11 Revitalizing Matcha Drinks to Perk You up Without the Jitters

Iced Soy Milk Matcha Tea
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If you want to reduce your coffee consumption but aren't completely ready to give up caffeine, a cup of matcha in the morning may just be the switch you need. Matcha — a fine powder made of ground green tea leaves — is high in antioxidants that promote brain, heart, and liver health, and it may even reduce your likelihood of cancer. Because the young tea leaves that are used for matcha are specially grown and processed, matcha's earthy taste is nowhere near as bitter as coffee, and it's far less likely to trigger acid reflux symptoms. And, most importantly, the caffeine in matcha can keep you alert, but it won't make you as jittery as coffee can. Scroll through to find matcha drinks like matcha latte, matcha smoothie, iced matcha, and more for that gentle lift you're looking for.

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Vegan Matcha Latte with Coconut Cream

Add a touch of indulgence to your mid-day refresher and whip up this refreshing matcha latte. The whipped coconut cream on top provides a subtle sweetness that complements the matcha's earthier notes.

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Matcha Smoothie

This matcha smoothie may be easy to make, but it's anything but basic. The orange juice, banana, and matcha powder blend beautifully for a simple, clean taste — if you want to add a little more substance, opt for mango and pineapple slices and boost the tropical flavor.

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Delicious Matcha Green Tea Frappuccino®

Make your own matcha Frappuccino at home and you'll never need to make a Starbucks run again! This recipe works with any type of milk (regular or plant-based) and only requires four ingredients.

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Iced Soy Milk Matcha Tea

This simple dairy-free latte may only have four ingredients, but it's definitely not lacking in flavor. The vanilla soy milk and sweetener help balance out the matcha powder's intensity. For less cleanup, you can make this with a milk frother instead of a blender.

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Matcha Coconut Smoothie

There's a lot of goodness hiding in this smoothie — the mixture of matcha, banana, coconut, and mango conceals the taste of kale and white beans, which add a good amount of vitamins A, C, and K, protein, fiber, and folate. As a result, you end up with a super satisfying smoothie that'll keep you full for hours.

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Green Tea Latte

This matcha latte comes together in just two minutes thanks to your stovetop, but you could also make it in the microwave. If you're using high-quality matcha powder, start with a smaller amount than what's called for so your latte won't come out overly strong.

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Vegan Morning Smoothie

This straightforward smoothie covers all the basics you need for a balanced breakfast: vitamin C from fruit, vitamin A from fresh spinach, fiber and antioxidants from chia seeds, and vegan protein. It's refreshing, fruity, and versatile, and would truly be great any time of day.

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Matcha Frappe

"I used almond milk and added a package of Truvia for a little extra sweetness," says Allrecipes Allstar Paula. "Since this was my breakfast I also added protein powder. This is a very good recipe which can easily be adjusted for personal tastes."

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Matcha Madness

This matcha shake is low in fat and fussiness, but high in protein and flavor. You may need a little bit of sweetener to counteract the matcha's earthy flavor — community members recommend stevia, agave sweetener, or even blending in a banana.

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Morning Matcha Smoothie

Adding half an avocado to this matcha smoothie provides a thickness and creamy texture that wouldn't be there otherwise. You may want to up the amount of matcha powder and reduce the protein powder for a more balanced, tea-forward flavor.

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Green Tea Pear Smoothie

Chopped cashews, fresh spinach, and protein powder give this smoothie a little more substance. There's a subtle pear flavor that's equal parts refreshing and enticing.

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