15 Refreshing and Delicious Matcha Desserts

Green Tea Cake
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These refreshing desserts share one tasty secret ingredient: matcha, a finely ground powder made from green tea leaves. The vibrant green powder lends gorgeous color and refreshing flavor to anything it touches. From quick and easy no-bake desserts to flavorful cakes and cookies, you'll want to bookmark this collection of delicious matcha desserts.

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Matcha Green Tea Chocolate Chip Cookies

Chocolate Mint Cookies I

"This is my go-to recipe for cookie exchanges and any festive holiday season parties," reviewer TiffaroOo says of this matcha dessert recipe. "Your friends will be asking for the recipe before you leave!"

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Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

Matcha Green Tea Ice Cream

You only need five easy-to-find ingredients (green tea powder, whole milk, heavy whipping cream, white sugar, and eggs) for this Ben & Jerry's-inspired matcha dessert recipe.

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Green Tea Layer Cake

Green Tea Layer Cake

This layered matcha dessert is perfect for birthdays, holidays, or any time you're craving a sweet treat. It's not too sweet, according to recipe creator TIRAMISUKI, and it has a refreshing scent.

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Matcha Tiramisu

Green Tea (Matcha) Tiramisu

Looking for an easy, no-bake dessert recipe? Your search ends with this refreshing matcha tiramisu with a graham cracker crust. Don't forget the gelatin!

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Green Tea Mochi Ice Cream

"I've had mochi many times in restaurants and have always been fascinated by its unique combination of taste and texture," says Chef John.

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Matcha Mousse

Matcha Mousse
Poe Limkul

This light matcha mousse is quick and easy to whip up whenever you're craving a cool dessert. Serve in stemmed wine glasses and sprinkle with matcha powder.

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Green Tea Mousse Cheesecake

Green Tea Mousse Cheesecake

Here's a fluffy, airy, and delicious matcha dessert that everyone will love. This is a no-bake recipe, so don't worry about firing up your oven in the heat of summer.

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Green Tea Cheesecake

Green Tea Cheesecake

"Oh man, absolutely delicious," according to reviewer Sam. "One of the best uses for matcha that I've ever seen. I did everything the recipe called for, mixed everything by hand, and added raspberry filling on top after it cooled."

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Green Tea Shortbread Cookies

Green Tea Shortbread Cookies

"Rich, buttery shortbread with the subtle flavor of green tea," says recipe creator w. "Pairs wonderfully with tea or with ice cream for a dessert! Cookies taste better the next day."

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Easy Mochi

Easy Mochi

This delightfully simple matcha dessert is soft, slightly sweet, and chewy, according to recipe creator Katrina. She recommends serving these balls with hot tea.

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Green Tea Cake

Green Tea Cake

"Soft and spongy green tea cake — full of flavor, and not too sweet. This recipe has been widely enjoyed by family and friends, and I reap the side benefit of having the whole kitchen filled with the blissful aroma of green tea every time I make this. This can also be made into 12 cupcakes," says recipe creator annie_c.

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Matcha Frappe

This Starbucks-inspired matcha drink is so sweet and decadent, it doubles as dessert. Make it with just five easy-to-find ingredients.

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White Chocolate and Matcha Cheesecake Tart

White chocolate and green tea powder blend beautifully in this stunning matcha dessert. Top with your favorite fresh fruit for a pop of flavor and color.

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Matcha-Mascarpone Layer Cake

"This is a light, airy, and incredibly delicious (and gives you a guilt-free feeling, even after eating 3 slices) chiffon cake with a mascarpone filling," says recipe creator Carolyn Lê.

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Green Tea and Azuki Bean Bundt® Cake

"My mother's special cake recipe that our family and friends love. This is a delicious, moist cake with a hint of green tea flavor. Feel free to add more matcha green tea powder to suit your taste," says recipe contributor Michelle.

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