10 Rich and Flavorful Lassi Recipes

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There's no drink quite like a lassi. Brimming with rich flavors and buttery smooth, a lassi is a luxurious and flavorful refresher. The Indian beverage is made from yogurt, water or milk, ice, and spices, and it can be made sweeter with fruit. Sweeter lassis, especially mango lassis, are popular both as a street food and served in restaurants. Click through for our best lassi recipes, and make your own restaurant-style lassi at home.

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Mango Lassi II


You're just four ingredients away from ultra-thick, sweet mango lassi recipe that tastes like it was made in a restaurant. If you like, you can half the sugar and add a spoonful of honey instead.

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Indian Lassi


"This was delicious! Very cool and refreshing," says community member Meenakshi. "I made the six servings (not realizing how much it would make) and drank it all (which is alot for a thirteen year old)! It was a nice change from the usual mango lassi I make."

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Spiced Mango Lassi


Ground cardamom, ginger, and cinnamon give this mango lassi a more complex and traditional taste. This recipe is more in line with what you can get at a restaurant.

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Banana Lassi


You don't have to use mangos to make a flavorful lassi. Recipe creator Ivy tried banana lassi at a restaurant in Udaipur, India and was so charmed, she recreated it at home. This is also a great way to use up leftover bananas without having to actually cook.

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Mango Lassi-Come-Home

Fit&Healthy Mom

This mango lassi recipe gets a dose of tart sweetness from lemon-flavored yogurt. (You can also use plain yogurt and 1 to 2 tablespoons of frozen lemonade concentrate.) It tastes best cold, so serve it chilled.

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Restaurant Style Mango Lassi


If you've struggled making lassi with fresh mango, use this recipe that implements mango pulp or juice. Canned mango is a little easier to work with and yields a less fibrous texture.

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Serena's Strawberry Lassi


Since this lassi recipe utilizes plain yogurt, it's not as intensely sweet as other lassis. Check your strawberries beforehand to accurately gauge their sweetness. From there, you can add or reduce sugar as needed.

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Easy Mango Lassi


The hardest part of this mango lassi recipe is waiting an hour for it to chill in the refrigerator. This recipe works best with smaller, sweeter mangoes, such as Alphonso or Ataulfo — you can distinguish them by their orange and yellow color.

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Mango-Mint Lassi with Indian Sweet Spices

Rodney Timbrook

Freshly-ground spices and mint leaves give this mango lassi an edge: Think a more complex flavor that really lets the fruit sing. It's so delightfully refreshing you may just want to drink it all summer long.

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My Mango Lassi


"I loved having the chance to recreate the delicious mango lassis we had in India last summer," says community member Darci Horner. "I didn't have heavy cream so I threw in some mango nectar instead. Wonderful recipe! I might try it with heavy cream some day."

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