18 Mango Desserts Make the Best of This Sweet, Fragrant Fruit

Sweet, fragrant mango is simply delicious when incorporated into a mousse, sorbet, or when served with sticky coconut rice. But don't stop there! We have lots more inspiration for you in this collection of magnificent mango dessert recipes. Choose from mango passion fruit crumble, summery lime-mango shortcakes, a delightfully exotic mango cake, and much more. Whichever recipe you decide to try, you'll be adding a little sunshine to your day!

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Mango Cardamom Bread Pudding

Pieces of bread and mango are baked in a rich egg custard in this bread pudding that's flavored with vanilla and cardamon for a fantastic Indian-inspired flavor combination. Serve in individual ramekins with a scoop of ice cream. Delicious!

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Summery Lime-Mango Shortcakes

Tender poppyseed shortcakes are filled with coconut cream, fresh mango, and berries in this not-too-sweet dessert. "With the sunny flavors of lime, mangoes, coconut, and berries, this recipe is perfect for summer!" says recipe contributor larkspur.

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Blackberry-Mango Tart

This gorgeous summer dessert features a homemade mango custard-style filling poured into a prepared pie crust, topped with fresh blackberries, and baked until golden and set. You can use raspberries if you prefer.

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Mango, Coconut, and Chia Seed Pots

A chilled layer of coconut milk and chia seeds is topped with a layer of refreshing mango puree in this refined sugar-free vegan dessert. They look so pretty in small glass pots — your guests will love them!

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Sticky Rice with Coconut Milk and Mango

Known as kao niaw in Thailand, this sweet sticky coconut rice is topped with fresh mango slices. This simple dessert is a delightful treat and sure to please family and guests alike.

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Mango Pudding (Flan de Mango)

This silky smooth, sweet, custard-like dessert is flavored with pureed mango and rum for a colorful, authentic Puerto Rican dessert.

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Delightfully Exotic Mango Cake

Sweetened mango pulp (aka Kesar mango pulp) is the star in this super easy, deliciously moist, almond-topped sheet cake. Be warned — it won't last long!

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Mango Bars

A fresh mango filling on a nutty shortbread crust is topped with crushed macadamia nuts in these fruity baked bars that mango lovers will adore! Dust the cooled bars with powdered sugar for a beautiful presentation.

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Creamy Mango Sorbet

Cubes of ripe mango, sugar, cream, and ice are blended to make this incredibly easy sorbet. "I love mangoes and the great thing about this recipe is that it doesn't matter what type of mangoes you use," says home cook lil' menehune. "I prefer the Manila mangoes since they are less stringy."

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Mango Cobbler

A fresh mango filling is laced with peach schnapps in this cozy cobbler dessert that's a delicious tropical treat served warm or cold. You can use mango liqueur in place of the peach schnapps.

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Maui Girl's Mango Pie

This perfectly sweet mango pie is a tropical twist on a classic. "This recipe came about after I was gifted with a large bag of mangoes," says recipe creator mauigirl. "I was determined to use every single one of them and by adapting an apple pie recipe, I came up with this delicious pie."

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Mango Mousse

Heavy whipping cream and mango puree. That's all you need to create this heavenly dessert! Spoon the super-simple mango mousse into glass jars and top each serving with extra mango if desired.

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Mango Passion Fruit Crumble

Mango and passion fruit are a fantastic flavor match in this clever crumble that makes the most of fresh mangoes when they are in season. Serve warm with vanilla ice cream or some plain yogurt if you prefer a more tart flavor.

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Mango Custard Pie

The sweet egg custard filling for this tart is made with evaporated milk, flavored with fresh mango puree and cinnamon. "So simple and easy to make — and it tastes delicious!" says home cook Kate. "This recipe is a keeper."

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Banana-Mango-Berry Fluff

Fresh cubes of perfectly ripe mango are combined with bananas, blueberries and vanilla whipped cream in this divine dessert that's a cinch to make.

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Mango Ice Box Cake

Mango slices are layered between ladyfinger cookies and cream in this easy-to-prep frozen dessert. "This is one of my very favorite desserts," says home cook graypau. "It's wonderful!"

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No-Bake Mango Cheesecake

A cream cheese filling is set on top of a spiced cookie crust and topped with a layer of mango jelly in this egg-free, no-bake exotic cheesecake. Try using chocolate or gingersnap cookie crumbs to form the crust if you prefer.

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The Captain's Mango Ice Cream

Mangoes, cream, sugar, and spiced rum create this simple, adults-only ice cream. The hardest part is the wait! Garnish with additional cubed mango for a taste of the Caribbean.

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