun to eat, and taste fresh and fantastic. This recipe makes six mini desserts which means you can have more than one!

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