6 Ways to Cook With Jerusalem Artichokes

Vegan Raw Sunchoke Salad with Apples on a white plate
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Whether roasted as a side, thinly sliced for raw salads, or puréed into a creamy soup, Jerusalem artichokes are the uncommon vegetable you should start incorporating into your meals. A relative of the sunflower, Jerusalem artichokes — also known as sunchokes — are a tuber that has a knobby outer skin and starchy interior with a taste which is similar to water chestnuts when raw or artichoke hearts when cooked. Take a spin through our Jerusalem artichoke recipe collection to get introduced to this truly unique vegetable.

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Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes (or Sunchokes)

Roasted Jerusalem Artichokes (or Sunchokes) on a blue and white plate

If you've never eaten Jerusalem artichokes before, roasting them is a great place to start. Once roasted, the skin gets tender and the interior is soft, similar to a roasted potato or turnip.

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Sunchoke and Sausage Soup

Sunchoke and Sausage Soup in a white bowl
Linda T

A whole pound of Jerusalem artichokes go into this stick-to-your-ribs soup. Combined with plenty of other veggies, turkey sausage, and turkey bacon, it's a wholesome meal for a cold winter night.

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Vegan Raw Sunchoke Salad with Apples

Vegan Raw Sunchoke Salad with Apples on a white plate

When sliced super thin, you don't even need to peel raw Jerusalem artichokes. Here they're paired up with thinly sliced apples in a citrus olive oil vinaigrette for a salad that is sure to become a new favorite.

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Traditional Vegetable Stew for Couscous

Traditional Vegetable Stew for Couscous on a colorful plate
Buckwheat Queen

With a mild taste and fluffy texture, couscous is just begging to be served with a ladle of hearty stew to sop up all the extra juice. This recipe features nine kinds of veggies (including Jerusalem artichokes), several legumes, and a saffron-infused broth that will have you coming back for a second helping.

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Cream of Jerusalem Artichoke Soup

Cream of Jerusalem Artichoke Soup in a white bowl

Step aside potatoes, there's a new creamy soup that the whole family will love. Cooked down until tender, Jerusalem artichokes are blended until smooth with buttery onions, brandy, chicken broth, and heavy whipping cream to create a decadent dish.

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Vegetarian Carpaccio

Close up of Vegetarian Carpaccio

Traditionally made with thinly sliced meat, this plant-based twist on carpaccio subs in thin pieces of root veggies. Jerusalem artichokes, radishes, turnips, carrots, and beets are all combined in an oil and vinegar marinade that gives each irresistible tangy flavor.

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