20+ Juice Cleanse Recipes

Green smoothie in wine glass
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A juice cleanse is a great way to reset after the holidays, or anytime you've overindulged a bit. Juicing fruits and vegetables with a juicer helps to extract nutrients, making them easier to digest. You can also make juices in your blender, but it will require you to first chop them into smaller pieces, add water, and strain the pulp out before serving. There are endless juice cleanse plans, some far more restrictive than others. These recipes are great no matter your cleansing style, from green juices to detox waters. Here are 21 juice cleanse recipes for those who prefer to drink their fruits and vegetables.

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Healthy Green Juice

Green smoothie in glass

"Great healthy drink for detoxing after the holidays or whenever you have overdone it," says recipe creator PageLeeNC. This nutrient-packed green juice is easy to digest. Some reviewers suggest upping the amount of apples to balance out the celery taste.

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Breakfast Zinger Juice

Breakfast Zinger Juice in a glass mug

Start your day with a blast of vitamins A and C, plus a healthy dose of fiber and potassium. Lemons, carrots, apples, and beets, are pressed through a juicer in this simple juice cleanse recipe. Recipe creator raina suggests leaving the apples and carrots unpeeled to get the most nutrients.

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Carrot and Orange Juice

Orange in a glass with flowers
France C

Whole carrots and oranges are juiced to make a delicious morning drink that's loaded with vitamins A and C. Take it from reviewer France C who says, "I've been drinking this for years and it's SO refreshing and the perfect vitamin boost when you're feeling a little under the weather."

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Celyne's Green Juice - Juicer Recipe

Two glasses of green juice

Even the kids will get in on this one according to recipe creator celyne: "Great for kids as they don't taste the veggies." Fresh spinach and kale are hidden in this juice thanks to the oranges, lemon, and green apples.

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Pineapple Sunrise

Orange smoothie with pineapple wedge garnish
France C

Pineapple and lime help tone down the sweetness of an otherwise all-carrot juice. "This is a great combination of flavors that goes perfectly with brunch," says reviewer Buckwheat Queen.

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Green Detox Smoothie

green smoothie in glass

Yet another green juice graces the list, this time with pineapple juice, spinach, pears, green apple, avocado, and broccoli. "This is a great starter green smoothie," says reviewer Tracy Hanratty.

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Carrot and Apple Juice

two orange smoothies with celery and apples
Jennifer Aleman

"This is an extremely healthy drink I have almost every morning and great on detoxes as you get all your needed nutrients," says recipe creator xprincessx. Carrots, apples, celery, and ginger make up this nutritious beverage.

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Yummy Mango Citrus Drink

Orange smoothie in glass with bendy straw
MattOlay V-H

Recipe creator aq describes this as, "a modified version of one of the expensive all natural drinks sold commercially!" Fresh fruit is put on display this smoothie that's rich in vitamin C.

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Turmeric Ginger C Boost Life Juice

Orange smoothie in wine glass
Buckwheat Queen

Turmeric, known for its anti-inflammatory properties, makes an excellent addition to this fruit juice.

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Green Dragon Veggie Juice

Green smoothie in wine glass
France C

This savory vegetable drink comes with an unexpected twist: a jalapeño pepper. "Really good and different! It's like a kicked up V-8 variation," says reviewer whoshungry.

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Orange Zinger

orange smoothie in glass with ginger and orange
Buckwheat Queen

"Loaded with vitamins, this is the perfect drink for when you're feeling a little under the weather," says recipe creator France C. "The ginger adds a nice, unexpected bite; you can easily adjust ginger quantity to fit your own tastes. This drink is great chilled or served over a few ice cubes."

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Rainbow Juice

Orange smoothie next to beets, ginger, orange, and mint
Buckwheat Queen

As the name suggests, this juice incorporates a rainbow of fresh produce, providing a myriad of health benefits. Beets, carrots, oranges, spinach, blueberries, and ginger combine to make a healthy juice that's rich in vitamin A.

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Detox Water

Water in mason jar with mint

Some hardcore juicers and detoxers will be familiar with detox water. These infused waters are made with ingredients that help aid digestion, reduce bloating, and speed up your metabolism. Here lemon, ginger, and mint are added to a quart of water.

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Lemon Verbena Mint Detox Tea

Lemon tea in glass cup
Jennifer Aleman

Boiling water, lemon verbena, fresh mint, and honey are all you need to make this easy detox tea. "I love lemon but hate what the acid does to my teeth. With lemon verbena you get the flavor of lemon without the acid," says recipe creator goldiejames.com.

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Sweet Potato Carrot Spiced Life Juice

orange smoothie in wine glass
France C

It's no secret that sweet potatoes are full health benefits — from their high fiber content to their anti-inflammatory properties. Combine them with other nutrient-rich produce like carrots and ginger, and you'll have all the energy you need to take on the day.

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Super Immunity Boost Juice

Orange smoothie in a wine glass
France C

Orange, ginger, and turmeric, described as "well-known immunity powerhouses," by recipe creator France C, combine in this juice

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Orange-Carrot-Ginger Juice

Orange smoothie in a mason jar
Megan Olson

According to recipe creator Megan Olson, this drink can also be made in the blender, just be sure to peel the carrots and oranges first, and strain out the pulp before serving.

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Clean Green Juice

Green juice in mason jar with straw
France C

"I make a lot of different juice blends and this is up there with my regular faves! It's not very sweet, which I like, and has a nice tang from the sour apples and lemon. I supposed if you wanted it sweeter, you could use fuji or gala apples," says reviewer France C. "I didn't need to add water as I used a juicer, but you'll probably need it if you use a high-power blender." This smoothie is packed with green produce, including Granny Smith apples, celery, cucumber, romaine lettuce, kale, and fresh parsley.

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Orange-Carrot Juice

Orange halves and carrot sticks and smoothie
Amethyst Douglas

This orange and carrot juice is sure to be loaded with beta-carotene, an orange pigment found in a plethora of fruits and vegetables that converts into vitamin A in your body.

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Kale and Pineapple Detox Smoothie

Green smoothie in pineapple glass

This is truly the green juice for people who hate green juice: "It took a while to get into the green smoothie trend. We much preferred a sweet tasting berry burst, but this delicious glass of green goodness is divine. The pineapple chunks add a delicious sweet taste to the drink so it doesn't taste as bitter as other green smoothies," says recipe creator MyNutriCounter.

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New Year Detox Green Smoothie

Green smoothie is milk bottle

On top of the nutrient rich veggies, this smoothie will leave you feeling full for hours thanks to the protein powder.

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