8 Korean Fried Chicken Recipes

Spicy Korean Fried Chicken with Gochujang Sauce
Spicy Korean Fried Chicken with Gochujang Sauce. Photo: Diana71

It doesn't get much better than a plate of Korean fried chicken. You don't have to go out to experience the flavorful dish — you can make restaurant-worthy Korean fried chicken at home with a little help from the Allrecipes community. Whether you're looking for a classic deep-fried recipe or something you can make in the air fryer, you'll find a new favorite dinner in this collection of Korean fried chicken recipes.

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Julia's Korean Fried Chicken

Julia's Korean Fried Chicken
Victor Protasio

"This recipe that I developed quickly became a favorite in the test kitchen," says recipe creator TheOtherJuliaGulia. "One coworker has me make it for him for his birthday every year."

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Air-Fried Korean Chicken Wings

Air-Fried Korean Chicken Wings

Here's a slightly lighter take on Korean-style fried chicken that comes together in about half an hour. Recipe creator Yoly recommends serving with rice and veggies for a balanced meal.

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Spicy Korean Fried Chicken with Gochujang Sauce

Spicy Korean Fried Chicken with Gochujang Sauce
Spicy Korean Fried Chicken with Gochujang Sauce. Diana71

"The chicken is deep fried twice to make the exterior extra crispy and to lock moisture in," according to recipe creator Diana71. "The gochujang sauce is a hot, honey, spicy mix ... and well, it's just fabulous. You'll have the family completely raving!"

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Sweet Korean Crispy Chicken

Sweet Korean Crispy Chicken
Sweet Korean Crispy Chicken | Photo by Shelby Lynn.

Honey and brown sugar sweetens a spicy and sticky sauce made with soy sauce, vinegar, garlic, and gochujang (Korean chile paste). Top with chopped peanuts.

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Chef John's Crispy Korean Fried Chicken

Chef John's Crispy Korean Fried Chicken
Photo by Chef John.

"I've always considered myself something of a fried chicken expert," says Chef John. "I've pretty much had every single style known to man and this Korean fried chicken is officially my favorite."

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Family-Style Korean Fried Chicken

Family-Style Korean Fried Chicken
Reagan Wilf

"This is my family's recipe, originally preserved on a printed email from a neighbor that dates back to when we lived in Mililani," says recipe creator Reagan Wilf.

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Korean Hot Wings

Four sticky-looking glazed chicken wings on a plate, garnished with chopped green onions
Baking Nana

You're going to want to bookmark this recipe for Korean-inspired hot wings. According to recipe creator G Chef, the sauce's flavor will intensify over time — you can make it up to two weeks ahead of serving.

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Korean Fried Chicken Dumplings

Korean fried chicken dumpling

These pan-fried dumplings are a scrumptious twist on Korean fried chicken! You'll fold pieces of boneless Korean fried chicken inside wonton wrappers, quickly fry the wontons, and serve with a simple sweet and spicy dipping sauce. "Great as an appetizer or main dish," says Cooking in the Comments.

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