16 Maple Desserts to Sweeten Your Day

Pouding Chomeur

It's not just for pancakes! Maple syrup can be used to naturally sweeten cakes, cookies, frostings, ice cream, and more. So, if a drizzle of that gorgeous and sticky syrup is not enough for you, satisfy your craving with one of these delicious desserts.

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Whole Wheat Chocolate-Coffee Cake

Whole Wheat Chocolate-Coffee Cake

This scrumptious, slightly fudgy chocolate cake is packed with healthier alternatives like whole wheat flour, unsweetened cocoa powder, and Greek yogurt. It's naturally sweetened with maple syrup and applesauce. Chopped walnuts add a nutty flavor and some crunch.

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Apple Maple Crumble Pie

apple maple crumble pie

Maple syrup adds a rich caramel flavor to apples in this oaty apple dessert. "This is an excellent recipe!" says reviewer Dirtygurdy. "Very easy with minimal ingredients. This is just fabulous with fresh Canadian Maple Syrup!"

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Maple Syrup Cheesecake

Maple Syrup Cheesecake

Maple syrup features in both the crust and the filling of this delicious baked cheesecake. Reviewer Amelia Doddemead gave this recipe five stars: "It has a lovely gentle maple syrup flavor. The best part is it's refined sugar free and tastes like a store bought cake, yum!"

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Maple Buttercream Frosting

Pancake Cupcakes with Maple Bacon Buttercream Frosting on a wooden background
Chef Mo

This is a simple buttercream frosting made with real maple syrup for a gorgeous caramel flavor. Pipe onto pumpkin cupcakes or spread a thick layer on top of a ginger loaf cake.

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Pumpkin Maple Pie Supreme

Pumpkin Maple Pie Supreme

Recipe creator CAROLEALANA, who serves this luxurious pumpkin pie with maple-sweetened whipped cream, recommends using real maple syrup to get the best flavor.

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Maple Walnut Biscotti

Maple Walnut Biscotti

Pure maple syrup and walnuts are the perfect pairing in this easy biscotti recipe. Drizzle a simple glaze made with butter, maple syrup and confectioners' sugar on top of the warm biscotti for a special treat!

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Cherry-Berry Pie with Whole Wheat Pie Crust

Cherry-Berry Pie with Whole Wheat Pie Crust

Treat yourself to this fresh cherry, blackberry, and blueberry pie that is free from refined sugars. The crust and filling are naturally sweetened with pure maple syrup.

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Pumpkin-Cream Cheese Bundt Cake

a slice of pumpkin bundt cake with a ribbon of cream cheese in the center, displayed on a plate with a fork and the rest of the cake in the background

Sweetened only with maple syrup, this spiced pumpkin cake has a surprise cream cheese filling that your guests will love. It's perfect for a not-too-sweet fall dessert.

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Maple-Pear Tarte Tatin

Maple-Pear Tarte Tatin

Pears are poached in a spiced maple syrup sauce, then baked on puff pastry until golden and delicious. Serve this rustic dessert while it's still warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream.

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Pouding Chomeur

Pouding Chomeur

Pouding chômeur is a classic Quebec dessert that means 'poor man's pudding.' In this version, the rich sauce is poured over cake batter before baking — it turns into a delicious sauce that gathers at the bottom of the dish.

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Unbeatable Pecan Pie

Unbeatable Pecan Pie

Good quality maple syrup adds a rich caramel flavor to this pecan pie without being overly sweet. "Made this for Christmas Eve," says reviewer adam. "We made a whole wheat crust. Added a bit of bourbon to the recipe and the pie was FANTASTIC!!"

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Pumpkin Magic Cake with Maple Cinnamon Whipped Cream

Pumpkin Magic Cake with Maple Cinnamon Whipped Cream on a white plate with mint garnish

This fun pumpkin cake forms two layers after it has been baked: One layer is cake, the other is pudding. A creamy maple syrup and cinnamon topping is spread over the cooled cake for an entirely delicious dessert.

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Chocolate-Stout Cupcakes with Maple-Bacon Frosting

Chocolate-Stout Cupcakes with Maple-Bacon Frosting on a blue background

Have fun decorating these chocolate cupcakes with a flavorful cream cheese maple frosting and, of course, pieces of maple bacon. They're perfect for a birthday dessert or to surprise dad on Father's day.

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Salted Pecan-Maple Ice Cream

Salted Pecan Maple Ice Cream by Deb C
Photo by Deb C.

A homemade rich ice cream base is flavored with maple syrup and enriched with chopped candied pecans. "This is my go to recipe when I want to make some delicious ice cream to wow guests," says Karen MacMillan.

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Maple-Pumpkin Pudding in the Slow Cooker

Maple-Pumpkin Pudding in the Slow Cooker
Tammy Lynn

This cozy pumpkin dessert, flavored with maple syrup and pumpkin pie spice, is so easy to make in the slow cooker. Drizzle with extra syrup and serve warm with whipped cream.

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Pure Maple Candy

Pure Maple Candy

There is only one essential ingredient needed to make this creamy fudge-like candy: pure maple syrup. Reviewer NADROJ451 highly recommends trying it out: "By far the easiest and most accurate description of how to make maple sugar candy."

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Caramelized Maple Apple Pie with Candied Bacon Crumble on a white platter with plates stacked
Ashley Baron Rodriguez

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