These 21 Recipes Show How Easy an Entire Week of Meatless Meals Can Be

Rich and Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

Making the switch to meatless meals can be daunting for some cooks. But when you sit down to plan a menu, you'll quickly realize not only is it not really difficult, it can be quite delicious. So whether it's replacing bacon on the breakfast table, or looking for filling vegetarian dinners, we've taken the trouble out of eating less meat. Our collection of meatless breakfasts, lunches, and dinners spans seven days' worth of meals, meaning you're sure to find a few new favorites. And with each recipe creating four servings, you'll be able to feed the whole family with little hassle.

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Breakfast - Avocado Toast

Avocado Toast (Vegan)
Buckwheat Queen

With 100+ positive reviews, it's hard to beat this beloved breakfast. If you need a more filling dish, top the toast with an over-easy egg.

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Lunch - Quinoa Tabbouleh

Quinoa Tabbouleh

Delicious chilled or at room temperature, this tabbouleh is perfect for packing in a lunch box. Since quinoa takes the place of traditional bulgur wheat, it's also a gluten-free dish.

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Dinner - Portobello Mushroom Stroganoff

mushroom stroganoff with sour cream on top

"This is delicious! It's a great vegetarian meal that even my meat-loving husband asks for," says VEGGIEHEAD1 about this comforting meatless pasta dinner.

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Breakfast - Feta Eggs

Feta Eggs
Suada Fteja

You'll never go back to a plain eggs after a flavorful forkful of this scramble. Feta cheese creates a rich tanginess while the veggies add a pop of color and taste.

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Lunch - Black Bean and Salsa Soup

black bean soup in two turquoise bowls
Photo by bd.weld. bd.weld

Made with ingredients you're likely to always have on hand, this easy soup is ready in under half an hour. Pack it up in a Thermos to go, or easily whip it up in minutes at home.

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Dinner - Lentils and Rice with Fried Onions (Mujadarrah)

Lentils and Rice with Fried Onions (Mujadarrah)

Recipe creator Melissa Mueller says, "This may sound like a plain recipe, but believe me, it's wonderful. It is easy-to-make Middle Eastern comfort food that combines lentils, rice and delicious fried onions."

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Breakfast - Whole Wheat Pancakes

Whole Wheat Pancakes
Allrecipes Magazine

These pancakes are so light and fluffy, you'd never guess they're made with whole-wheat flour and wheat germ for a nutritional boost. That way you can feel good loading them up with a guzzle of maple syrup and handful of fresh berries.

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Lunch - Tofu and Veggies in Peanut Sauce

Tofu and Veggies in Peanut Sauce

"Delicious," says reviewer Mel. "I made this for my dad and brother, who were skeptical of the tofu, but my dad had seconds."

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Dinner - Homemade Black Bean Veggie Burgers

black bean burger patty on a multigrain bun with toppings
Gord Linder

Don't settle for frozen veggies burgers during your transition to meat-free eating. You may be disappointed. Instead, make these crave-worthy black bean burgers with just a few basic ingredients. For an extra firm patty, many reviewers suggest adding two eggs instead of one.

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Breakfast - Vegan Breakfast Hash with Smashed Potatoes and Tofu

Vegan Breakfast Hash with Smashed Potatoes and Tofu

The secret to creating delightfully fluffy interiors and a crunchy crust on these baby potatoes is smashing them before baking. They're then layered up in a bowl with tofu and veggies for a filling breakfast.

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Lunch - Mock Tuna Salad

Mock Tuna Salad

Perfect for serving scooped over a salad or spread onto a sandwich, this vegetarian tuna salad is eerily similar to the fish version. Mashed chickpeas are the star, and mixed with a flavorful blend of creamy mayonnaise, spicy mustard, and sweet relish.

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Dinner - Vegetarian Korma

Vegetarian Korma
Daniel Snoozy

"Lots of chopping, but oh, so, worth it," says Korie Roberts Bartnik. "I left out the jalapeño, and even my 12 year old ate it. She was thrilled to have a vegetarian dish that the rest of the carnivores in the family would be happy to eat regularly."

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Breakfast - Baked Cranberry Oatmeal

Baked Cranberry Oatmeal
Allrecipes Trusted Brands

Take basic oatmeal up a notch with the addition of sweet apple, tangy cranberries, and crunchy walnuts. "This was an amazing breakfast dish," says sjaquez. "My husband and all three kids devoured it."

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Lunch - Tempeh Gyros

Tempeh Gyros

Made from fermented soybeans, tempeh is a protein-packed ingredient that's perfect for soaking up flavorful marinades. Here, it's baked before being wrapped in a pita with homemade tzatziki sauce and vegetables.

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Dinner - Lentil Bolognese

Lentil Bolognese in a ceramic bowl
Lentil Bolognese. Buckwheat Queen

You won't miss the ground beef in this hearty Bolognese sauce thanks to meaty lentils and mushrooms. Reviewer sorchaspud says, "So tasty, and as nice as a meat Bolognese. It can also be served with potatoes, too."

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Breakfast - Chakchouka

Chakchouka (Shakshouka)
Daniel Gourley

A beloved Israeli and Tunisian dish, chakchouka (also known as shakshuka) features eggs simmered in a tangy and mildly spicy sauce. Serve with some slices of toast for sopping up all the goodness.

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Lunch - California Grilled Veggie Sandwich

California Grilled Veggie Sandwich

Say goodbye to basic sandwiches. This flavorful recipe grills zucchini, squash, bell peppers, and onions, then tucks them into cheesy focaccia bread with tangy garlic mayonnaise.

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Dinner - Rich and Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

Rich and Creamy Tomato Basil Soup

This restaurant-worthy soup is just begging to be served with a side of grilled cheeses for dipping. Fresh tomatoes pair up with heavy cream and bright basil for an unbeatable recipe.

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Breakfast - Okra and Kohlrabi Vegan Breakfast Hash

Okra and Kohlrabi Vegan Breakfast Hash

Kohlrabi, a mild root vegetable from the same family as cabbage and broccoli, is perfect for breakfast when roasted. All the ingredients bake together on a single sheet pan so you can feed the whole family with just one dirty dish.

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Lunch - Vegetarian Mexican Inspired Stuffed Peppers

Vegetarian Mexican Inspired Stuffed Peppers

Not too spicy for picky eaters, but packed with enough flavor for everyone, these hearty peppers wrap up perfectly for lunch. Serve with a dollop of sour cream or guacamole.

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Dinner - Pad Thai with Tofu

Pad Thai with Tofu
Pictured: Pad Thai with Tofu. Buckwheat Queen

Skip the takeout and recreate a favorite at home with this easy pad Thai recipe. Don't skip the tamarind concentrate; it has a distinct tangy flavor that makes it worth seeking out in Asian or Indian grocery stores.

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